Friday, October 30, 2015

The 70s Trend - Look Number Four

Today is the final look in my four part 70s styling series and I think I love it just as much as the first look. There is something about this blush top! And the shaggy vest. I would save the best for last, right? This look is completely on trend with the 70s fad for fall in that the key pieces are the flared leg jeans and textured vest. But it's still modern with the chic top and leopard print heels.

I kept the rest of the look simple. I really wanted the vest to speak for itself. A statement necklace and classic handbag is all the ensemble needed to feel complete. An easy look that anyone can wear. The top, vest, and jeans can all be purchased on The Bridge at Halls.

Vest: Blu Pepper; Top: 1. State; Jeans: Hudson



I don't mean to obsess, but I'm obsessed! Just look at the detail in this vest!

I have so enjoyed this styling series. Not only have I've loved talking about my favorite fashion era, but I've loved sharing styling tips with you. Just a few fashionable reminders. When wearing something as strong as the shaggy vest, keep the rest of the look fairly neutral. Prints should be minimal, like in look two. Jazz up a simple top like in looks one and four with fur or textures. And don't be afraid to play around with a piece like in look number three. A dress doesn't always have to be a dress. Wear over jeans for a tunic or tucked in to create a cute top. Fashion is all about taking risks at times.

Also, when I left Halls, I left with seven pieces. And with those seven pieces I gave you four looks. And I repeated several times. Two different vests appeared in two separate looks. Two pairs of denim in light and dark wash are key. The blush top was worn twice. You don't need an extensive wardrobe, only key pieces. And these seven items I would recommend for any woman's closet. And aside from the jeans, all the other pieces were under $100! Oh, and I have to mention, my favorite shaggy vest was under $50! Head to The Bridge at Halls and get shopping!

Happy Friday and an early Happy Halloween! 

All Photos Courtesy of Richard Lawson Photography 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 70s Trend - Look Number Three

During the 70s, there was time that women wore incredible short dresses. Almost micro-mini dresses. And they wore them with knee high boots or longer. So when I found this darling dress I couldn't wait to style it. Suede was another popular fabric from the 70s, but it's definitely not wallet or kid friendly! What's awesome about this dress is that it's micro-suede! And short! Just like the ones from the 70s!

Because Christina's 5'8", and has super long legs, I decided to go the tunic route. I really like it! Sure, she could totally pull of the micro-mini with tights and heels for winter, but I love playing around with pieces. That's what styling is all about, right? Finding new ways to wear things. For the dress, the key piece in this look, I loved the idea of wearing it over the light washed jeans. It gives it a more casual feel. And the faux fur vest adds a little texture and depth. I paired it all with the leopard print heels, snake skin bag, a hat, and a couple of statement jewels for a little pop. (Again, all accessories, shoes, and jewelry are my own.)

Dress: Bishop + Young; Vest: Jack; Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

I love an exposed zipper! It brings a little edge to a piece. And a little extra detail!


 This look has such a cool vibe. Definitely something I would wear for a day of shopping or brunching with the girls. Again, I would love it with bare legs and a sleek heel for night or tights and booties for a fun winter look. With a dress like this, the options are endless.

All Photos Courtesy of Richard Lawson Photography

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The 70s Trend - Look Number 2

Today's look targets the prints and textures synonymous with the 70s. Back then we had psychedelic prints. Today, we have classic prints like the Greek Key, the ever popular paisley, (and my personal favorite) the animal print.  Textures, like yesterday's fur vest, have been the most commonly styled textile, but shaggy, non-fur pieces are appearing on the scene. Or at least, our scene.

There are so many things I love about this look. The navy and burgundy work so well together, and when paired with super dark denim, it looks incredibly luxe! The print within the top could be considered a little psychedelic! The swirl effect, if looked at long enough, can start to play with your eye. Who says the 70s isn't alive and well in fashion? But what I truly love is the vest! I'm actually obsessed. Like ready to run back down to Halls and snatch it up before it's completely sold out! It's very similar to pom-pom trim. And the shag! I love how shaggy it is. I think it's the key piece to making this look totally 70s!

 Vest: Blu Pepper, Top: 1. State; Jeans: Hudson

Just take a closer look at the print and texture of the vest. Obsessed!

