Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

My friends Curt and Kipp on New Years Eve!

Trends come and go but one thing that always stays in fashion are friends. I am a very lucky girl because I have some of the best friends out there! Here is a look back over the past year of time spent with friends, my parents and my best friend of all, my husband. I hope all of you have a very Happy New Year and that 2011 brings you joy and peace and amazing sales!!

My husband and I in Las Vegas

My friend Christina and I on our last New Years as non-pregnant ladies!

My fashionista friend Jennifer…thanks for being my sounding board!

Most of the gang in NY!

Mitch, Rob, me and Joel…best St. Patrick’s Day ever!!!

Last, but certainly not least, my fabulous parents! Happy 40th Anniversary today!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Short List of No-Scrimp Items

There are times when you want to save a few bucks on beauty items or clothing but there are certain times where money should be no object. Below is my short list of No-Scrimp items.

1) Hair Color - When I first discovered grays, I was horrified! How could a woman in her early 30s have that many grays? I decided to take matters into my own hands and color my hair from a box. I did that for a couple of years but I found that I could never find the right shade and the grays came back in less than a month. I won a gift certificate for a professional hair color/styling at a silent auction and I’m so glad I did. I have been getting my hair colored by Lisa at Michael Shae Salon every since. The color is perfect and it lasts over three months. Although the cost is $75, divided over three months that’s only $25 a month. I feel like I’m stretching my dollars and not spending money every month to color my hair on my own.

2) Hair Cut - It’s like the old saying, “you get what you pay for” and it’s so true! I’ve had my hair cut at Super Cuts, and other cheaper “salons”, and it showed. Having curly hair, I need someone who knows how to cut it properly and I’ve found her! I’ve been going to Amanda at Mario Tricoci for at least 10 years and I so hope she never leaves! She’s totally worth the money. I get a fantastic hair cut that lasts 6-8 weeks or more. What’s even better, I’ve made a friend! Need a hairstylist, let me know. I have recommended Amanda to several friends and she is now their go-to stylist as well.

3) Bras - After my bra fitting at Nordstrom, I will never scrimp on a cheap bra again! I used to only be a Victoria Secret shopper but I just don’t get the same fit. It’s not just the actual bra fit, but the way it fits under your tops. Your tops glide over the bra leaving a seamless look. My favorite brand is Wacoal but I also really like Chantelle Intimates. But don’t take it from me. Go and have a fitting yourself. You won’t be sorry and you won’t want to buy a cheap bra ever again!

4) Cleansers - I have been a faithful Clinique user since the age of 18 and probably will be for life. My morning regimen consists of their three-step program which includes facial soap for normal to oily skin, level three clarifying lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturizer in a gel form for oily skin. This three-step program is repeated at night, however, I am not one to follow it every evening. There are times when I need a faster alternative and that’s when I turn to the Olay Daily Facial Express cloths. If you are looking for an effective facial cleanser, I will always recommend Clinique. If you want something that’s a little lighter on the wallet, I would recommend the Olay line. Their Regenerist products are geared toward those of us with aging skin, helping it look and feel more youthful. 

5) Styling Tools - Your hair is your main attraction…no pun intended. Take care of the hair you have because as we get older it begins to thin, become brittle, and in some cases, will fall out completely. If you are anything like me and rely on a straightner, invest in a good one. I’ve used the cheap ones and invested in a Chi a couple of years ago and I can see the difference. The cheap ones fried my ends and only created frizz. The Chi gives a smooth finish, without burnt ends, and has saved my hair. Same applies for blow-dryers. I don’t blow dry my hair very often, but if I did, I would invest in one that has the Tourmaline technology. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gem that gives off ionic energy when heated. It gives your hair a frizz free finish, something we all want in the end. Trust me, spend the money. You will see the difference. Also, always use product before using any styling tool. The products are there to protect your hair from the effects of heat. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Top 10 Pieces of Shopping Advice

Some of these are my own from years of working in retail and being an avid shopper. Others are “borrowed” from friends and magazines I’ve read over the years. They all apply and need to be kept in the back of your mind when shopping for just about anything!

