Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Last Minute LBD Look

Ever need a last minute look? Do you have a go-to piece for such an occasion? I do and that's the Little Black Dress or LBD. I've said it before, an LBD is a wardrobe staple. Every girl should have one in her midst. The LBD can run the gamut of dressy to casual, cotton to leather, and everywhere in between. I happen to live in my leather LBD and I love styling it in various ways. 

In keeping with this last minute theme, I am bringing you a last minute post with a last minute LBD, and a few pieces I would grab to style it! Three things are all you need: a statement necklace, a neutral clutch, and fun shoes. That's it. You are out the door!

Dress: BB Dakota via Dailylook; Necklace: BaubleBar; Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff via Piperlime;
Shoes: Joes Jeans via Sole Society

See how I've styled my own leather dress here, here, and here! This is why you need one STAT! And this faux leather version above is a great option!

Happy Shopping!!

Tinseltown, Here I Come!

Do any of you watch award season religiously? Or should I ask, does anyone watch the Red Carpet coverage religiously? This girls does and has for years! I will never forget the year I discovered the Red Carpet on E! and their post award show coverage. I was glued to my TV for hours! And I've been a faithful viewer ever since. And I must admit, now a days, I almost prefer the Red Carpet to the actual show.

With the arrival of Fashion Police in 2010, the Red Carpet coverage changed forever. Yes, we still have our four hour coverage prior to the show, but Fashion Police truly put designers and celebrities in the spotlight. It's comical, or at least intended to be, but also incredibly informative when shedding light on designs, designers, runway and couture pieces, and proper fittings on said dresses. I've learned so about fashion houses all while being thoroughly entertained!

After the death of Joan Rivers, I thought I wouldn't tune in again. And when they announced that George Kotsiopoulos wouldn't return, I was even more sure I wouldn't tune in. I adore him! But, like any good fashionista, I watched and was delightfully surprised at how I liked the new format. And I even liked the new hosts. (I was a little leery of Kathy Griffin, but she's charming! And such a fashion plate! She's bringing it every week.)

Then there was "the comment" made this past week by Giuliana Rancic and all fashion hell broke loose! Now, I will be the first to say, that I wasn't all that offended. If anything, they seemed to just skip right over it and move on to the next celeb. And, if we're being honest about the whole thing, Joan Rivers said far worse things and no one said a word! Not on Twitter, on Instagram, or on their personal sites. But for some odd reason, this one was blown out of the water! And now Kelly Osbourne has quit the show. Unsure at this time is why. The obligitory "pursuing other opportunities" is being given by the network. Is it truly because she was offended by the comment made about her friend Zendaya? I have a hard time believing it since she's also friends with Miley Cyrus and they've made horrible comments about her over the years. But, be that as it may, she has indeed quit.

And with that news, it leaves a chair open. A chair that has yet to be filled. A chair that needs a warm body. I think they should take a VERY long shot and hire someone with fresh eyes. Someone who isn't a celeb. Someone who isn't friends with a celeb. Someone like me! A girl that's knowledgeable about celebrity gossip, past fashion hits and misses, fashion designers, cuts of fabric, fabric choices, and the arts as well. Why not take a chance on an unknown? How are people supposed to get their big break if you don't give them that chance? It doesn't even have to be a full-time gig. What about a one night on air challenge? I can totally do it! I am up for it! Incredibly prepared! Have you seen my Red Carpet blog posts? I'm usually right on the money with their choices!

So I ask each of you reading this to help me with my cause. If you're on Twitter, tweet to all involved. E! Fashion Police, Giuliana Ranice, Brad Goreski, Melissa Rivers, and E! themselves. I'm quick witted (at times), can rock a cocktail dress or party look, could totally style myself, could find a last minute makeup artist in LA (I'm looking at you Matthew Allen), and I even have a place to stay (my sweet "Aunt" Joanie would put me up). They wouldn't be out any expenses! I too know people! So come on Fashion Police. I'm waiting for your call!

