Friday, July 29, 2011

Lemon Drop

Top: Ann Taylor; Sweater: Target; Jeans: Joe's Jeans via Anthropologie
Shoes: RAZ gift; Ring: Tori Spelling Jewelry via HSN; Belt: My Mom's

Doesn't a lemon drop sound good? It's Friday and you know what that means...jeans day!!! All week I've been putting my outfits together the night before to make things easier for the next morning and I've really enjoyed exploring my closet. Usually, I'm scrambling to put something together that morning and I'm not wearing everything I own. I'm still not quite there, but I'm getting better!

I paired navy and yellow earlier this spring (seen here). I love the color combo. Yellow is such a cheery color! Maybe I should have saved this look for a Monday since everyone is pretty cheery on a Friday! The top, at this point, cannot be worn alone because it makes my chest look enormous! That little McKinley has ruined my bust line, for now! Anyway, I knew I needed to layer with a sweater and I originally planned to wear a navy cardigan until I remembered this one sitting on the kitchen table! I know, who needs a cardigan in this heat, but the office is freezing! I'm an icicle by 9:00!

I purchased this little yellow cardigan for a skirt that my mom is going to make me. I can't wait to introduce it. I might take a pic of the fabric and pattern as a teaser! Anyway, I didn't own a yellow cardigan and it took me forever to find one! I can never find what I'm looking for when I have it envisioned in my mind. I need to take a pattern making class and a class on how to use my fancy sewing machine so I can just whip up my creations! Next career path, Andrea the seamstress!

Does anyone who grew up in the 80s remember these belts? You bought these strips of faux leather in a rainbow of colors and the belt clips came in all different designs. Well, my mom kept hers! I couldn't believe it. She only has the navy leather and the lady bug clips but still! This is truly vintage! Now, if we could find her wide, cream leather belt and my aunts tortious shell watch....

This is a new ring that was just added to my Tori Spelling jewelry collection. I love it!! The story behind the ring is so sweet too. Her dad used to wear a gold nugget ring every single day so she wanted to make something that replicated his. Of course I'm sure his wasn't this big and was made of real gold, but the sentiment is what makes the ring. I just love the chunkiness!

I took a picture of these shoes (seen here) several months ago but you couldn't really see the detail. Broad daylight really helps! Just like my clothing, I'm trying to wear all the shoes in my closet. I paid for them, right? Why should they just sit in boxes or hang in shoe bags because I have so many and forget what I have, right? Maybe I've admitted too much about my shoe fettish...

I am so happy that it's Friday! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I know I will! Lot's planned and a cute outfit will be worn on Sunday! Photos to come...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Color Block Attempt

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft; Belt: Anthropologie; Shoes: Nine West
Handbag: Kate Spade via Nordstrom; Jewelry: Silpada

I am still trying to figure out how to color block, and since I'm finding it to be a little difficult, I'm taking baby steps! If you want a master class, check out Kendi Everyday or What I Wore. These gals get it right every time!

I purchased this dress over the spring, while still pregnant with McKinley, so I guessed that a medium would fit. It does and I love that its a tad roomy! WOOT! With that being said, that's how this color block attempt came to light. Because there was some room to play with (I didn't like looking thicker than I really am) I decided to belt the dress. At first I tried a thin metalic belt but I felt it was too thin. I needed something with a little more width. Unsure of how the coral would look with the peach and gray, I decided to give it a try. As you can see, I liked the result. The coral is just a darker version of the peach, which is what color blocking is all about, so I moved on.

The shoe choice was a little trickier. I don't have coral or peach shoes, but even if I did, I didn't want to look too matchy. With the cream stripe throughout the dress, I reached for several cream shoes and landed on these. I like the matte leather, versus the patent leather nudes I own, and it continues that color block. Plus, the cute patent handbag was all the shine I needed.

I love the neckline on this dress. The asymetrical cut, draped neck and gathered shoulder add such amazing detail.

