Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Does One Wear?

White Tee: Banana Republic; Pink Tank: Frankie and Jules;
Jeans: Banana Republic; Thongs: Banana Republic;
Fedora: Arden B; Sunglassas: Prada via Macy's

What does one wear when you need to run errands, clean house and you have a friend stopping by? The most comfortable yet psuedo cute thing you can find, right? I didn't get a shower in, however, I did shave my legs, wash my face and brush my teeth! At least I did that. I know, over share!!

While thinking about my outfit, I knew I wanted to wear my "ratty" boyfriend jeans.( Yes, I paid big money for all those holes!) They are super comfortable and allow me to move around easily. Since I didn't know what to pair with them, I dug through my t-shirt drawer and found this cute hoodie tee. I purchased this last summer and rarely wore it. It is very see-thru and needs a light layer underneath. Hence the pink tank that I purchased last summer. Because it fell through the back of my chest of drawers, I found it underneath said piece of furniture this fall, I wasn't able to wear it. Thank goodness we were forced to move furniture when painting our bedroom!

What I love about both pieces is how thin and airy they are. Perfect for the hot summer approaching the Midwest! The material is referred to as burnout. Defined in the fashion industry, it is fabric with a pattern known as devore. Crafters call burnout patterns "fabric etching," because of the technique used to create them. These pieces are super delicate as you can see from the photo below. I actually own several t-shirts of this material all of which are great for summer.  

Who needs a pedicure? I do! I do!! I just wanted to show you the very neutral flip flop I paired with the look. These are a metalic, bronze leather thong that I live in! The color is perfect for almost all casual looks and looks great worn with dresses as well. Last summer I paired these with a blush cotton dress and metalic thin belt for a trip to the Plaza. See, I don't always wear stilettos!

I wanted you to see the cute hoodie portion of the tee. I don't actually use it, but it makes for a cute detail. Speaking of detail, thank goodness for the Fedora investment! This is how you run errands and disguise the fact that you didn't wash your hair!! Throw hair up in a fun pony, add hat and go. Also, the sunglasses are a great cover-up for no makeup. Just add gloss and no one will know. Well, the friend that stopped by will. You can't really get away with sunglasses in doors, unless your Michael Kors!

Monday, June 27, 2011


McKinley Edward Krasnow

This is McKinley, my inspiration behind the blog. He is our one and only and we waited almost eight years to start this little family. Boy, was he worth the wait! McKinley came into our lives on Wednesday April 6th, 2011 and has been an absolute joy. Everyone tells you it is a love like no other but you can never understand it until it actually happens to you. Other than my husband, he is the love of my life!

I am on my final week of maternity leave and it is killing me to have to leave him starting next Tuesday. I know he will be in excellent hands, as my parents will be his full-time sitters, but it is so hard to think that someone else will be raising him in my absence. During his 3:00 A.M. bottle this morning, I found myself crying at the thought of leaving him and I asked him if he would remember me at the end of each day. He looked at me through tired eyes, as he sucked away on his formula, and I can only imagine he was saying "but of course". 

That's when I decided to start this journal about my time with him, and Joel's too, so that I feel like I'm not losing eight hours a day without him. Instead, I can recall all my time spent with him, the accomplishments he's made with our assistance, the adventures we've been on or will create over time as we continue on this incredible journey called parenthood! I hope you follow along with us.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unmentionables...For Ladies Only

I never talk about my own person unmentionables because really, who wants to know that kind of stuff! I'm honestly a no frills kind of girl when it comes to bras and panties. My color combos consist of black and nude. For me, those are really the only colors you need in your collection. And the only time my bra and undies match is when I happen to have on both black. Exciting, huh?

Well, I was at Target the other day and found the newest pantie to make its way into my unmentionables drawer. Again, it is a no frills style, but they are the best fitting pair of undies I've worn in a very long time! My requirements are very easy. One, it needs to be a bikini and two, it needs to be comfortable! Both accomplished! As readers, I'm not sure what your requirements are, but I had to share the wealth with all of you.

The brand is Gillian & O'Malley and it's their seamless basic bikini. It comes in a two pack for $9.99 and they offer several color combos. I, of course, purchased black to test the style first and I am hooked! They have officially replaced the Body by Victoria brand I used to purchase from Victoria's Secret. And, it's lighter on the wallet!!

