Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday Night Shimmer

Top: Ann Taylor; Jacket: BB Dakota via Piperlime;
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft; Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden;
Long Pendant: Banana Republic; Top Diamond Necklace: Gift;
Ring: Banana Republic

Friday night we went out to dinner with friends, and because we were hitting a local fun restaurant, I decided to add a little fun to my look. I purchased this sequined jacket several years ago and have been too timid to wear it. I know, shocking right? But it's true. The kicker is, I purchased it based on it being a "Rachel Zoe Pick" on Piperlime. Hey, if she can sport sequins morning, noon and night, I can wear them for a night out to dinner!

Too keep the look casual, I opted for a cotton top underneath and dark denim. I also added peep toe booties. No need to over accessories either. I just layered a couple of necklaces and threw on a fun ring.

Friday, October 28, 2011

L.L.Bean Signature

I recently entered a contest to win a gift certificate to L.L.Bean by creating a virtual look from their new Signature collection. Whether I win or not, these items will remain on my wish list for Christmas. If you haven't seen the collection, check it out here.

My Virtual Look:

I love the print of this dress! The colors immediately caught my eye and I love the design within the fabric. A great day to night piece and perfect for the Holidays that are fastly approaching.

Because I'm always cold, I could never wear a sleeveless dress throughout winter and fall. With that being said, this cashmere sweater is a perfect layering piece. I chose deep plum because the color is a perfect compliment.

This belt will work either around the waist of the dress or over the cardigan, if it's long enough. The woven belt creates a more casual look. I chose the color saddle.

These boots will be great all season long. Paired with skinny jeans/pants, long skirts and dresses, which is why I chose them for this look. The heel height is great! I picked the color cordovan.

And finally, every look must have the perfect handbag. I love this nubuck tote! A total carryall for everything you have to haul! Perfect for travel or everyday! Since I don't own a lot of chocolate handbags, I decided this would be the one to own!

What do you think of the new look of L.L.Bean? A brand that's synonymous with Eastern seaboard casual just got a huge face lift!

All photos courtesy of L.L.Bean.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grape or Aubergine

Sweater: Kensie; T-Neck: Target;
 Cords: Ann Taylor Loft; Boots: Seychelles via Habitat Shoe Boutique;
All Jewelry: Silpada

All I can say about these cords is that they were a great investment! Yes, colored cords are huge trend in fall fashion, but it really is worth the money! I have worn these at least three times but have never had them photographed. First time was with a denim button down and the second time was with a gray cardigan and tank. Okay, so maybe this is the third time but like they say, third time is a charm!

This is another sweater from the vault. I've had it for years. I was looking for a simple black t-neck yesterday and pulled this out of the sweater box instead. (That's what happens when you try getting ready in the dark armed with only a small flashlight.) What I love most about this sweater is the sleeve. Layers of looped yarn make such a great statement on such a simplistic frame.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Five Current Obessions

I am constantly obsessing about different things in fashion so I decided to share my newest top five list. 

1) I am crazy for an oversized, rose gold watch!

2) A hunter green handbag. I saw this the other day on Fashion Chalet and I didn't realize this was missing from my wardrobe! Also, I am loving Mulberry. Need to add that to my label list.

3) I have been talking about a sequin skirt since last November and I'm still obsessing.

4) I want to load up my wrist with an armful of gold bangles and bracelets. Check out Atlantic-Pacific for a tutorial.

5) Spikes are a huge trend right now and I would love an open ended spike ring. Super cute and tough at the same time.
Current Obessions!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


On McKinley's four month well visit he was given the okay to start rice cereal and from there to start solids! We were shocked. We assume cereal would be approved, but we thought we would have to wait until six months before we could start veggies. Doctor's words, "this boy looks like he's ready for solids." And she was right!

We had our first rice cereal test tasting on the evening of August 15th and it went as well as one would expect. He didn't quite understand the spoon and instead of allowing the cereal to slide off into his mouth, he blew against it causing cereal to spray all over him, me and the highchair. It was awesome! Of course you have no idea what goes through their little heads, but we seem to think that he thought it seemed a lot like his formula and would rather have that in a bottle form. We quickly learned to make the cereal a little chunkier so there was texture on the spoon. Hindsight, we probably should have waited a day or two after the four month shots. He wasn't feeling well to begin so that probably didn't help matters.

Well, the cereal didn't sit well over the next couple of days because this poor little guy became constipated! After four days without a bowel movement, we called our doctor to see if there was an in house remedy we could use. The remedy is one tablespoon of Karo syrup per bottle until a movement is made! Well, it didn't long for that to take place. We've actually had to use that remedy several times as this poor little guy apparently inherited his mother's lazy bowels!