Again, my attempt at color blocking was somewhat a simple approach, but I am going to work on it and really master the look. Do you like the trend? It is something you will try for the fall?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Shot

Last night was seriously a scene right out of a movie or sitcom! You can't write this stuff! Okay, maybe you can since it was straight out of a movie or sitcom. Anyway, McKinley was taking his mid evening bottle and had finished about two ounces. Because we are overly cautious new parents, we generally try to burb him after every two or three ounces. Upon completion of his burp, Joel tried to give the bottle back, but McKinley wasn't having it. He just pushed it around with his tongue, a sheer indicator that he done. Seriously kid, its been over four hours and usually you are ravinous! I suggested to Joel that maybe he needed a diaper change to calm him down and then we could try again. Get out your popcorn because this is where the movie starts.

It is now around 7:00 and that is generally pj time. So, up the stairs we all went. Joel was in charge of the diaper change while I searched for pajama's that actually fit. Everything was going smoothly until we smelled something a little funky coming from the little guys bottom. No wonder he wasn't interested in eating, he was trying to poop! So, Joel removed the soiled diaper only to find that McKinley wasn't finished. No problem, just wipe up what's there and hold up the feet. What took place next was priceless!

As I was digging through the pajama drawer, I hear an airy toot coming from the behind of McKinley and the next thing I hear is "Is there poop on my ear?" That's right people, McKinley pushed so hard with the toot that poop literally shot out and a TINY particle wound up on Joel's ear! Not only was it on his ear, it was on the bedroom door and all over the wall! Not huge shards of poop, just tiny little spots! EVERYWHERE! I can't tell you how many times we pulled out wet wipes to wipe down more places on the wall and door. McKinley has a powerful push!

As this was all taking place, I recalled an episode of Sex and the City where Miranda wiped Brady's poop across her forehead and a scene out of Life As We Know It where Kathereine Heighl's character also had poop on her face. Again, you can't write this stuff in real life! Joel and I laughed about for the next hour or so. I'm pretty sure I laughed longer. Joel on the other hand took a shower almost immediately! As for McKinley, well he finished his bottle and then took another one two hours laters! He was a hungry man after that enormous load he dropped. As for the new pj's, look how adorable he was last night!! That's one happy camper!

Studio 54 or Palm Springs

Jumpsuit: Liberty of London via Target; Shoes: D&G via Marshalls;
Top Bangle: Banana Republic; Two Remaining Bangles: Silpada
Earrings: Silpada

The temps are expected to reach 104 today and that's without the heat index! Because of that, I had to wear the most breezy outfit I could find. This totally fit the bill! The billowy pants, the spaghetti string top, the airyness of the jumpsuit...this screams "bring on the heat"! Honestly, I don't see myself going to work today. I see myself transported to the 70s and dancing the night away at Studio 54. Or, I could also be hanging pool side at some swangy resort in Palm Springs. Either one would be better than sitting in a cubicle for eight hours!

I wore this jumpsuit last spring on a trip to Las Vegas. Perfect for a night out on the strip. Actually, we saw Cirque Love at the Mirage and then walked the strip back to our hotel. As you can see, I made some great friends! I think we all got the jumpsuit memo!

I love the HUGE floral motif! They remind of those black and white drawings we had as a kid and you colored with the markers provided. Remember those? Anyway, gotta love huge floral pants that could fit another person. No need to suck in that tummy today!!

I'm not sure how long the bangles will last, but I had to go for it. This outfit cried out for some chunky accessories and I wasn't going to deny it some flair. You would think my wrist weighed 10 pounds, but to be honest, I hardly feel the weight. I just love the sound they make when they clank together. I'm sure the others around me don't feel quite the same way. (Note that I'm only wearing bracelets? No need to add rings. Keep the focus on the wrist!)

Love these shoes and what a find! I got them several years ago while randomly shopping at Marshall's. Who would have thought that Marcshall's would have one pair of D&G shoes, in my size, just sitting on the shelf? I know I wouldn't have, and because of that, they made their way to the cash register. You can't see it very well, but the soles of the shoe are mirrored. See, I have my very own mirror ball for some Studio 54 dancing later! I don't wear them very often and I'm not sure why. I guess today was their lucky day!

I had to show you a Simplicity pattern from the 70s. I love that we continue to pay homage to these eras! And justifiably so! I may be a product of the 80s, but I will always hold 70s fashion near and dear to my heart!