As you know, I am a firm believer in wearing thongs! There is nothing worse than a VPL! It can ruin even the chicest of ensembles. In my research, the closest I can find to a seamless thong is the Gillian & O'Malley Modal version. They offer a three pack at $9.99, another wallet friendly option I'm willing to explore.

If you have been in the market for a new brand of undies that are comfortable and affordable, honestly you should check these out. If you aren't a bikini wearer, they do offer a brief. See, something for everyone. Thank goodness for Target!

Trapeze Artist


Top: French Connection via Rue La La; Tank: Ann Taylor Loft;
 Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft;
Shoes: Tori Burch; Necklace: Silpada

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like the look of a trapeze top on me, but it turns out I do!! First of all, it's so comfortable. Second of all, it hides my flaws. And thirdly, it's so comfortable. Wait, I already said that. Well, you get the point. I paired the top with a contrasting light gray tank. I wasn't sure if the neckline would be too low, but it turns out the arm holes are a little big, so the tank worked out perfectly. And I love how the light gray compliments the almost lavendar stripe. This will be a great top come fall as well. I love a multi-functional piece!

Unlike the Kardashian gals, I wore jeans versus leggings. (Let's be honest, this top is not long enough to hide ANYTHING when wearing leggings!) And in case you're wondering, no I am not wearing the same jeans three days in a row, though I did think about it! I actually tried on some other jeans in my closet and I did indeed find another pair of my own jeans that fit! It's a miracle I'm willing to keep testing.

I decided to keep my shoe very simple. The length of the jean didn't really lend itself to an ankle strap style shoe. I could have gotten away with a wedge, but I didn't have one in black. (I know what you're thinking. Andrea didn't have a black wedge?) Instead, I opted for a basic flip flop. Plus, we were going shoe shopping that afternoon and you never want to have a fussy shoe to mess with on such an occassion!

At the last minute I added the long chain necklace. I felt like the whole look needed a little something extra and a delicate necklace just wouldn't do the trick. I long, fun pendant would have had the same effect so I guess I need to go shopping! And I know just the place. Forever 21 has great jewelry that's super affordable.

What fashion trend have you purchased that you weren't sure would work for you but did? I love when I find something that proves me wrong!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Talk Show Host Crusade

I have been telling my husband for years that I would make an excellent talk show host and I am more convinced than ever that it's true! I'm pretty sure I could hold my own with Regis Philbin when Kelly Ripa is on vacation from Live with Regis and Kelly and I know I would fit in perfectly at the round table on The Talk! I have the gift of nonsense gab! I would never fit in with the gals on The View because they get too political for my taste. And, who needs all the drama that comes with that crew!

So, I'm thinking we need to start a letter writing campaign, and possibly a video campaign as well, letting the networks and the hosts themselves know that they should take a look at a nobody when they need a fill-in!

Who's with me?? And, I don't need a stylist! I could bring my own wardrobe from Kansas. Let's get this started and let's start it soon!!!

Second Time Around

Top: Forever 21; Tank: Target; Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft; 
Shoes: Seychelles via Habitat Shoe Boutique; Ring: Tiffany 

What a glorious day! The morning temps were in the upper 70s and I took advantage of the perfect weather by loading up McKinley and hitting one of our numerous outdoor shopping centers. Guess what? I am wearing those size eight jeans again today!! That was a no brainer when getting dressed this morning. As for the top, I had several ideas in mind, and this sweet, floral top won. I have had this piece for about three years now and I still love it. The delicate material that floats around me, the watercolor effect of the floral design and the bow tie neck are just some of the reasons I can't part with it!

 I've worn it more times that I can count, but I do have a photo of when I wore it to NY in 2009. On that particular day, I paired it with my Banana Republic straight jeans and black Tori Burch patent leather flip flops. What I love most about this photo is that we had just had Magnolia cupcakes at one my favorite parks in the city!

Okay, back to the outfit at hand. These are another new pair of shoes purchased from Habitat. I love the delicate design and the neutral two-tone color. This is the third time I've worn them, photos were never captured with the other two ensembles, but trust me when I say they were a great compliment! One positive thing about never capturing photos is that I can wear the outfits again and you won't know it! And again, I can't say enough about the comfort! I told my mom today that they were like walking on clouds.

Is there something in your wardrobe that you love so much you just can't seem to part with it? 