After about a week of "eating" cereal we introduced veggies. On August 29th, we started with sweet potatoes and we had major success. He loved them! From my understanding, most babies love sweet potatoes because it's right there in the name, sweet! We continued with all the orange veggies before moving to green with green beans winning out over peas.


From there we moved to fruits and he liked some better than others. Pears went over well, but bananas caused gaging. And who would have thunk it, but prunes were his favorite. I so wish we had a photo of his first time with prunes, but alas that was never captured. I can tell you he opened that mouth wide and lapped them up! If only that would produce more frequent bowel movements!!!

As we've journeyed through veggies and fruit, we recently moved to meat. I couldn't bring myself to feed him the chicken with chicken gravy and turkey with turkey gravy provided by Gerber. They were both pale gray in color and the last time I looked, chicken and turkey aren't pale gray when cooked! We love the meat selections provided by Earth's Best Organic baby food. They actually have color and smell like what we're serving. McKinley loves the Vegetable Turkey Dinner and Beef, Carrots and Corn. As we continue to explore the dinner selections, we love watching him figure out what's on the tip of his tongue. We can't wait to actually feed him from our plate! With Thanksgiving fastly approaching, we have big plans to serve up some mashed potatoes, green beans and turkey. We will definitely capture the holiday on film. These firsts are just so amazing and we're thankful that we can re-live them for years to come!

From our table to yours...

Red Leopard

Sweater: INC via Macy's; Pants: Ann Taylor;
Flats: Jessica Simpson; Rings: House of Harlow via Gilt;
Earrings: ??; Shades: Prada (gift)

The first time I wore these pants I wanted to pair them with a black twin set and leopard print flats. If you remember, the twin set was too short so the look was transformed to a striped tee and patent flats. Actually, the same flats featured here. I haven't been able to get the idea of black and leopard out of my mind. Enter one of my favorite sweaters! I feel like Jackie O every time I put this on and with straight hair and oversized shades, I feel even closer to her.

This 40s in the morning and 80s in the afternoon is killing my fall wardrobe. What are you wearing to still look like you're wearing fall but keeping cool in the late afternoon?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween 2011

Vest: Rachel Zoe Luxe via QVC; Top and Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft;
Shoes: Brian Atwood (gift); Beret: Kmart; Necklace: Ann Taylor;
Wig: Halloween Express

This past weekend was our fourth annual Halloween party and it was a blast! We always have several Halloween costumes in mind and this year went to Rachel Zoe and her family! I love her reality series on Bravo and so want to be her when I grow up. The amazing style, the fabulous label lined closet, fashion show invites and someone to do my hair and makeup on a daily basis. Since I am just a gal from Overland Park, KS, we improvised.

 Joel is supposed to be Rodger but the wig we bought was HORRIBLE. By the time he tried it on, it was too late to do anything with it. So, he just looks like Joel Krasnow going to a party! Fine by me. I love his look!

How adorable is McKinley as Sklyer? He is wearing new Levi jeans and a fun shirt. He has Little Marc Jacobs jeans but they are just a little too big right now. Come winter they will be perfect! Skyler who??

This is a full length shot of the ensemble. I'm here with my wonderful friend Kipp. Doesn't he look hot??

Here are other star couples we've rocked over the years.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott:

Dress: BCBG Max Azria; Shoes: Christian Loubouton;
Earrings: Banana Republic; Wig: Halloween Express

Elvis and Pricilla Presley: 

Dress: Tucker via Target; Belt: Target; Wig: Halloween Express:
Shoes: Madden Girl via DSW (original shoes were kicked off earlier due to pregnancy)

Halloween is so much fun! You can be anything or anyone you want to be! And, sometimes you have it hanging righ there in your closet. Have you tried to be anyone iconic in the past?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Missoni for Target Continued

Dress: Missoni for Target; T-neck: Target; Tights: Hue;
Boots: Steven by Steve Madden; Ring: Tori Spelling via HSN

I am continuing the Missoni for Target parade. It's been awhile since I've worn a piece and had it photographed. I live in my velour hoodie! I might try to capture that on a weekend soon. Anyway, I love this dress! It's a sleeveless sweater dress and so comfortable! I love the 70s vibe with the print in golds and browns tones. I can see my parents velour chairs from my childhood that were gold, burnt orange, green and cream striped. So cool!

Because of the earth tones, I decided to pair with my cognac boots. I like the look but might test black boots next time. Not sure if that will turn the look too dark. I also think my black booties will be adorable. And, what about pairing a cream or brown t-neck next time? I love options!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pencil Me In

Sweater: J.Crew (gift); Tank: Target; Skirt: J.Crew Outlet;
Belt: Ann Taylor; Tights: Hue; Shoes: Steve Edelman via Halls;
Necklaces: Jewelmint; Rings: House of Harlow via Gilt

I used to think I couldn't wear a pencil skirt. I thought they were too narrow through the hips and I am a little wide in the area. I wasn't sure I could pull it off. I am so glad I took a second look. It's actually a flattering for my figure. It hugs where it should and I like how it flairs to the knee. And, I'm pretty sure everyone can benefit from a pencil skirt. 