Would you ever be caught dead in this look? As soon as I saw it hanging on the rack I knew it had to be mine! I feel very Kourtney Kardashian today. Maybe it's the pulled back hair. Sure wish I had her millions!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black and White and Silver

Dress: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom;
All Jewelry: Silpada

Again with the heat! Tomorrow is supposed to be even worse so I haven't a clue what I will wear! What I love about this dress is that it would look adorable with a pair of flip flops, my Fedora and shades! A perfect outfit for walking around the Plaza on the weekends, grabbing pizza with friends on a Saturday night or sitting on a patio drinking beer! All of the above sound amazing right now!

You could add color to this look but why? I love that it's all black and white with silver accessories. Even my shoes have silver studs! I thought about layering up the necklaces again this morning but thought I should give that look a rest. The long link necklace is perfectly insync with the minimaliness of the dress. Silpada decided to retire this thin bangle so I bought two more before they were gone! I could buy two more and have a set of five. How fabulous would that look? If not, I will borrow my mom's. She won't mind, right? 

At first I thought you hadn't seen these shoes and then I recalled the Celebrity Look from last summer. I love these shoes and will probably never part with them. They are just a perfect black shoe. I could say that I don't need another black shoe in my closet but the other 15 pair might get jealous. Instead, I will simply say that they are a great go-to for dresses, skirts, pants and jeans! And, because they are peep toe, I couldn't possibly wear them in the winter! I feel better now and justified with the others in my closet!

I'm not terribly fond of this photo. I was trying to capture the asymetrical cut of the hem. The sides are actually longer than the front and back. You really can't see it, but I thought I would post anyway. What I can talk about in this photo is the use/wearing of SPANX. Ladies, if you haven't invested in a pair, this is yet another undergarment you MUST have in your unmentionables drawer! How else would you explain the flat stomach almost four months after having a baby? It isn't genetics, dieting or working out! It's SPANX!

A Hint of 80s

Dress: Calvin Klein via Rue La La; Shoes: Guess via DSW;
All Jewelry: Silpada

Although I'm trying new things with my wardrobe, I still like to refer back to my classics. Everyone needs to try and break up the mononity, but at the same time, you should wear what you love! I love a sheath dress and I wore this last season. Apparently, I didn't blog about the look so I will tell you how I paired it. I wore my fuchia Jimmy Choo pumps and layered three different necklaces of silver and CZ stones. This time around, I tried to be a little more funky in my accessories without taking away from this specific look.

This necklace is one of my favorites! I love the chunkiness, the multi-layers and the blend of mixed materials. This is the type of piece that can be paired with dressy and casual looks. Actually, my mom has a friend who has worn hers with a bathing suit while cleaning her pool! True story!! See, you can take accessories in so many different directions! Actually, this would be darling with a coverup pool side with a cocktail in hand! 

These shoes are the hint of 80s I was referring to with my post title. So fun!! (Emily Burns, I immediately thought of you!) Don't you remember pairing neons as your color block? I sure do! I had a faux leather snap together belt in orange, lime green and bright yellow that slung low on the hip. LOVED IT!!! So wish I had held onto things like that. Everything old is truly new again. Also, the nude body of the shoe allows me to pair them with just about anything.

Ladies, remember when I talked about my unmentionables? Well, I'm wearing them under this dress and there isn't a hint of a VPL! These panties are sheer genius! Honestly, check them out! So comfy and truly seamless! Best of both worlds!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Romping Around - Take Three

Romper: Old Navy; Tank: Ann Taylor Loft;
 Shoes: SE Boutique via DSW;
Rings: House of Harlow via Gilt; Hat: Target

Are you tired of seeing the romper yet? I told you I would wear it a lot! I'm pretty sure that in three wearings I've gotten my moneys worth. Remember, it was only $20! Great investment piece!! See the previous two looks here and here.

You can't tell it in the photo but this time I paired the romper with a cream tank. I wanted a super neutral look because the hat was my statement piece. I struggled with my shoes because I really wanted to wear the Seychelle sandals I wore the first time, but I really wanted to mix things up and wear shoes that are in my wardrobe. I need to stop relying on the same shoes all the time!  