Eight is Great

Top: J.Crew; Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft; Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft;
Shoes: Camper via Habitat Shoe Boutique; All Jewelry: Silpada

Yesterday was a great day! My son met me with a huge smile from his crib, I had lunch with one of my girlfriends and I finally fit in a pair of size eight jeans!!!! They were my own jeans not ones I had to buy because I didn't have any in my closet that fit post baby! I may live in these jeans because I don't want to tempt fate by trying on other size eights that may or may not fit.

Because I was celebrating this new found size, I decided to jazz up those jeans with one of my favorite tops from last season. The collar is what drew me to the top and rightfully so. I blogged about Elizabethan fashion over the winter and this fits into that same catagory. Again, loving designers who give a nod to eras of the past.

 In addition to the amazing collar, I love the polk-a-dots! Because the temps have been cool in the morning and warmer by mid day, I decided to pair the sleevless top with a navy cardigan.What you don't see on the cardigan are the darling little buttons on the sleeve. Again, that little attention to detail!

Because the top was busy and the shoes were bright, I needed to keep my accessories subtle. I opted for my lucite and silver bracelet, silver and crystal earrings and a CZ ring. A clean look that still dresses up the outfit.

Now, let's talk about these shoes! My mom purchased these for me a couple of weeks ago at Habitat Shoe Boutique. I love the sunny yellow leather and contrasting pale gray sole and heel. This is a new designer for me and I am sold! They are very comfortable. I walked around all day, never stopping to take them off, which is a true testament to comfort! And besides, I love the look of navy and yellow! I was cheerful all day!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

People Style Watch Personal Style Quiz

In July's issue of People Style Watch there is a Personal Style Guide supplement and the first page offers a style quiz. I thought I would pass the quiz along to you to see if it helps you decipher your personal style. I highlighted my answers and provided examples. 

1) The celeb whose style you most relate to is...
a) Reese Witherspoon
b) Jennifer Lopez
c) Rachel Bilson
d) Zoe Saldana
e) Taylor Swift
f) Jennifer Aniston

              2) For a night out you'd pick...
                       a) Dinner at your fave neighborhood restaurant
                        b) Fancy drinks at the new hot spot
                         c) Seeing an up-and-coming band
                          d) A gourmet meal at the place everyone's talking about
                           e) Fun drinks at a wine bar
                             f) Pizza and a movie
3) The nail polish you like best is...            
a) The perfect red                             
            b) Deep, rich purple                        
c) An unexpected shade like          
light green or blue                      
d) Nude or sheer                        
   e) Pink                                     
 f) None at all                          

Lincoln Park After Dark                     

4) The bag you most carry is...
a) A structured satchel
b) A special clutch
c) A slouchy bag with
bold hardward
d) The style of the moment
e) The colorful minibag
f) A canvas tote
Milly 'Shiny' Leather Hobo

           5) Your to-to shoes are...
               a) Ballet flats
                b) Strappy stilettos
                 c) Edgy booties
                  d) Peep-toe platforms
                   e) Mary Janes
                    f) Cute sneakers
                             Stuart Weitzman 'Kimbow' Pump      
6) Your fave dress is...
a) A simple sheath
b) Anything that sparkles
c) A drapey style that's sexy
without trying too hard
d) A sophisticated dress with
standouts details or color
e) A sweet ruffled fit-and-
flare style
f) A comfy T-shirt dress
Maggy London Ikat Cotton Sateen Sheath Dress 

Answer Key:
If you chose mostly:
A's...You're a classic. Your style is crisp and timeless! 
B's...You're Glam. Your style is bold and attention getting!
C's...You're Cool. Your style is effortless edgy and of-the-moment!
D's...You're Chic. Your style is sophisticated and refined!
E's...You're Girlie. Your style is pretty and feminine!
F's...You're Casual. Your style is laid-back and easy
If your a Mix (which is what I am) you're a Chameleon.
 You can have fun experimenting with different looks!!       