1) Tailoring - I can’t express how important it is to find the right tailor! You may have more then one and that’s okay. I have an “everyday” tailor and one for speciality items. The right fits makes the clothes! I truly believe that. When working at Harold’s we had an in-house tailor and that’s was so important. Nordstrom has them as well. Use them! Tailoring is generally free when using an in-house service. If you don’t have a tailor, here are the names of mine. John’s Tailoring in Metcalf South Mall. They are located in the lower level near Sears and Sonia is wonderful. I also use Alternations by Heidi when hemming denim. It is important to find a tailor who can remove the original hem, shorten the leg and add the original hem back to the jeans. 

2) Bra Fitting - Oprah was the instigator of my first bra fitting and I owe her a huge thanks! I, like almost every woman in America, was wearing the wrong size bra. So, my mom and I headed to Nordstrom’s for our first bra fitting and how enlightening it truly was. I will never scrimp on my bra’s again! They are an investment and should be treated as such. It not only gives you a better bust line, it truly allows for a better fit in tops, sweaters and dresses. Haven’t had your fitting, go now!

3) Shoes- This just happens to be one of my favorite topics, if not favorite topic ever, and one I am well versed in as well! When shoe shopping, you must try all shoes on! This is very important. Shoes, like clothing, are cut differently so you may think you’re a standard size 8 but you aren’t. I wear a size 8 in most shoes, however, there are times where a 7 1/2 or 8 1/2 fit better. Don’t just think that if a shoe is tight it’s going to stretch out. That’s not always the case so now you’ve spent money on something you will NEVER wear. Trust me, I’ve done that! Walk around in the shoes. Most places are carpeted so take advantage of the space. Do they slide up and down on the heel? Squeeze your toes? Then go up or down depending on the problem area. It’s worth taking the extra time to do so. Your feet will thank you!

4) Mirrors - Use the mirrors provided to you in the store. Don’t just rely on the one mirror in your fitting room. Get out of the cramped space and utilize the three way in the middle of the fitting area. Who cares who’s around you! You need to see the outfit from ALL angles. Look to see if your bra outline is visible in a top. If it is, go up a size. Do you see camel-toe in your pants? If yes, PLEASE go up a size. Does a jacket appear boxy? Then go down a size. Same applies if the blazer feels snug across the shoulders. You definitely need to go up a size. It’s like the shoes. You will more than likely let them hang in the closet because you’re afraid it might be too snug or loose. If the next size up is too big, that’s when that perfect tailor comes into play.

5) Occasions - I just read this in Lucky and it’s so true! Always have a cocktail dress, or LBD, hanging in your closet. You never know when an invite will come in and you need a dress ASAP. Trust me, you never find what you’re looking for when shopping specifically for that item. I’ve been there! Instead, invest in a timeless frock that you can use as your “go-to” for such occasions. 

6) Love It - This is borrowed from my friend Jennifer and I use it constantly. If you don’t love the item, leave it. Chances are you it’s a spontaneous purchase and you’re likely to never wear it. However, if you leave it and are still thinking about it a day or two later, you probably loved it more than you realized at the time. If you head back and it’s not there, or in your size, it wasn’t meant to be. 

7) Handbags - Another big investment. Think about ladies, how often do you use your handbag? Did you answer everyday? If so, spend the money on a really nice handbag because again, you use it everyday! I just had this discussion with a friend and she said for every $50 she spends on an everyday handbag, she finds that she replaces it sooner rather than later. Not the case when you spend the money on a quality bag. Sure it seems pricey when you’re handing over the cash to the sales lady, but take that dollar amount and divide it by 365. I bet in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t cost that much after all. Plus, you have a great bag that you will carry for years!

8) Repairs - So you spent money on that handbag and a year later it’s scuffed and has a small tear. Well, they have repair shops for just that! Generally speaking, those repair shops also handle shoe repair. Have that one pair of shoes you just can’t part with but have a hole the size of Texas in the sole? Get those babies re-soled and it’s a brand new pair of shoes. They can also buff out the scuffs in your handbag and fix that small tear. Definitely keep them in your mental rolodex! On a side note, have a shoe shine kit on hand. Men especially, keep those shoes shined! It enhances the life of the shoe and helps keep your ensembles sharp. 

