Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Television Meets Fall Fashion

While watching the new season of fall shows, fashion is never really far from my mind especially, when watching a high fashion show like Gossip Girl. Those ladies, and men, from the Upper East Side really know how to dress! And, upon further research, you too can dress like your favorite Gossip Girl character. Shop Gossip Girl is a website dedicated to finding affordable pieces from the likes of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodson. As for men, you can shop your favorite character as well. I highly recommend you check it out. There are high dollar items located in the over $1,000 category, but you can also find pieces under $50.

When Sex and the City was in its hay day, every faithful, female watcher tried to classify herself as a Carrie, a Miranda, a Charlotte or a Samantha when trying to define their sense of style. Today’s modern woman can try to define yourself as a Blair, a Serena or a Vanessa. Blair is conservative with her pencil skirts, sheath dresses, feminine blouses and lady like accessories. Serena, a little more edgy, is couture but trendy in form fitted dresses, skin tight jeans and leggings, plunging necklines, daring hemlines and oversized accessories, especially in her shoes and handbags. Vanessa is your Brooklyn hippie. Unlike her counterparts, Vanessa’s look is laid back chic. Bohemian dresses and vests, flowy, peasant blouses with bell bottom jeans, graphic tees paired with leather jackets and she accessorizes with chunky, stone necklaces and bracelets.

While getting dressed this morning, I tried to determine which character I might fall prey to, and to be honest, I can be any of them on any given day. My closet is an array of styles and trends and I can’t be defined by just one look. I might be a little on the Serena side today but in a more conservative fashion. I paired a black, Laundry by Design blouse with gray, cropped, wool trousers from J.Crew, added teal, suede Jessica Simpson pumps with silver stud accents and a multi-chain choker from Banana Republic. The look is trendy yet work place appropriate.

Lastly, your baby and/or toddler can also get in on the Gossip Girl fashion trend. Sandbox Threads, a line of affordable designs for babies, toddlers and kids, is a home grown company out of North Carolina that was just featured on episode two of the current season. Baby Milo was one with nature when he sported an adorable, green onesie with an ant screen print design. You should really take the time to browse the site. Great designs that are hip and cute without being cutesy. I know I will definitely be ordering for my future little one and the tons of babies that are on their way! Added bonus, its guilt-free shopping! Sandbox Threads gives back a portion of their sales each month to a “cause.” Each month 5% of their sales will be donated to deserving non-profits. I can’t think of a better reason to start stocking up on those onesies!

Which Gossip Girl are you? Can’t decide? You don’t have to. The looks are at your finger tips. Start browsing Shop Gossip Girl today and you can walk the streets of your town in style. Also, don’t forget to shop for a cause! Sandbox Threads offers adult tees as well. You and your baby can go for the matching look, if you’re into that sort of thing, or find the design that best defines you. I personally loved the homage to Say Anything! Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I love the crisp, fall weather we have going on the Midwest this week! We met a friend for dinner last night and I was able to pull out my new cable knit, sweater coat that I got from the Nordstrom annual sale. It’s capped sleeved, with two covered snaps, and falls away at the mid-section. Perfect for when I start sporting a big baby bump!

Today’s fall look is a new dress that I recently purchased from CAbi. If you haven’t heard of CAbi, you need to educate yourself on this great company. CAbi was founded by Carol Anderson and Jan Janura in 1977. CAbi, now a direct sales company, is by invitation only, however, you are able to browse their site. If you find items you would like to purchase, there is an online form you can fill out so that a consultant can assist you. I have been invited to several parties over the past couple of years and I finally decided to make a purchase. I am so glad I did!

The dress I’m wearing today is from their Brooklyn collection. Its featured with skinny jeans and tall boots, but I’m wearing mine with tights and cute booties. I plan to pair it with jeans as well, especially later in my pregnancy. I feel it will be a little short once the baby bump takes over and jeans will make me feel a little more comfortable. Black leggings with tall boots will look great as well. I hope the fall trend keeps up in temperature department! I was so ready to put my summer wardrobe to bed and start playing with all my old and new pieces for fall! Hope you’re enjoying early fall as well!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Boot Season!

I don’t know about you but I am so ready to start sporting my boots again. The temps were low enough this past weekend that I broke in my new Sam Edelman over the knee boots! I just couldn’t wait. I paired them with black leggings, a charcoal, cowl neck sweater and fun jewelry. 