Something like this would be an absolute dream come true! How amazing would it actually be? If I were to allow myself time to think about it, and I know something like this would NEVER happen, but it would be incredible. A moment in my life I would never forget. An opportunity of a lifetime. A Lifetime movie could be made about it. I can see it now. Andrea Krasnow plays herself in this sweet movie about a woman on an incredible journey to pursue a life long goal. Tune in next Friday night for this epic event. See what can happen when you let your mind wander? 

But in all honesty, I think we should at least try! So again, take to social media in all its glory and let's see what we can do! And, I promise to remember who I am and not make any rude, crude, or discriminating remarks. I would simply call em like I see em and enjoy my one moment in the spotlight. Let's go!!! Tinseltown, here I come!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Beauty - Clinique Cleansing Brush

It was a happy Valentine's Day earlier in the month when I received my own Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush! My mom gave me this amazing gift and I've fallen victim to its awesomeness! If you haven't jumped on the cleansing brush bandwagon, now is the time to do it!

I started using the brush immediately, I'm on week two or so, and I've seen such a difference. And I feel a difference too. I told my mom after the first use that I honestly felt like my skin was already soft. I told her thought I was crazy for thinking that after one use, but she confirmed I wasn't. She has been using hers since January and she felt the same result. The Cleansing Brush is a dermatologist-developed sonic brush that offers deep yet gentle cleansing for skin. In one cleaning, it sloughs off all the dead skin. And the two bristle types target cleansing in hard-to-reach, contoured areas of the face where dirt hides, as well as an angled tip that purifies pores and thoroughly cleanses your T-zone.

The brush is waterproof so it's great for the shower! You simply apply either the liquid face soap or the foaming sonic facial soap, in a small amount, and let the bristles do all the work! The bristles are not rough on the skin, but you do need to follow the recommendation first time use. 

After that, you follow up with the 3-Step program designed for you. 

I can say that I've had a few breakouts but nothing horrible. They were in my T-Zone so clearly the brush is working! I'm not kidding when I say to take the plunge, make the splurge, and get yourself a cleansing brush! You won't regret it. Your skin will thank you. And, it will be the best investment you make this calendar year!! 

Happy Friday, Beauties!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

You Say Cookie Monster.....

 Coat: Michael by Michael Kors (gift/fun option here); Sweater: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Loft (BOGO!!)
Boots: Sole Society (c/o/ similar here & 50% off); Necklace: Ann Taylor

Last weekend we took advantage of a gorgeous February afternoon and headed down to the Plaza for a Fountain Tour. A Fountain Tour is where I take McKinley for a walk around the Plaza, look at the pretty fountains, maybe have a cookie, and just spend time together. This time we took Dada along, had lunch, strolled along at a casual pace, and just enjoyed each others company.

It wasn't quite warm enough to not wear a coat, thankfully! I was finally able to wear this amazing faux fur coat I received for Christmas! You know how I love my faux fur and this one is so unique! My husband told me I looked like Cookie Monster, but based on the amount of compliments I received that day, I think otherwise. If you're going to make a statement, make it. Right?!

 Coat: Michael by Michael Kors (gift/fun option here); Sweater: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Loft (BOGO!!)
Boots: Sole Society (c/o/ similar here & 50% off); Necklace: Ann Taylor

 I can't wait to wear it again just so I can style it differently. That's the thing about a coat like this. Finding new ways to wear it so it always feel fresh and new. Love my styling challenges!

Hope you're having a wonderful week! Freezing temps in these parts. So ready for it all to be over! Well, on the other hand, maybe not. I need to wear this coat again STAT!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Five Spring Handbag Trends

Spring is a rebirth. We are rejuvenated after a long winter. And if you're anything like me, you are all about reviving your spring wardrobe. Taking it a step further, you're all about adding something fresh and new.