9) Take a Friend - Don’t feel comfortable in tackling this alone? Take a trusted friend, and when I say trusted, I mean someone who can be honest with you and you won’t be in tears by the end of the day. My trusted friend is my Mom. She is brutally honest which is needed while shopping. I know she won’t tell me something looks good when it doesn’t. It also has it’s rewards. Follow up the shopping trip with a celebratory glass of wine to toast the successful day!

10) Have Fun - That’s the biggest piece of advice I can give! Shopping is supposed to be fun, not a chore, and I truly thinks it’s all in the way you approach it. If you find that you are overwhelmed, shop for one thing at a time. Like they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither was my wardrobe. My closets have been cultivated over time. Take a deep breath, let it out and dive into those racks like a pro!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Top 10 Must-Have Beauty Items

I’ve been reading through Lucky Magazines 10th anniversary issue and all of their top 10 lists. It has inspired me to create my own top 10 lists and today’s post is the top 10 beauty items I can’t live without. 

1) Olay Daily Facial Express Wipes - I need a quick cleansing regimen for evening and this is the solution! The wipes take every stitch of makeup off without leaving a residue. It also contains a light Olay moisturizer but you can apply your own, if needed. They also come in sensitive skin.

2) Clinique Tinted Moisturizer - I am not a fan of foundation and only use it for special occasions. For daily use I rely on tinted moisturizer. This is a lightweight cream-gel moisturizer that’s great for oily skin, sheer upon application and provides an SPF 15. I’ve tried others and this is my favorite.

3) Clinique High Definition Mascara - This brush/comb combo was named ELLE Genius in 2008 and they weren’t kidding! I’ve shopped every brand and style of mascara and this one gives me the thickness and fullness that I’ve always wanted. Worn alone or with everyday eye shadow, it’s a must-have!

4) Eyelash Curler - I’ve been using a Sonia Kashuk eyelash curler for awhile now but would like to make a leap to the shu uemura curler. This particular curler is used by makeup artists and claims to achieve the perfect curl. Regardless of the brand, add this to your regimen!

5) MAC Lipglass  - I use Lovechild and Young Thing which are universal colors. The gloss is not too sticky and leaves your lips feeling soft. Lipglass comes in a WIDE array of colors. Stop by your local MAC counter and try them on to find the right shade for you. 

6) MAC Eye Shadow in Carbon - I use this as my eyeliner and it is the best liner I’ve ever used! Applied with an angled eyeliner brush, the line goes on perfectly every time and it’s a smooth application. If you are looking for the best, fool-proof black liner, this item is for you! 

7) MAC Paints - This eye shadow primer is a must-have! If you have ever experienced the caked eye shadow in the crease of your lid at the end of the day look, run out and get this paint. The primer creates a canvas for your eye shadow and locks it in place. It’s great without shadow as well for a natural look. Just apply mascara and you’re good to go! I use the color Untitled for a more pearlized look.

8) OPI Nail Color in You Don’t Know Jacques! - If you aren’t ready to take on the celebrity induced black, which I happen to adore, then go for this Greige color. A cross between gray and beige, it creates a nice neutral on your nails. I’ve been using it for about a year and love it! It’s great for summer when you’re tired of fuschias and berries and want to make that change to dark. 

9) Rosebud Salve - My first tin of Rosebud Salve was given to me by great-grandmother as child, that’s how long this stuff has been around! It is truly an all round product. It’s a great lip balm that leaves a soft hint of color, a dry skin healer and it claims too heal diaper rash. The tin itself is darling and the scent is soft. A perfect gift for your girlfriends. Available at Sephora. 

10) Dry Shampoo - As I mentioned in my Hair Care Secret post, dry shampoo is awesome! I’ve used several brands and they all work. I just recently purchased Tresemme’s Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for curly hair. I will keep you posted on the results. 

