Monday, August 1, 2011

What a Difference a Waist Makes!

Dress and Belt (not part of dress): Anthropologie;
Shoes: Seychelles via DSW;
Bangles: Target; Necklace: Lord & Taylor gift

As opposed to yesterday's atrocious look, today's is a little more defined, in the waist that is! I am still horrified by how large I looked, but today is a new day. This dress has been a staple in my wardrobe for about two years and it doesn't get old. I love the length, the comfort, the stripe and the thinness of the material. Just a perfect summer dress that looks effortless. Plus, I love that it's a maxi shirt dress. Normally, you see shirt dresses that are knee length or higher. Plus, don't you think Laura Ingalls Wilder would have worn something similar?

Like I mentioned in my last post, Saturday was shoe shopping day! These shoes were a steal, and no I didn't run out of the store with them until after I paid. I was afraid they might have figured out that they under charged me! It started out with a return to DSW. A pair of shoes purchased for a dress I was wearing to a wedding back in June. I never wore them so decided to take them back. While browsing through the sale rack, looking for a completely different shoe, I found these. If they look oddly familiar, you're right! They are the bone equivalent to the bronze version seen here, here and here! Since I apparently love the original pair, I knew I would love these as well. I got to the register, they returned the originals, added these (which were 40% off sale price) and with the DSW rewards used on the first pair, the grand total for these was $7.95! That's right, $7.95! I have a $13.00 merchandise credit to use later! If I only wear these shoes once, they have paid for themselves!

I normally pair this look with different variations of pearls, but I decided to mix it up today. You've seen all these accessories before. The bangles were seen here and the necklace here. The belt is also a repeat offender on several different occasions. (Seen here and here) It's obvious I repeat, its just all in how you pair things to make it look new and fresh.

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