Because there is so much going with the print and vest, keep the rest of the look fairly simple. I like how the dark denim keeps it on the dressy side. All I really added was a natural heeled boot and statement necklace.

This is definitely a work appropriate look for someone in a more casual environment. You could definitely get away with it on casual Friday. There's nothing casual about it. If anything, it's so chic it can be worn on multiple occasions. For me, I would definitely wear this to lunch with friends, any happy hour event, or on date night.

The top, vest, and jeans can all be found at Halls The Bridge.

All Photos Courtesy of Richard Lawson Photography

Monday, October 26, 2015

The 70s Trend - A Four Part Styling Series

The 70s! What can I say about this fashionable era? I've always been a fan. The flared leg jeans, shaggy vests of fur and other textiles, wild prints, suede anything, and tunic top dresses. And I believe, that because of all of these pieces, it's a style that seems to find it's way back into fashion season after season. It started subtle several years ago when flared legs replaced wide bell-bottoms. Fur vests entered the season the minute Rachel Zoe was photographed wearing one. And this fall, it's full on 70s glamour on every fashion magazine page you turn. 

Because the 70s are back in full force, I began scouring my own closet for ways to incorporate my pieces with possible new ones I've been eyeing. But then I started thinking about actually styling the look. If you go too far with all the trendy pieces out there, you might start looking like a Halloween costume. That's a definite no-no! I immediately knew I wanted to put together a styling series around how to work the trend into everyday looks and keep the trend to specific key pieces

I worked with Halls here in Kansas City, specifically Kelby Stehl their Bridge women's buyer, on this fun project. She is amazing! We walked around The Bridge, looked at all the pieces she had purchased while at market, and talked about why she thinks the 70s play such an inspiration on fashion. Kelby indicated that "fashion is always evolving." There is a nostalgia that comes with the 70s, but this seasons trend is "not an exact replica" of pieces from the past. When I asked her what key pieces she thought one needed to achieve the look, she stated that the number one piece was the flare legged jean. I couldn't agree more. And the big color trend, wine! If I recall, the Pantone color of the year was Marsala, so it sounds like they were right on the pulse of fashion.

 I headed back to Halls for a little styling shopping trip and picked out my favorite key pieces. I stocked up on flares, Marsala toned items, vests, prints, faux fur, and a little faux suede. I wanted to ensure I preserved the integrity of the 70s while keeping it modern and wearable. And, I wanted to style someone other than myself. I didn't want a model. I wanted a real person. My sweet friend Christina Brewer agreed to assist! And is she ever a natural!
(Side note: all other accessories, jewelry, shoes, and handbags are my own.)

I'm kicking off this four part series in one of my favorite looks! The key pieces in this look: flare legged jeans and a cropped faux fur vest. I paired it all with a soft blush blouse that I just adore! I love how it's blousey but still a little fitted. The sleeves are sheer, but still gives you coverage. It's still a nod to the 70s, but the blouse keeps it grounded. I think this look is perfect for brunch with friends, a casual date night, and if you can get away with it, casual Friday (sans hat). These three pieces are all available at Halls The Bridge!  
Top: 1.State; Vest: Jack; Jeans: Citizens of Humanity


I love mixing prints and textures in my everyday looks. With this ensemble, I went with leopard print heels, a snake skin bag, and the fur vest. Loads of bangles, a statement necklace, and a great hat are additional ways to finish the look. Don't be afraid of accessories! They really are the finishing touch!

All Photos Courtesy of Richard Lawson Photography

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cocktail Confessions: Forever Royal

Our Kansas City Royals are headed back home for Game 6 of the ALDS and we hope to win it! Heading back to the World Series is a must, but winning the whole thing would be a dream come true!

In honor of our Boys in Blue, I've come with a fabulously royal blue drink I'm calling Forever Royal! Super tasty and perfect for cheering on our Home Town Team!

Here's What You'll Need:
 Blue Curacao; Lemon Vodka, 7UP, and Lemon Wedges for Garnish

Add plenty of ice to your favorite high ball and one and a half shots of the blue cucacao. I use BOLS Blue. I LOVE this color!

Next up, add two shots of lemon vodka. I'm using Deep Eddy for the tartness. It really cuts the sweetness and you need that with this drink.

Add as much, or as little, 7UP as you would like. It's all according to taste. Add a lemon wedge for a little extra flavor and garnish. Just look at the effervescence!