For me it's usually a new shoe, a fun dress, or updated handbag. The Zoe Report recently released the five handbag trends for spring and I personally love them all. Below are my five picks!

Which trend is your favorite? I love the Ladylike and High-Impact Color. Two great bags to add for spring and summer! Can't wait to hear your picks!

As always, see something you like? Need it now? Shop the links!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Zoe Inspired

 Sweater: Ann Taylor (fun option); Top: JCPenney; Jeans: Loft (similar); 
Boots: Nordstrom (similar); Necklaces: The Zoe Collective/Stella & Dot (1/2);
 Hat: Target (similar); Lip Color: MAC Dark Side

I think I'm going through an identity crisis. You know how some people call it a mid-life crisis? Well, I'm calling it an identity crisis. I'm not sure I love my style anymore. I feel like I've been playing it safe. Using the stay-at-home mom status as my excuse to get away with boyfriend jeans and cute sweaters. Don't get me wrong, I love this look, but I think I need to amp it up every now and then.

I'm looking to my style guru, Rachel Zoe, for inspriation. She kills it in the mom department! Sure she's an A list stylist, designer, author, and the all around ultimate Mompreneur, but she's also someone I simply admire. I had a meeting last week to discuss some future projects and I wanted to look chic but casual. And no one does BOHO chic better than Zoe. I styled my look around one similar to hers and I love it. The over-sized hat adds so much flair, no? Take a look at Rachel's look below. Did I nail it?

The Inspiration! No one does BOHO chic better!

 The Sweater: Before and After

 Sweater: Ann Taylor (fun option); Top: JCPenney; Jeans: Loft (similar); 
Boots: Nordstrom (similar); Necklaces: The Zoe Collective/Stella & Dot (1/2);
 Hat: Target (similar); Lip Color: MAC Dark Side

 It was snowing as we took these photos and I love that you can see tiny flake throughout some of the frames. Winter is not going to keep me from capturing some of my favorite looks over the next several months! Too many cute looks to show off before spring finally springs!

Hope you're staying warm and keeping it chic, Fashionista's!

As always, see something you like? Need it now? Shop the links!

Photo of Rachel Zoe courtesy of Zimbio.

Monday, February 23, 2015

One Glamorous Night - The Oscars

I love the Red Carpet more than I love the actual ceremony these days. Maybe it's because I never go to the movies anymore. Maybe it's because I live vicariously on this one star studded night. Or maybe it's because the gowns worn by this elite few are the most gorgeous things I will ever see through my television screen or in print in next month's fashion mag recaps. Now, there are some ridiculously ugly dresses, did you see that black dress covered in balls that poor woman wore during her acceptance speech? Dear lord. She couldn't find anything better? But for the most part, Tinseltown always comes through! Here are some of my Red Carpet favorites from last night!

I will have to say that I hated most of the hairstyles from last night. How many actress are currently sporting the lob (long bob)? Almost all of them! It seemed most everyone opted to showcase their lob by wearing their hair down. Come on ladies! This is the Oscars. Let's see some updo's a la Julie Roberts in 2000. I nice low pony would be better than the stringy hair that hung in their faces all night. And could Jennifer Lopez wow us all by wearing long sleeves and a high neck to one of these awards? I am so tired of seeing her plunging neckline and heaving breasts during every Red Carpet. We get it. You have a rockin' bod and round boobs. Enough already! At least she had a nice updo. 

What were your thoughts about the fashion last night? Which were favorites? I have to say that my favorite look of the night goes to Julianne Moore. That custom Chanel was perfection! And that little golden man totally compliment her look, no? Til next season....

Photos courtesy of Eonline.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Beauty - A Cold

I am currently suffering from either a really bad cold or a horrible sinus infection, but I just can't seem to find time to go see the doctor. Maybe next week. So instead of a beauty post, which I'm feeling nothing of the sort, I'm just going to provide you with the items I'm using while trying to survive this week! 