There you have it! Those are  my top 10 beauty must-haves. Anything I left off the list? 

Monday, December 27, 2010

New but Not Improved

Sweater: Old Navy; Jeans: Banana Republic; Shoes: Calvin Klein

Since my husband gets to wear a little more casual work attire with jeans day everyday, this year he received lots of new things that lend themselves to casual but can be worn with khakis or other dress pants when the need arises. Today he decided to wear all new items for our breakfast reunion and he looked adorable as usual! The sweater looks great with just a plain white t-shirt layered underneath, but I think it would jazz it up a bit with a denim button down. White would work as well. Because the argyles are gray and green, the sweater could be worn with khaki or black pants for dinner out. So versatile! I personally love the ankle boots, since I picked them out, but he said they will take some getting used to. I think they are great staple! 

Off the List

Sweater: Anthropologie; Button Down: J.Crew Mens; Tank: Ella Moss via Anthropologie; Jeans: Joe’s Jeans; Shoes: Chie Mihara via Habitat Shoe Boutique; Gloves: Cold Water Creek; Socks: ???; Sunglasses: Tom Ford

I have never taken the entire week after Christmas off and so glad I did! This morning we met an old friend from DC for breakfast and finally met his family. His daughter was adorable and I got so excited thinking about what we have ahead us. It was a wonderful reunion. With our breakfast this morning and a hair appointment later, I wanted to wear something warm since I would be in and out of the car all day. The new sweater I got for Christmas was perfect, since it’s a coat as well,and was featured in My Current Wish List. I paired it with a chambray button down, a lace top and new suede shoes. I really like how the whole thing came together. I feel like I could be walking the streets of Vail, CO or Sun Valley, ID. Note the adorable gloves I also received for Christmas. I love how the stitching is similar to the sweater.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas!!

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas, although I am every year! With four new pairs of shoes and some cute new pieces of clothing, I foresee lots to blog about in the coming weeks! My biggest decision, other than what to wear first, is which shoes to sport on New Year’s Eve! This year is a low-key event. We are having dinner with my parents who will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary while we celebrate our last New Year’s as just us. Next year will bring exciting times with our new addition.

Check back later in the week to see which shoes made the cut!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Last work outfit

I think this is my very favorite. I love it. You do look like one tough mama!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Military Casz

Military Jacket: Banana Republic; T-neck: Target; Jeans: Gap Maternity; Boots: Blowfish via DSW; Necklace: Artist from the Plaza Art Fair; Earrings: Silpada; Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Yesterday was the last “work” outfit for the year, and since I took a half day of vacation, I went casz! We also headed to a low-key dinner with friends later that evening and I wanted something that would truly go from day to night. I have to say I’m pretty happy with the whole thing. I toyed with navy and gray all morning, trying to figure out exactly how I wanted it to look, and ended up with black and greige instead. Once I gave up on navy and gray, I have to say it all started with the boots. I’ve only worn these once, since their early fall purchase, and that’s not nearly enough. From there, skinny jeans were a must because the buckles would be lost under boot cut. I then thought of my military jacket but had no idea what to pair underneath. From there, the black sweater t-neck was unearthed. I like the tough vibe this outfit gives off! I even went so far as to add an unofficial dog tag. Look close and it states “Shoe Slut”. Hey, I call ‘em like I seem ‘em! 

This military jacket has been a true investment! Check out other looks here and here.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A New Addition

Coat: Banana Republic; Sweater: Gap; Skirt: A Pea in a Pod; Tights: Motherhood; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Earrings: Silpada

While I’m trying not to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, there are times where the three pairs of pants, three pairs of jeans and one dress just aren’t enough. I decided to hit A Pea in a Pod over the weekend and so glad I did. I found this darling skirt, on sale, and love that it has endless possibilities! Obviously, the black goes well but I can also add gray, chocolate, camel and cream to the mix.  I’ve already planned the gray ensemble, but will need to test the look before sending it out in the universe! I have already repeated the cowl-neck Gap sweater. So glad I made that $20 investment! And those Jessica Simpson boots have made several appearances this fall/winter and it’s only December! Are there items that you’ve repeated several times this season? 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Sweater Coat