Because fall is truly upon us, I am claiming Friday October 1st as the “Official First Day of Boot Season”! Start planning your wardrobe accordingly and send me pics, if you feel so inclined! I would love to see what you all pull together for an early fall outfit! I plan to post a pic of mine as well! Happy Planning!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Fall Trend

As you readers already know, I try hard to stay on trend, but even I question items featured year after year. At times I’m not sure if will avoid the trend all together or succumb to fashion peer pressure. This time I succumbed! At first glance, the lug soled, high heeled boot appeared rugged, and certainly not girly, but at the same time they were feminine because of the high heel. Featured with jeans they are adorable, but I would also pair them with cords and pants.

I ordered mine from Ann Taylor Loft and they came in the mail this week. I immediately tried them on and loved them! They are chocolate brown suede, lace up the front and sport two buckles at the ankle. I love the side zipper entry. You don’t have to bother with the laces or buckles! I already have my first outfit planned! With the rich, brown tone of the boot, I know they will look great with my camel pants, a cream t-neck sweater and chocolate hued jewels. I can’t wait to wear them!

What do you think of the new boot? Will it be something you add to your shoe collection or one you will avoid? More to come on boot season…

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy News...

It’s official, since the word is finally out! I am having a baby! This totally changes the game when it comes to my fall and winter fashion, but I am so looking forward to the challenge! I want to break the mold that you can only wear muumuus, flats, flip flops and yes, proverbial overalls. (I know I said I wanted to bring them back but not as maternity wear.) I will still continue to focus on what fashion has in store and provide you with what I consider fashion rules of thumb, but I also hope to bring a new eye to maternity! Stay tuned!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Words to live by...

I’m not one to follow in the fashion footsteps of Joan Rivers, however, I heard a great quote from her this weekend during a commercial for E’s weekly Fashion Police. “Just because it zips, honey, doesn’t mean it fits.” Words to live by!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Trends: Embellishments, Sequins and Fur

Embellishments, sequins and fur are everywhere this fall and I have fallen prey to the trend. They dress up tops and sweaters with just a little punch of something extra. The thing you have to be careful of is adding too much to an already adorned piece. In the words of Coco Chanel, take a look in the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry. Same applies to embellishments.

I purchased a couple of cute tops and dresses from Ann Taylor Loft with embellishments added to the shoulders. I love the look of hard and soft. The drapey fabric of several tops and the hard details on the shoulder compliment one another and replace daily jewelry. With the detail placement specifically on the shoulders, a small dangle or stud earring will be perfect. No need for a necklace. I may add a fun cocktail ring or chunky bracelet and that’s all I’ll need. I will of course wear all of these to work, but during the holidays they will be perfect for all the festivities of the season.

Another big detail for fall is sequins and they aren’t just for evenings anymore! Sequins can be worn with everyday pieces, again adding another element to fall ensembles and requiring less jewelry. I just purchased a darling sequined tube top, not the tube top of the 70s, and plan to wear it with jeans, my motorcycle leather jacket, black pants, a cropped black blazer and sweaters. I also have a navy blue top with a spattering of sequins that will be darling with gray pants and jeans. Again, the need for minimal to no jewelry is a plus with these types of details. Small dangle earrings or studs, a cuff bracelet or a statement ring is all you need.

One last fun piece for fall is the introduction to fur. You can’t flip through a magazine or catalog today without seeing cute fur vests or fur accents. Rachel Zoe set the trend for fur and she has a great faux line on QVC. If I hadn’t purchased my fur vest a couple of seasons ago, I would totally purchase this adorable faux, fox vest. I love that it comes in other colors which might just be a reason to invest in another one! If you want to make a true investment in fur, check out J.Crew. They have a darling vest of merino wool and curly lamb. I can’t say PETA would be happy about it, but if you are a fur enthusiast, go for it. I will stick with my Limited faux fur from two seasons ago!

Whatever trend you decide to follow, or if you like me and dabble in all three, make sure you don’t spend too much for the trend or over indulge. Remember, it’s a trend. It may not last through next season. I find sequins and other hardware timeless so I will hang on to my pieces for seasons to come. I will continue to try and make them fresh by incorporating next season’s trends which helps the guilt factor at times! After seeing the options, what’s on your list?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unofficial First Day of Fall

Even though the first day of fall isn’t official until September 22nd, I find that the first day after Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall. Remember, you are no longer allowed to wear white until Easter! I was recently asked what I meant by not wearing white after Labor Day and its simple. No more white pants, jeans, shorts and shoes. Not tennis shoes but dress shoes. Your white blouses are fine as are your white t-shirts under sweaters and jackets. Other than those few pieces, don’t wear them!

With the temps fluctuating during the months of September and October, it can be difficult to find that balance between summer and fall. My Now and Later entry featured transition items that can get you through until fall really sinks in. Layering is key, but keeping your palette in autumnal colors will help. Colors that are on trend for 2010 are purple, burgundy, deep rose, navy, gray, olive green and camel. This will keep early fall ensembles from feeling too summer. Make sure you chose the color that best suits your complexion.