I decided to go with olive green to spruce up the colors in my wardrobe. I originally gravitated to the black and gray but let's be honest, how much more gray and black do I really need? This color is a great neutral and I have a ton of plans for winter.  

How cute are these necklaces? They're from Jewelmint and I love that I got two necklaces for the price of one. I assumed they were attached and that wasn't the case. For $29.99, what a deal! If you aren't a member of Jewelmint, check out my homepage for how to become one.

I finally found my studded heel! I felt like Goldie Locks. I tried on numerous pairs and none of them met my expectations. These were just right!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

Sweater: Robert Rodriguez via Rue La La; T-Shirt: Target;
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft; Shoes: Jessica Simpson via DSW;
All Jewelry: Silpada

Yesterday was the first real day of what I consider fall weather. Since the first day of fall it's been a good 15 degress above normal and I was starting to think we would never experience fall. However, with the cooler temps came overcast skies and drizzle. I personally can't stand rain. It makes me so sleepy! And on a Monday, that so didn't help

The sweater is a new addition this year and with the temps hovering around the mid 50s, a sweater was definitely in order! I love the double tie that sat asymetrically and the loose weave. The sleeve length is great because it allows for different colors to be seen when layered underneath.

These are the Jessica Simpson platforms that I wore with the Michael Kors dress to the Bachelorette party a couple of weeks ago. I love the color block. That burgandy is such a dramatic addition to the gray and black.

Sorry for the indoor photos but it was rainy and cool by the time I got home. Here's hoping that tomorrow's post will be outdoors!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Long Time No Talk


It has been ages since I've blogged! Things have been crazy around here and I apologize. I'm hoping that we are back on track for the month of October! As most of you know, I was honored to be a bridesmaid in my friend Julie's wedding and I've tried to track the outfits that I've worn to several of the events. There have been two additional events, the Bachelorette Party and the Rehearsal Dinner, but they weren't caught on "film" they way most of my blog photos are. Remember film? You had to load the camera, take pictures of random things at the end of the roll so you could take it to get developed and then wait a week before 24 hour processing became available! Ah, the good ol' days!

I digress. I did get a photo or two of the rehearsal dinner dress (but I'm pictured with tons of people) and a top half photo from the Bachelorette party. I'm providing you photos of myself with friends and the bride herself. Consider these real life photos instead of editorial!

The Bachelorette Party:

For the Bachelorette Party, we went to dinner on the Country Club Plaza. We had fabulous Italian food, several glasses of wine and watched our bride-to-be open box after box of lingerie. Because this wasn't a typical night out on the Plaza, I decided I needed to sparkle. I love this MICHAEL by Michael Kors dress and can't wait to wear it again. I paired it with some fun Jessica Simpson platforms and wide bangle from Ann Taylor.

The Rehearsal Dinner:

For the rehearsal dinner, I wanted to keep my look a little on the sophisticated side. Since I went all out for the Bachelorette party, I needed to reign it. I found this long sleeved Theory mini on Rue La La. I had originally planned to wear it with it my Steven by Steve Madden hot pink suede pumps, but the pink stuck out like a sore thumb! Instead, I went for the ever classic Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane. The only bling to my look was a sequined cross body clutch from Kate Spade.

With all the events now over, I'm not sure what I'm going to do without something to plan for wardrobe wise! It was so fun planning and preparing for showers, parties and dinner! Now, getting dressed for work is going to be so BORING! I wonder who I can add some zazzle to those creations?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bohemian Chic

Dress: Anthropologie; Jacket: My Mom's; Belt: Anthropologie;
Boots: Steven by Steve Madden; Necklace: Made by Me;
Large Wooden Bracelet: Gift; Small Wooden Bracelet: Part of set;
 Ring: Silpada

That's exactly what someone called my look yesterday, Bohemian Chic. After the first time I wore this dress, I kept thinking of ways to incorporate boots to give it a more fallish feel. I was hesitant at first, but I am so glad I attempted the boots. It gives the dress a deeper more rich color than before. I am still going to try and add my taupe over-the-knee suede boots. I'm thinking I'll need to pair them with tights but not sure which color to wear. Stay tuned!

I love the wooden accessories. They kept the whole vibe natural which was I was hoping to achieve. The dress speaks for itself and I wanted to accessories to enhance the look, not take over.


For a last minute purchase, this dress has quickly become one of my favorites. I wish the weather would cool just slightly. I know a chunky sweater is going to be great over this with a super wide belt!