Coat: JCPenney; Sweater Coat: White + Warren via Gilt Groupe; Leggings: INC. International Concepts; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Scarf: Gift

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this, but I love sweater coats and this new one is no exception! Purchased from Gilt Groupe, this White + Warren sweater is amazing. First of all, I love the length. The fact that it almost grazes my ankles was the first reason I fell in love it. Secondly, I discovered the details were even better upon arrival. The front placket is suede, something I wasn’t expecting, as well as the piping along the front pockets. I love little touches like that on a garment. Thirdly, it’s super warm and perfect for a 20 degree morning. As you can see, we didn’t take too many photos because it was freezing!!!

Originally, I was going to pair the look with my dark skinny jeans but opted for leggings. It’s sleek and a little European. The jeans will add a nice contrast between the black sweater and boots. Speaking of boots, there’s those darn Jessica Simpson boots again. They have gotten some mileage this year! As for the hair, please over look it! I am going for the hot-roller-four-day look I achieved last week. The first day is always hardest as the curls are super tight. I’m hoping that later this afternoon they flow a little more!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black and Tan

Coat: Holiday Mart Boutique; T-neck: Bitten via Steve and Barry’s; Sweater: Gap; Jeans: A Pea in a Pod; Boots: Steve Madden; Handbag: BCBG MaxAzria via Gilt Groupe; Gloves: Gift; Earrings: Silpada; Sunglasses: Tom Ford

My fashionista friend Jennifer loves the look of black and brown where I have always been leery of the look. I decided to conquer my fear and test the waters this weekend and I think I like what I put together. My Gap stop was a successful one over the weekend where I found this great cowl-neck sweater for only $19.99! I based my outfit around the sweater, pairing it with skinny jeans and cognac boots, to accomplish the black and tan look. Since we were going to be out and about shopping, I added my fabulous, leopard faux-fur coat. Also, did you notice the awesome new handbag? I am in love with it!! What do you think of black and brown together? Did I pull it off?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Look #3 - Simple

Cardigan: Gap; Cami: Target; Pants: Liz Lange Maternity; Shoes: BCBG

Last night I attended the last of the holiday parties for the season and I went for a very simplistic look. I found this little cardigan at the Gap over the weekend and I loved the little spray of crystals on the shoulder. Simple but effective! I added black pants and cami to keep the focus on the sweater, however, I added a little bling with my shoes. These were a staple last holiday season and I decided to pull them out one more time. The black crystals and gray pearls across the toe add enough pizzazz without being flashy. Again, I kept my accessories simple, as well as, my hair and makeup. I went for understated and I think I achieved my goal.

Holiday Look #2 - Sparkle

Sweater: Holiday Mart Boutique; T-Neck: Ann Taylor; Leggings: A Pea in a Pod; Shoes: Banana Republic; Earrings: Harold’s

Saturday night we attended holiday party number two and I had a hard time deciding what to wear. I got these velvet leggings early on in my pregnancy and I was afraid they would be a too snug this late in the game. I was wrong! Given that they are indeed leggings, I wore a longer sweater to ensure all parts were covered! Since the sweater was short sleeved and the evening was a cold one, I opted for a black t-neck for added warmth. I really like how the look turned out. The sequined front sweater adds a flash of holiday spirit so I kept my accessories minimal. I love these CZ hoop earrings. Purchased years ago, they are great for dressy occasions but add just enough sparkle when wearing a simple black t-neck and jeans. I also like how the silver shoe isn’t too over-the-top because black would have been lost on the whole look. I believe I will wear these leggings again and soon! Super comfy!!