There are other great items to use during transition. Scarves can be paired with a tee and jeans, and in fall colors, they can help keep the outfit cool but sharp. Scarves also look great with a crisp, white button down and trousers. No need for extra jewelry either. Also, try a bib necklace. They are a nice alternative and come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. Pair it with t-shirts, tucked under blouses or with dresses.

I am eagerly planning my wardrobe nightly and constantly glancing at for the latest forecast! As I watch the temps settle in the low to mid 80’s, I know that soon I can sport tall boots, tights, cashmere and leather! What are you planning to wear this fall?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My First Fashion Police

Sunday night was the return of awards season and the Emmy’s were in full swing. I love watching award shows, hosting friends and filling out ballot, but what I live for is the red carpet! I tape the red carpet coverage, in case I miss something, as well as the following night’s episode of E Fashion Police. With that said, I have decided to take a stab at my own Fashion Police and chat up the hits and misses that I saw on the red carpet.

The Good:

I love a strong, secure woman who knows how to walk the proverbial red carpet and last night didn’t disappoint. Kim Kardashian was stunning in a Grecian inspired, white Marchesa gown. Her hair was flawless and the jewels complimented the ensemble perfectly. Lea Michele, who spent her 24th birthday on the red carpet, looked fresh and young in a navy Oscar de la Renta gown. She left her hair flowing and easy and sported a perfect smoky eye. My only complaint was that her jewels were a little too heavy with the loose hair. Possibly a thinner necklace or larger earring would have worked better. Jayma Mays wore a sapphire blue, Burberry gown that fit like a glove. Her hair was retro but current and I loved the fresh faced makeup with heavy lined eyes. I also loved the gold jewelry accents!

Ladies, what I have said time and time again regarding proportions and dressing for your body type? Well, no one did it better than Amber Riley. Her custom made, white Grecian Melissa Masse gown hugged her body in all the right places. With a wide sequined band strategically placed, it gave her that all important defined waist, allowing the bodice of the gown to skim over her hips. Her hair and makeup were perfect and I loved the platinum and diamond jewels. Grecian goddess!

Other notables: Eva Longoria Parker in Robert Rodriquez and Jane Lynch in Ali Rahimi. Elisabeth Moss in Donna Karan, however, I would love to have seen the gown in a different color. The blush tones washed her out, but the cut and draping were gorgeous.  


The Bad:

Anna Paquin was on trend, as far as black and gold accents are concerned, but the dress itself was a mess. Designed by Alexander McQueen, the dress proportions were off. The dramatic drape of the skirt was confusing and the heavy beading on the bodice fought with the light weight, silk skirt. I liked her hair and makeup, but it wasn’t enough to save the look. January Jones is typically on the best dressed list, but when she appeared on the red carpet in an electric blue Versace gown, I was so disappointed. The cone cups, the hemline, the color, the texture… I get that the dress was supposed to be avant-garde but it was just confusing. Plus, her hair was flat compared to the flair of the gown and the plain, black platform heels were just that, plain. The whole thing just didn’t work for me.

While the gals from GLEE looked amazing, Naya Rivera looked like she was either heading to her senior prom or the Miss USA pageant. The over-the-top up-do, the slit up to there dress, the exaggerated puff of the skirt and the strategically placed brooch was just too much. The bodice of the gown was nice. I liked the draping and snug fit, but hated the color. Let’s hope for an improvement at the SAG awards. Christina Hendricks, and her va-va-va-voom body, left me flat and that’s hard to say about her! Her Zac Posen gown, of drab lilac, did nothing for her complexion. The sweetheart neckline, puffed short sleeves, and addition of feathers, cut her off in all the wrong places and made her look heavier than she really is. I love that she embraces her curves, but this isn’t the right way to go about it. She looks best in jewel tones, higher bust lines and form fitted skirts. Refer to her 2010 SAG award Carolina Herrera gown. Perfect!

Other disappointing looks: Jenna Fischer in vintage Versace, Sofia Vergara in Carolina Herrara and Tiny Fey in Oscar de la Renta.


What were your thoughts of the red carpet gowns? Who topped your best and worst dressed list? I am geared up for awards season. It just happens to be one of my favorite times of the year!

Photo Credits:

Photograph of Kim Kardashian taken from Photograph taken by Tommaso Boddi / PR Photos.

Photograph of January Jones taken from Photograph taken by Tommaso Boddi / PR Photos.

 At the time of this post, I had not watched E Fashion Police. All opinions are strictly my own.