What are your go-tos when feeling sick and tired? Here's hoping I'm on the mend by next week!

Happy Friday, Beauties! Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Collages Are My Thing

Can I just tell you that it's too cold to do anything! Okay, maybe not too cold to go and get your hair cut and colored, but it's too cold to do anything else! I'm wearing my warmest sweaters possible, but that doesn't mean I'm stepping foot outside to take pics! Instead, I'm creating collages of all the pieces I want for spring! It's entirely too cold to go shopping, so I'm cyber-stalking via the net.

I'm continuing to explore florals, too many to ignore, but I'm also into the windowpane/gridline trend, and eyelet cutouts. And I'm finding that I'm gravitating towards whites, grays, and mute colors. Could be a subtle spring for this girl! Check out some of favs below!


What are you hoping to add to your spring look? 

Here's hoping spring is around the corner!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shopbop - Spring Florals

There may be snow on the ground, sub zero temps, and layer after layer of clothing to keep warm, but spring is on the horizon! And with spring comes new growth in the form of blossoming blooms. I am loving all the floral prints for spring and I'm having a hard time deciding on color, pattern, and style. I've narrowed it down to six, but I'll be honest, I started out with nine! They're all so pretty! Check out my six picks below.


Are you ready for spring? Are you ready to tackle florals in your wardrobe? I can't wait to add this feminine print to the mix. Now, which one to pick? Which one is your favorite?

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Heart Barry

 Jacket: MICHAEL Michael Kors; Top: J.Crew (gift)fun option here); Jeans: Loft;
Boots: Sole Society under $50!!(c/o); Necklaces: Jane Basch (gift)/Silpada;
Bracelets: J.Crew/Gift/David Yurman (gift/fun option here); Lip Color: MAC Ruby Woo

My husband took me to see Barry Manilow as my Valentine's Day gift and I was in heaven! Before the concert we hit Pizza Bar for dinner, met some really interesting characters, laughed at ourselves, and enjoyed each others company. While at the concert, I teared up, grinned from ear to ear, sang along the entire time, and I don't think I ever sat still!  Barry's still got it and his songs are truly "the songs that make the whole world sing"!

And because we were going to see the man who's written more love ballads than I can name, my all time favorite being "Weekend in New England", I felt that hearts were the only appropriate thing to wear! But I didn't want to make them too sweet so I added my moto jacket. I call it Sweet Chic!     


The Top: Before and After


Jacket: MICHAEL Michael Kors; Top: J.Crew (gift)fun option here); Jeans: Loft;
Boots: Sole Society under $50!!(c/o); Necklaces: Jane Basch (gift)/Silpada;
Bracelets: J.Crew/Gift/David Yurman (gift/fun option here); Lip Color: MAC Ruby Woo

It's a snowy week here in KC! I'm snuggled up in cozy sweaters and my Hunter's. Hope you're staying warm wherever you are!!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

A Bloggers Life: Coffee, Cute Outfits, and Camera Phones

 Leather Jacket: MICHAEL Michael Kors (gift); Top: Boden (gift/in navy); 
Coated Jeans: Target (similar); Heels: Dolce Vita (similar here and here); 
Lip Color: MAC Ruby Woo

Remember that day you woke up, looked at your phone's weather app, saw it was supposed to be close to 50, so you threw on a cute little top and leather jacket only to find it was in the low 30s? Yeah, me too! And apparently my friend Caitlin thought the same thing when she left her house, however she had on a heavier coat and thought people would mock her. So this is what I wore, anticipating 50 degrees, when I met my friend for coffee. 

And it got better. Caitlin went to take my pics and I had left my memory card at home. No worries, she had hers. Oh wait, she left her battery at home charging. Thank goodness for camera phones, friends who can laugh with you, and a window washer who witnessed the whole thing! A bloggers life!