Office Party Take Two

Jacket: Gift; T-neck: Target; Jeans: Joe’s Jeans; Shoes: Moschino Cheap and Chic; Necklace: Gift

Last Friday was the last of my office festivities and it consisted of a potluck lunch with the whole department. Friday’s are jeans days around here and I wanted to look festive but casual. I found this boiled-wool jacket at the bottom of my sweater box and thought it was perfect for the occasion. The fur collar lends itself to holiday but the jeans helped keep it low-key. I added a plain cream t-neck and I love how the two-toned shoes keep the whole look neutral. The necklace was a gift and I don’t feel like it competed with the fur collar. If anything, it blended into the whole outfit. I need to remember this little jacket for future looks. It would be perfect with chocolate pants for a business casual look.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My New Favorite

I am in love with my new handbag! This is my new BCBG MaxAzaria East-West Hobo that I ordered from Gilt Groupe and it is the perfect shape and size! Sometimes you don’t know what things will look like when ordering online, much like the last BCBG bag I ordered, but this wasn’t the case. The leather is so soft but I love how the side zippers and small fringe on the handle make the bag look tough. It’s motorcycle inspired, in my opinion, and this bag will be around for while! 

If you haven’t checked out Gilt Groupe, you should! Much like Rue La La, there are different boutiques every day, however, these are a little more upscale with high-end designers. It’s fun just to browse. Window shopping without leaving your home…!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All American Male

Sweater: Harold Powell; Shirt: Ralph Lauren; Jeans: Levi’s; Shoes: Cole Haan

I am often asked by my male readers to blog about mens fashion, but to be honest I don’t feel like I have enough knowledge to take on that side of the house. However, I had to take a photo of my husband yesterday because he was sporting one of my favorite looks! He has been given the luxury to wear jeans to work daily and at times he finds it challenging not to look too casual. Not the case yesterday. The look is rugged with the lug sole, leather shoe but still work appropriate with the button down and wool sweater. This ensemble also looks great with khakis if he wanted that business casual feel. He was a little worried about the differences in denim, but the sweater breaks it up. Isn’t he adorable!

Hair Care Secret

I am all about sharing beauty secrets and this one is a beaut! No pun intended! After reading a segment on hot rollers in November’s issue of InStyle, I was inspired to pull mine out of the depths of my linen closet. Most of the time those segments lean towards those with long, flowing locks unlike my shoulder length, layered, naturally curly mess. With that being said, I was attending a holiday party and I intended to make it work!

After washing my hair, I applied a straightening product to help reduce frizz while air drying. I wanted to avoid my hair dryer as long as possible since the heat output infuses more frizz than air. Once my hair was about 90% dry, I ran the dryer over it to take out the remaining moisture. From there, I started applying the hot rollers. I sectioned off my hair, starting from the bottom up, and rolled at horizontal levels. I only used the large and medium size rollers for extra body. Also, I wound about two inch sections around each roller. After the rollers were cool, I removed from where I started, finger combed the curls and tossed my hair around to get rid of that “just rolled” look. They were a little tight for the party but relaxed by the end of the night. 

I know you’re saying, so what’s the big deal you hot rolled your hair! The big deal is that my hair has lasted for FOUR days! That’s right, four days! I woke up late yesterday morning and just knew that a shampoo was a must. Boy was I wrong! All I needed was a little dry shampoo and I was good to go. That’s the big beauty secret, ladies, dry shampoo! It’s amazing! It takes the oil out of your hair allowing you to go that extra day without shampooing. I’ve been using it for a little over a year and I swear by it. 

If you don’t believe that yesterday was day four of hot rolled hair, check out the posts below. Please note that I never brushed my hair during any of the process. I just ran my fingers through my hair. Nothing more. Also, I did not post anything from Sunday as that was casual day! No shower was taken, no make up applied. No need to be photographed. No one wants to see that!

Holiday Look #1 -Casual Wrapped in Warmth Snug as a Bug Office Party Take One

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Office Party Take One

Jacket: Shoshanna; T-neck: J.Crew; Pants: Liz Lange Maternity; Shoes: Guess; Fishnets: Hue; Earrings/Ring: Hope Faith Miracles

Today is the first of two holiday “parties” here at work and I am trying to be as festive as possible. Today’s party involves a lunch of finger foods, goodies and a White Elephant exchange. Since this is an on premise chin-dig, I thought I would go for business casual with a little holiday thrown in. I scoured my closet last night looking for anything that I thought might work with my growing belly and chest. (I hate the latter part of that statement!) What I found was this NY sample sale find from Shoshanna. Never been worn, this darling 60s inspired Bolero-esque jacket seemed perfect for the occasion. I love how the material resembles an old chairs fabric with its metallic gold threads and patterned design. It might have come straight from Elvis’s home in Memphis! 