Photo of People Style Watch via
Photo of Jennifer Aniston via theworldofjoyce
Photo of Blanc Burger via blancburger
Photo of Lincoln Park After Dark via extendedlengths
Photo of Milly handbag via nordstrom
Photo of Stuart Weitzman shoes via nordstrom
Photo of Maggie London dress via nordstrom

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Jacket: Anthropologie; T-Shirt: Target: Boyfriend Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Urban Outfitters: Grey Pearl Necklace: Made by Me;
 Heart/Peace Necklace: Dogearred

Sunday's are typically our laying around in the morning, running to the store in the afternoon and heading to my parents for family dinner night day. On this particular Sunday, not much was different, except it was Tony Award Sunday! We had a couple of friends over to watch and I wanted to look cute but still be comfortable. That can be achieved, you know. You don't have to wear your pajama pants to be comfortable, but you don't have to dress up to look cute. There is a happy medium and I think I created that with this look.

The jacket is actually from a pajama set so I guess I am technically wearing my pajama's. But let's be real. This looks nothing like a pajama top! The sweet bird motif is my favorite part. And it has pockets! I'm a HUGE fan of pockets. I paired it with a long sleeved t-shirt, but it would look cute with a little tank in a pale pink or cream hue.

The woven oxfords were purchased last season and I introduced them early in blog. Oxfords are still a big spring/summer trend so they were an investment at $8! Check out the first look here and guess what, I'm still wearing those boyfriend jeans I purchased last season as well.

When looking for accessories, I stumbled on the grey, freshwater pearl necklace I made a couple of years ago and finally found the heart/peace sign necklace I've been searching every for for months. I really liked the delicate layered look of the necklaces. 

How cute is this little bobby pin I found last week? It's a set of two and I see a DIY project in my future. I'm pretty sure I can replicate this look and not spend $13 in products! It was worth the investment though. I wore them all weekend. Again, just another little detail you can add to complete your look. It "finishes" my updo by adding just a bit of polish. It's little things like this that I think make a statement. 

How would you make a casual Sunday look cute?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Art Deco in 2011

Top: Anthropologie; Jeans: Joe's Jeans via Anthropologie;
Shoes: Steve Madden Luxe via DSW
Belt: Anthropologie

Although I purchased this top in 2009, Art Deco inspired designs are still relevant in 2011. I love that fashion designers draw inspiration from fashion eras of the past. That's exactly what inspired me to start my blog!


This top continues to be one of my favorites. The detailed neckline, the pom-pom accents on the sleeve, the pleats surrounding the bottom all make for a timeless item. What you don't see is that the bodice houses an elastic band that creates an empire waist. I've actually never worn the top with the elastic exposed. In all honestly, I've never worn it without this belt! I think I might need to change things up going forward. At this particular moment, I love this top immensely because it hides the muffin top that is taking place! The jeans just fit which is why I will not wear them with anything that isn't flowy! 

What can I say about these shoes? AMAZING! The photo doesn't do them justice. They are actually a deep brown that almost appears a little on the army green side. I also love that Kelly Ripa has them, only hers are in a creamy taupe. I love that a talk show host sports my same shoe! It only shows that I can hang with someone who has a stylist! I guess I don't need one!

Photo on left courtesy of runzwithscissors
Photo on right courtesy of mypassporttostyle

Waist Not, Want Not

Top: Ann Taylor Loft; Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft;
Shoes: Rachel Comey via Anthropologie;
Bracelets: Target

Well, I want my waist back! I have truly enjoyed re-discovering my closet, but what I haven't enjoyed is not being able to wear most of it! I have to keep reminding myself that McKinley is only two months old. It took nine months to put on the weight so why should I think it will take only two to shed? I can't complain though. I only have 10 more pounds to go!

 With that being said, I grabbed this blouse without even looking at the size, as I was spending the day at my mom's and planned to shower and dress there. Because of that, I had to wear what I brought. I don't think the fit is horrible. It's a little more snug than I would have liked, but I like that the ruching creates more of a waist than what I have at this time. If you, like me, are looking to create a waist, shop for a similar style. It really does help. Another way to slim down your look is by adding a dark wash jean. I brought along my dark wash capri's but went with the light wash for a more casual look. I'm thinking I would have preferred the darker color with the stark shirt and darkish shoes.

Because of the ruffles on the blouse, I didn't need a necklace so I relied on earrings and bangles as my only accessories. My shoes were the color concept for the ensemble so I added my fun, orange beaded bangles. When most of your outfit is so neutral you need to add pops of color. Shoes and accessories are ideal.

I love these shoes! Purchased last season by mom, I wore them earlier this year but didn't get a great photo. Because of the orange and navy color block, they are great for both summer and fall. Again, fun shoes like these make the perfect accent when jazzing up your wardrobe!