The Top: Before and After

 Leather Jacket: MICHAEL Michael Kors (gift); Top: Boden (gift/in navy); 
Coated Jeans: Target (similar); Heels: Dolce Vita (similar here and here); 
Lip Color: MAC Ruby Woo

 Here's hoping your Monday is off to a stylish start!!


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Photos courtesy of Caitlin Fore.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Morning Chatter - What is Love?

It's Valentine's Day, loves! What are you all doing to celebrate the big day of love? Are you spending it with a spouse, partner, or significant other? Making it a Galentine's Day? Whatever it is you're doing, I hope it's filled with everything love! And maybe a box of chocolates.

When I think of love, I think about my family, Starbuck's, chocolate, champagne, and shoes. Always shoes! My love of shoes runs so deep, I have no room for them all! I also think of romantic comedies and romance novels. Those crazy stories of love lost, love obtained, and love ever after. Much like the love that's always flowing on the Bachelor/Bachelorette series! Seriously, who finds love in a month? And, who finds it on bear skin rugs with roaring fires behind them. As my girlfriend and I love to say, "Nothing says love like a box of wine and space heater." That true love, my friend, true love!

But again, I digress. I do that a lot. Back to those romance novels. When I was growing up, the Sweet Valley High series was all the rage! Who didn't love reading about the trials and tribulations of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. Those gorgeous, blonde, California twins with their golden, sun-kissed skin. They literally referenced that in EVERY book! Jessica liked to play the field while Elizabeth was holding steady with Todd Wilkins. I must have read those books over and over. Jessica the trouble maker and Elizabeth the brain. What those girls didn't get into together, or should I say what Jessica got into and what Elizabeth did to help/fix/rescue. Fun fact, I still own them!  I think I have up to volume twenty, but I will need to confirm. They're still great reads, even as an adult. And if I had a daughter, I would definitely pass them down to her.

So for your reading pleasure, an excerpt from something I am playing around with. Nothing concrete, but kind of fun at the same time. A little real life/a little make believe.  

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Do we only get one chance at love? Can you fall in love more than one time in your life? These are questions Alexandra asked herself often. She wasn’t sure she believed in love at all, but there had to be answers, right? There were always answers. The first time she “fell in love” she was 13. A silly crush on a boy that didn’t know she even existed. But does anyone know what love is at 13? Sure. You love your parents, love a pet, even love your favorite doll, but does anyone know what love is at such a young age? The second time she fell in love, she fell hard. 

 At seventeen, Alexandra was living the life of most average teenager girls. Passing notes during class or in the hall with her best friend Emma. Giggling over the phone during nightly calls to talk about the notes you passed during the day. Agonizing over the perfect outfit for the next day and wondering if anyone will remember that you wore something similar the week before. And never really looking over your homework for the next day because that would totally eat into your social life. Aside from girlfriends, fashion, and the occasional studying, Alexandra was all consumed by her love of ballet. She took class several days a week, danced with the ballet school’s student company, and tried her best to maintain a competitive edge among the other girls. For Alexandra, life was good.

Who knows what this is or if it will amount to anything at all. It's been fun though. Trying to think like a teenager, especially a teen in this day and age, has been a challenge. However, I can't imagine that my inner teen isn't all that far removed. But I will love finding out!

Have a great weekend all!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Beauty - Red Lips

Finding the right red lipstick can be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift seem to have had zero problem finding their favorite! I used to be highly intimidated by lipstick, reds especially, but then my mom visited a MAC counter in the late 90s and brought home Del Rio. I was hooked! But just like finding your prince, you have to kiss a lot of toads! I've tried my fair share of red lipsticks, but I've finally found the four I wear the most. 

The trick to finding the right shade, is to pick one that doesn't appear to yellow your teeth when you smile. If it has even a hint of coral in tone, walk away! You want one with more of blue-red base. This will give you a darker sheen, but it will give you a 1,000 watt smile! Below are my four go-to reds! 