Unsure of what to pair with my jacket, I decided on a cream cashmere t-neck. I like the blend of textures and the warmth I get from the cashmere. Since I don’t have winter white pants, which might have been overkill, I opted for basic black but went for nude peep toe pumps. I accented the look with gold jewels from Kristian Alfonso’s line Hope, Faith, Miracles. The earrings are her Roman Dangles in Gold Clad and the ring is a simple cigar band also in gold. Holiday look number two is coming your way on Friday!

My Holiday Creation

Office Party:

Work Holiday Party

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snug as a Bug

Overcoat: JC Penney; Sweater Coat: Boutique at local Holiday Mart; T-Neck; Ann Taylor Loft; Pants: Liz Lange Maternity; Boots: J.Crew; Gloves: Target; Earrings: Silpada

With the temps hovering around 30 today, I still felt the need to bundle up. I hate winter but this is one of my favorite times of the year ONLY because I love sweaters so much. I found this sweater coat at a boutique during the Junior League Holiday Mart about four years ago and I can’t bring myself to part with it. Every time I wear it, I feel like I’m wrapped in a cozy blanket and I needed that feeling today. 

I was originally going to pair this sweater with skinny jeans and my waxy Steve Madden boots but remembered I can’t get the boots off without Joel’s assistance. Since we’re heading to the gym after work, I can’t really invite him in the girls locker room! So, I might be repeating this sweater over the weekend since we will be out and about shopping. Anyway, I decided to wear my straight leg black pants and black boots. Not as much pizzazz as I was going for originally, but the sweater is now the focal point of the outfit, as it should be! Stay tuned for the repeat look!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wrapped in Warmth

Sweater: Theory via Rue La La; T-neck: Target; Pants: Gap Maternity; Shoes: Tory Burch; Earrings: Silpada; Bracelets: Silpada and Tiffany

With it being around 8 degrees this morning, I decided to have my morning photo shoot indoors. Over the course of the winter, I will test out different areas of my house instead of hitting the great outdoors. I think my husband, the on sight photographer, will appreciate that as well! 

I purchased this sweater coat a couple of weeks via Rue La La and couldn’t wait for the first frigid day to wear it. I’ve mentioned Rue La La before, and if you haven’t signed up, you need to. I have purchased some great items over the past couple of years and love that they are at discounted prices! Just like this sweater! Paired with charcoal gray pants and a black t-neck, I feel wrapped in warmth on this terribly cold day. I added black heels with gold accents to play up the gold in the sweater. This will also look great with jeans and tall black or gray boots for a more casual look. Trust me, this sweater will come in handy over the next few months!

To brace myself against the temps, I wore my long black coat, a charcoal gray bucket hat with patent leather piping and teal leather gloves. Gotta find fun ways to stay warm!

Holiday Look #1 - Casual

Top: Ann Taylor Loft; Jeans: Gap Maternity; Shoes: Steve Madden Luxe; Earrings: Shoe Girl Designs; Ring: Kate Spade

This past weekend was holiday party number one of three and as promised, I am documenting my looks based on the three part series I blogged about last week. My wardrobe choices are a little more limited this season, but I think I’m making the most of it and I think things are coming together as planned. 

This weekend I paired my dark skinny jeans with an embellished top for a little flash. Sparkle is needed during the holidays and the epaulettes on this top were perfect. I added dainty black crystal earrings and my fun cocktail ring purchased earlier this year. The shoes were new as of this weekend! A great holiday shoe that can be worn year round and are really comfy. I wore them for five hours and never thought of removing them. 

What are you thoughts? Did I hit the mark or miss it completely? 

My Holiday Creations

Look One:

Holiday Party

Look Two:

Holiday Party