Monday, August 8, 2011

Rolling Along

Well, the day has come where we can no longer leave McKinley unoccupied on our bed, the couch or any other surface that isn't the floor or his crib. That's because he has official begun rolling over! Now, it's only from his back to his front, but that's better than nothing, right? The first time was a couple of Sunday's ago, when my camera was no where near me, so I made up for it by taking photos on the second time I personally witnessed this major accomplishment!

Starting Position

 On His Side

 Ready to Chat

I was beaming with pride at watching my baby boy roll from his back to his side and just hang there ready to chat with me for a while. Then he just rolled again and from there the trouble seems to begin. He gets to his tummy, which he still HATES, and to make matters worse, he can't figure out how to get his left arm out from underneath his chest. He works and squirms and huffs and puffs and eventually gets it but hasn't figured out "Oh yeah, I just need to lift my body up!" He just squirms which in my opinion makes it even harder. Then, after all of that, he is flat on his tummy, red faced and screaming to get up. We always oblige and he's almost always panting from working his little self to death. I know he will eventually get it, but in the mean time, it's fun watching him discover!

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