I blogged about these shoes in the spring. They were one of several that I was debating on purchasing. I actually got them from the Easter Bunny, aka my mom. They are a nice break from my stilettos and quite comfy. The straps and laces don't cut into your foot, like you would think, and your toes can breathe! Plus, they're trendy!

I love my new stack rings! These are just two of the five that came as a set. There are two gold, one rose gold and two silver. I could never wear them all stacked together so you will see them in different variations from time to time. I love how they give off a 70s vibe with the design and because there are two different hues of gold! I'm really getting back into gold and I honestly never thought I would.  

As you know, I love hats and this cloche style is so vintage!! I was afraid I had lost or given it away when I couldn't find it earlier this year. Turns out it was in storage with all my spring/summer clothing. I just love the 40s feel! Also, can you see McKinley's sweet little head off my shoulder?

There are about a million different things going on with this look, but I think they all marry well together, don't you? Is there one look you prefer over the other? Would you wear any of these trends or all of them? Would love to hear your feedback!

Maxed Out

Dress: Tart via Rue La La; Handbag: Banana Republic;
Shoes: Seychelles via Habitat Shoe Boutique; Hat: Arden B;
 CZ Necklace: Ann Taylor; Initial Necklace: Lord & Taylor; Bracelet: Target

Friday was super hot, which isn't really different than any other day right now, so to combat the heat I went for a comfy airy dress! I purchased this over the winter, while pregnant with McKinley, so I only hoped it would fit come summer. I am so glad it did! After being cooped up in the car for two days straight, we decided to get a little exercise by doing one of my favorite things...walking the mall! We had lunch and afterward I window shopped and physically shopped. Joel even got something this time around! It was nice to just be out and about.

Things I love about this dress: 1) It is so roomy! Perfect for hiding post pregnancy weight and even more perfect for allowing my body to breathe in this heat. 2) The sweet braided details. There is a small braid along the top of the dress and the photo below shows the tiny belt that wrapped around several times and I then tied in the back. 3) The fun, tropical design. No need to head to the tropics. I feel like I'm there with the palm leaf design.

The jewelry I added is all over the place and I love that! First off, gold made the most sense with the colors in the dress. Second, I felt like the "M" just wasn't enough and while searching for another piece to add, I found this little CZ necklace. Again, this a super long chain that I've doubled. I really like how it creates almost a three piece look with only two necklaces. So many ways to play with your jewelry.

As for the bracelet, leather wrap-around pieces are so big right now! You can spend a small fortune on actual leather or go the cheap route with faux leather from Target! The studs are fun and keeps the look low key even though I'm sporting bling around the neck. It's a nice checks and balance look. As for the bracelet, they have tons of different styles to chose from. I could have purchased all of them but refrained. With it being a trend, don't spend a lot of money! 

I just wanted to show those awesome Seychelle sandals again! I swear, best investment ever!! 

Do you recognize the handbag? I blogged about it back in April and now it's mine! Actually, I've owned it for a while, but it was hard to sport a diaper bag and handbag at the same time! Now that I'm only carrying one at a time I decided it would be perfect with this dress. I was right!

Do you own a maxi dress? If not, why? Again, just a simple piece to add to your wardrobe! Perfect for the summer and they can be dressed up or down! And, they are all the rage right now! I lost track of how many ladies I saw wearing similar looks! A definite summer must have!

Romping Around - Take Two

Romper: Old Navy; Tank: Ann Taylor Loft;
Shoes: Tori Burch via Nordstrom;
Necklaces: Silpada

I wasn't really able to document my clothing while on vacation last week. There were so many things going on, needing to be places by a certain time and all of this revolving around McKinley's schedule. But, I wanted to capture how I changed up the romper from last time. I told you before that this would be a piece I would sport all summer long. With the blazing temps, this is a breezy go-to piece!

This time I paired it with a navy blue tank and red sandals. I wanted to add color with my shoes, and because I only took three pairs with me, I had to plan accordingly! (Tina, if you're reading this, aren't you impressed?) And, I don't think the look went to patriotic, do you? I did take along a white sweater, in case I needed it, but thankfully the temps were warm!