Hot Summer Night

Top: Anthropologie; Tank: Ann Taylor Loft; Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft;
Shoes: RAZ via Anthropologie;
Coin Bracelet: My Mom's; Bangles: Ralph Lauren

I have been cleaning out my closets like mad over the past couple of weeks only to make room for either new summer things or the items I just pulled out of storage. Guess what? My closets are packed to the brim again. I'm not proud of it, I'm just stating a fact. While making room for new items, I "found" these shoes given to me for Easter. And when I say found, I mean that they were in a gift bag that still had all my Easter gifts in it. I immediately planned my outfit around the shoes.

We were heading out to dinner with my mom and a good friend so I wanted something casual yet a little dressy. The lacy top was as close as I could find to the one I blogged about from K-mart and I paired it with a navy cami. I wanted the navy from the tank to play off of the navy in the shoes. The dark wash capri jeans completed the look.

During a recent shopping trip to Ann Taylor, I contemplated purchasing a coin bracelet I had been eyeing when I remembered a coin bracelet I used to wear of my moms. I immediately put down the one from Ann Taylor and begged my mom to find hers. She did and I love it even more then the chunky one I thought I had to have. The multi-bangles compliment the look well, I think.

As most of you readers know, it has been unseasonably hot here in KS. It's not usually this hot and muggy until at least July. With that being said, I've been wearing my hair up a lot! I get tired of a high ponytail and one placed at the nape of my neck, so I played with bobby pins on this particular day! All you need is a rubber band and five bobby pins to achieve the look. If you don't have curly hair, like myself, add a wave enhancing spray gel to wet hair and scrunch. Then, take the front strand of hair, twist and secure with two pins. Pull your hair back in a loose ponytail and gather hair around the elastic, don't twist, and secure with the remaining pins. I plan to keep experimenting, but will sport this "do" often!

Friday, June 3, 2011

How I Wore It - GO International Libertine

Dress: Libertine via Target; Belt: ??; Shoes: Lovely People via Habitat Shoe Boutique;
Necklace: Adina Reyter via Shop Beautiful; Sunglasses: Prada via Macy's

Back in March I blogged about three pieces I purchased during Target's limited edition GO International event and how I would style each of the items. Today, I wore the kelly green and navy blue striped Libertine dress, but styled it a little differently. I still added my metallic skinny belt to create definition, but instead of my cognac gladiators seen in photo B, I opted for snake skin sandals that I purchased last spring. (Worn here) I originally tried the Seychelle sandals, seen in photo A, but it took the look in a dressier direction than I wanted to go. What do you think of the look?

Photo A
Photo B

Since this is only the second day of June, there are plenty of other ways I can wear this dress and I plan to experiment all summer. I did find the straw cloche I was looking when originally taking the photos. It was in storage, thank goodness! I was afraid I had given it away! I added a photo from last Memorial Day weekend in which I first wore it. The sweet top was purchased from Anthropologie, another item I can't wait to wear again soon. Thoughts on the hat?


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mane Disguise

Top: Ann Taylor; Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger via Macy's; Shoes: Tori Burch via Nordstrom;
Fedora: Arden B; Necklace: Made by Me
Yesterday I made a mad dash to the grocery store after McKinley's morning bottle which meant no makeup and day old hair! What do you do when you can't wash your hair...wear a cute hat! The hat not only diguises my hair, but my makeup free face. Two birds with one stone! This same hat has had several wearings. I first introduced it in NY in 2009 and again last spring in Las Vegas, both prior to my blog. I love hats and the Fedora has been in style for several seasons now. Another great investment piece!

I got the cute striped top just this week. It was $29.99 and additional 40% off! Quite the bargain for something so simple which is a new staple to my wardrobe. I paired it with light weight denim shorts and red sandals for color. Very nautical, but not in a gimmicky way. Plus, the black pendant is a subtle piece of jewelry that still makes a statement.

What do you think of my new nail polish? I saw this in May's issue of Lucky Magazine, thanks to their pull tabs devoted to Essie nail colors. The color is called "Sew Psyched" and that's what I am about this fun polish! It reminds me of OPI's "You Don't Know Jaques" which is another neutral color I adore. I am sure I will wear this a lot during the summer!