One last stir and it's time to taste!

So good! A little sweet. A little tart. And a whole lot of a royalty in this glass! I totally think it should be the official drink of the Kansas City Royals! Do you hear that Kauffman Stadium? 

A toast to our KC Royals and their amazing season! Can't wait to see you back on our home field on Friday!

As they say here in KC, Take the Crown!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Me and SJP

My mom and I are big antique shoppers and recently we've have added estate sales to the mix. McKinley enjoys it too. He just hopes there will be trucks for sale and he's been on the receiving end of quite a few! 

On a recent antique shopping spree, my mom and I stumbled on this beauty! So what if it's covered in rust and has chipped paint throughout most of the surface? I knew it would be something gorgeous in the end! And I was right! It took some elbow grease to achieve, but it was totally worth all the work!

I used fine steel wool and scrubbed for hours! After that, I went over it with Clorox wipes and a clean rag.


This is the shelf from inside the cabinet. Yes, it's covered in rust and what I assume are paint can rings. This took some work!

I covered all the areas I didn't want painted in blue tape. The cabinet top is stainless steel and in excellent condition. The handles are stainless steel as well, but not in as great condition. There was a little rust here and there, but they buffed up nicely.

It was finally time to paint. I used Rust-Oleum in Eden. I wanted to give a nod to the era and Avocado green was the perfect choice. I also used a new tool This is a little nozzle that fits over the sprayer of the paint can and makes your live so much easier! And, I didn't walk around with a green paint finger for days.


And here is the final result! It is the perfect fit in my kitchen and the color is amazing! I am in love!


Now, this isn't what sold me on the piece, I loved it from the minute I spotted it, but there was a little sign was attached to the cabinet. It showed that Sarah Jessica Parker has the exact same cabinet in her bathroom! That's right, SJP and I have the same piece in our house. I love mine more, but they are equally beautiful. 

What do you think? To me, it's a little treasure! And it totally fits my interior style. Can't wait to see what my next piece might be! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

At It Again....

Denim Jacket: Levi's; Tee: Kauffamn Stadium Gift Shop; Pants: J.Crew; Sneakers: Converse;
Handbag: J.Crew
The Royals keep on winning so I'm at it again with the cute baseball support look! It's definitely a challenge but one I'm loving! I just hope they can keep on winning! I love October baseball! 

This is a super easy way to phase out jeans! I love my boyfriend jeans, as you know, but it was time to try something new. I really like how the olive green pants play off the blues and whites. Keeps it fall without feeling heavy! And a denim jacket is always a great addition!

The Pants: Before and After


I have a little twist coming to the blog with my Royals flair! This one is going to be tricky.....

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Let's Go Royals

Top: Piperlime; Skirt: Piperlime; Heels: ShoeDazzle; Handbag: Vintage Gucci;
Necklace: Banana Republic; Bracelets: J.Crew/David Yurman (gifts);
 Lip Color: MAC Ruby Woo

What can I say about Monday? Well, I ran myself ragged all morning and afternoon with trips to the grocery store, drop off/pick up from school, and a trip to Costco. Then it was over to my mom's, with McKinley in tow of course, to watch the rest of the Royals Game Four of the playoffs. What a gut wrenching game! We pulled out the win with a huge comeback and I was a nervous wreck by the time the last out came around. God I love my Royals!!  

After that, it was quick change into something cute for a new endeavor. (More on that later.) I wanted to stay in my blues for my hometown team, but didn't want to wear my t-shirt and jeans combo that I had sported all day! Instead, I reached for my faux leather navy skirt, cute striped crop-top, and add yet another vintage Gucci bag to complete the look.

Styling Tip: I want to talk about navy. Navy is so hard to match! Unless it came together, don't try to match. Instead, go with something that has blue in it, like my top. White stripes help break up the navy on navy so you can't tell that they don't really match.

The Skirt: Before and After


Styling Tip Cont: And don't ever try to match your shoes. This grayish pair is perfect! Don't have gray? No worries. Pair the look with black.

If you're here in KC, and a loyal Royals fan, what have you been doing to combat the casual royal blue look? I've loved the challenge and so hope our boys keep the momentum going!

 Let's Go Royals!!

PS....We're moving on to the ALCS! I love my boys in blue!!