I added a little sparkle with my jewels. Since the romper is so casual, I thought adding crystals would jazz things up a bit. I doubled the longer necklace and added the medium length. I'm really into layering my necklaces right now. Normally, I leave the longer version as is and add the shorter one for a three piece look but I didn't pack it. I really like the doubled up look though. It makes it look like a two in one chain.

Right now, with the heat, I'm playing with minimal pieces to create my weekend looks. Again, the romper is so simple! If you haven't invested in one, what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Denim and Lace

Top: Lauren by Ralph Lauren via Macy's; Skirt: Ann Taylor;
Belt: Anthropologie; Shoes: Jimmy Choo gift; Necklace: Lord & Taylor;
Thin Bangle Bracelets: Ralph Lauren via Macy's; Coin Bracelet: My Mom's

Have you ever put on an outfit and squealed with delight? Well I did that this morning when this little ensemble came together. My personal style goal this year is to really experiment with the clothing in my closet and pair items together that I wouldn't normally wear as a look. This is one of them! Normally, I would pair the top with khaki boyfriend pants or my white cargo capris. I would never think to pair it with a lace mini. As for the mini, I wouldn't normally wear one!

My inspiration for the look came from the sequin mini and denim top look that was all over the fashion mags last winter. I couldn't wear the look then, but I thought why not try it with the summer trend, a lace skirt. I really do like the look! I had difficulty with the belt and shoes. I tried my peach toned belt seen here but just didn't like the color block I created. My nude belt didn't provide enough color. My husband suggested the wide brown belt and he was right. Thanks Joel!

The shoes took some time. I tried on four different pairs before I committed to these. I started with a cream peep toe pump that were entirely too conservative. I then tried a cream leather t-strap that just didn't go at all. My brown wedges were too casual and my taupe slingbacks were too dark in tone. These nude peep toes were just right. Do you like my nail color? I wanted something new and a little neutral for my trip this week so I went with teal. It's OPI's Ski Teal We Drop. I like it!

Here is the "M" pendant I blogged about yesterday. LOVE IT!! The bright gold isn't something I wear often, actually I haven't really worn it since the 80s, but it's making a come back in my wardrobe. In case you can't figure it out, the M is for McKinley!

Now that you know about my personal style goal, what are you willing to do to make a change in yours? Do you feel like you always pair the same pieces to create the same look day in and day out? If so, pull magazine looks that you think aren't you but could pull off. Sit at a sidewalk cafe and watch for looks that catch your eye. I love doing that! My mom and I will sit on the sidewalk of Classic Cup on the Plaza and look for dos, not don'ts! Make a style promise to yourself and let me know what changes you are looking to make!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Road Again

That's right! The Krasnow clan is hitting the road again only this time we are taking a 15 hour car ride to Virginia! What's in Virginia you ask? My family, that's who! We are loading up McKinley and dragging his little coffee bean butt to visit all his kinfolk! Now, the age old question for me is, what am I going to pack?

McKinley is taken care of. We're packing ALL of clothes and then some! You have to be prepared for him to either pee on it or spit up on it and you can't wash clothes in a hotel bathroom sink! He will be adorable now matter what. As for me, it's hard work keeping up this fashion thing and it's even harder when you're 15 hours away from you closet! I've been told I need to scale back on exactly how much I pack because we don't have the room. What is a girl to do? We're leaving on Thursday and won't be back until the following Friday! That's eight days without my closet!!! With that being said, I think I know what I might bring along.

We'll be in the car for the first and last two days of the trip. I don't have to be that stylish in the car, right? Wrong! On the first Friday of our trip, we will be hitting Virginia just as all the other relatives are getting in so I have to look cute for them! I plan to wear my boyfriend jeans in the car both days (actually all four with wearing them on the trip back) because I freeze in the air conditioned car! Saturday is game day with the family. We are all meeting at my great aunts house with rousing games of "Corn Hole", badminton and croquet to follow. A BBQ is planned for that evening so nothing to dressy is on the agenda. All I really need is something that moves because I'm competitive when it comes to Game Day!