Left to Right:
L'Oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche in Ruby Opera
Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Red Drama
Clinique Different Lipstick in Angel Red
MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo 

They range from sheer to full on color. The L'Oreal is the sheerest all of four. It's not sticky like a gloss, but goes on with that same gloss feel. Angel Red is also sheer, but with a little more color. Red Drama is full color that's deep in hue. And Ruby Woo is a matte that lasts all day, a ruby red, and MAC's number one selling red! I love it. I've put together a little collage below!

As for Taylor and Gwen? Taylor has been known to wear Lip Perfection Lipstick in Flame from Cover Girl. As for Gwen, she has used L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge in Ravishing Red. Great drugstore brands that have already been color tested and approved!

Are you a red kind of girl? Want to be one? Start sheer, and if you love it, go bold! You won't regret it!

Happy Friday, Beauties

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Adore this Look - Especially the Shoes!

 Sweater: Target (on sale under $10!!); Denim Shirt: J.Crew Factory; Pants: H&M (similar);
Shoes: Nordstrom (gift/ fun options here and here); Earrings: Janna Conner Designs (on loan)

I'm bringing you my last Valentine's Day inspired look. A look that was also centered around those amazing Janna Conner earrings. I've really been into hot pink versus red this year. It kind of shocked me as red is my favorite color, but I felt like veering away from the traditional color this year. And, I had those awesome earrings to play around with which were inspiration enough!

I had a mama meeting, that's what I tell McKinley when I need to run errands without him, and I wanted to feel a little more dressy without going full fledged skirt or dress. And I've loved playing with shoes this week! The hot pink and chocolate from Tuesday's post have been in my closet for a while, but I've been hesitant to wear them. I haven't a clue why! And these blue suede shoes have been waiting to make their appearance as well. I think this was the perfect look to introduce them!

The Pants: Before and After

Sweater: Target (on sale under $10!!); Denim Shirt: J.Crew Factory; Pants: H&M (similar);
Shoes: Nordstrom (gift/ fun options here and here); Earrings: Janna Conner Designs (on loan)

I hope I've inspired some lovely Valentine's Day looks for you this week. The big day is right around the corner! Will you try to recreate any of the ones I've worn? Let's discuss!

As always, see something you like? Need it now? Shop the links!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tres Chic: Valentine's Day Looks

For this month's Tres Chic, we decided to style some Valentine's Day looks. Only seems appropriate, right? Caitlin and Jana went with super cute dressy looks, while I kept it a little more casual. Get a closer glimpse at the looks below and get all the details on what we're wearing!

Sophisticated is exactly what Caitlin went for when dressing for the big day of love! A little red dress definitely fits the bill!

 Francesca's dress , Vintage shoes similar here and hereJoie clutch c/o Shopbop,  

 I am spending Valentine's Day with my boys in the afternoon and with the rest of the family that evening. My mom's bday is the day before, but we're saving her celebration for Saturday night. A low key day calls for a hot pink blazer, my fav stripes, and comfy jeans. 

 Blazer: Zara (similar); Top: Boden; Jeans: Joe's Jeans (similar); 
Wedges: Sole Society (c/o but similar here);
Handbag: Kooba (similar); Shades: MbyMJ; Earrings: Janna Conner (on loan); 
Necklaces: The Zoe Collective/Stella & Dot/BaubleBar (similar); 
Bracelets: Kate Spade (on sale)/Stella & Dot (similar)

The contrasting black print in this red dress that Jana is wearing is so cool! I love the design! This is definitely a dress that can be worn beyond Valentine's Day and something I consider perfect for the work place! 

 Dress {c/o Tulip Boutique} Purse {Marshall's} Black Pump {Off Broadway Shoes
Necklace {similar} Bracelets {Charming Charlie}

What are you planning to wear this Saturday? Are you hitting the town with your sweetie or just keeping things simple and staying in? Whatever you do, have a lovely day, and as always, keep it chic! Until next month....