Sunday is my mom's family reunion. Technically speaking it's my family too, but let's be honest. Aside from my parents, my grandmother, my two aunts, two uncles and two cousins I won't know anyone else! I'm just there to show off the real reason for attending, McKinley! However, since it is a family reunion, I'll dress a little nicer. I have two summer dresses planned for the occasion. The one I don't wear one on Sunday will be the one I wear on Monday when my grandmother (my dad's mom) comes to visit. I'm packing a third dress in case we "go visitin'" others as well. With this being our old stomping grounds, there are lots of people to catch up with and hopefully, they all come to us for a change!

Here is my guideline so far:

Thursday (7/14):
Boyfriend Jeans
White Tank
Black Cardigan
Black Tory Burch flip flops

Friday (7/15)
Boyfriend Jeans
Anthropologie Criss-Cross Top
Seychelle Bronze Sandals

Saturday (7/16)
Chambray Romper
Navy Tank
Red Tory Burch Sandals
Denim Shorts
Cousin Reunion T-Shirt (My dad made everyone a t-shirt for Saturday)
Converse tennis shoes

Sunday (7/17)
Pink/Gray/Black Print Sundress
Black Tory Burch flip flops
Nautical Print Red/White/Navy Dress
Red Tory Burch sandals

Monday (7/18)
Either of the dresses not worn on Sunday
Orange/White Striped Cotton Sundress
Seychelles Bronze Sandals

For Tuesday and Wednesday, it all depends on if we are still in town or on the road. Either way, it's boyfriend jeans and casual tops from here on out! This is literally how I pack for every trip. I know the tentative itinerary, write out a list of all the outfits I want to take, how to style them and I even go so far as to add the exact pieces of jewelry I will wear. It may sound ridiculous, but I don't forget things that I want to take, I generally don't over pack and I don't get to said destination and not have everything I need. Is that OCD?

Do you make a list of things you pack? Do you go into such detail as above to ensure you take the things you know you'll want/need? I hope it's not just me! Here's hoping I'm taking all the right things! Photos to come of our trip. Documentation is key!

What's in a Name?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with the Twilight Saga. I've read all the books twice, and with the exception of Twilight, have been to the midnight viewings of New Moon and Eclipse. I recently saw a preview for Breaking Dawn Part One and I got cold chills! I can't wait for the release! Not sure if I will make the midnight showing, but I made my husband promise to take me for my birthday! (The movie opens in November which just happens to be the month of my birth.)

Because I am so obsessed with the franchise I've collected some memorablia along the way. I've begged Joel to get me the life size cut out of Edward, but so far no dice! Anyway, if you were to walk into my office cube you would find the following:

With that being said, I guess I shouldn't be shocked that after hearing we had named our son McKinley Edward Krasnow, most people immediatly thought I named my child after the character Edward Cullen! Honestly, why would I ever think to name my child after a character? Again, I love the books, the movies and Edward (plus Robert Pattison is #2 on my laminated card) but still! How would I ever explain that to McKinley? "You see, son, I was obsessed with these books before you were born and because I loved the character of Edward so much I decided to name you after him." Silly!

McKinley was instead named after his father, Joel Edward Krasnow. I love that I can say I have my very own Edward, even though Joel isn't a vampire. He does sleep with his eyes open sometimes.... Something to ponder! Anyway, as we were driving to the hospital that morning, I told Joel that we had never really solidified a middle name for a boy. (We didn't find out the sex of the baby.) I threw out three options: McKinley Lawson Krasnow after my maiden name, McKinley Richard Krasnow after my dad and McKinley Edward Krasnow. Joel has always said that he hates his middle name so when I originally suggested Edward he said no. I'm not sure what changed his mind that morning, but of the three he said that he would like to name him Edward. And I agreed. I really wanted him to have part of his father's name. Family names, to me, are so important!

So that's the story of how McKinley Edward got his name. I do chuckle at times when I think about naming him after a fictional character, which many people to do, but not a vampire from books that are truly aimed at teens. Now, if it were a girl....

As a side note, I would like to add that McKinley is also family name. We named him after my great grandfather on my dad's side, not the president or the high school from the television show Glee! I do have some original ideas!