Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Red Carpet - Major Bummer

The Oscars is my much anticipated red carpet event of the year and last night I was ready to be wowed. Well, I have to say that I was completely under whelmed. Actually, I have been all awards season long. It was Oscar night! What happened ladies? Did your stylists take vacations? Were they mentally burned out? Did they see nothing on the runways that they found suitable for awards season? There has to be a really good excuse for the lack luster gowns!

First and foremost, I didn’t understand the gowns that had bows, tulle, rosettes and bustles along the bum line. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the area that most women try to minimalize? Why in the world would you add all that detail and enhance said area? Examples are Anne Hathaway’s red Valentino carpet gown, Halle Berry’s nude Marchesa, Jennifer Hudson’s tangerine Versace and Sandra Bullocks’ red Valentino. Most of the bodices were sleek and fitted to perfection. As for the skirts, I wanted to rip off half of the details.

Could the embellishments have been any bigger? I felt like details such as sequins, jewels and beading were so over the top that it weighed down the gowns and the women wearing them. And, due to the placement, a lot of the ladies had no idea how to stand or where to place their hands. Examples are Cate Blanchett’s violet Givenchy Haute Couture, Amy Adam’s purple L’Wren Scott which did not need that necklace, Gwyneth Paltrow’s silver Calvin Klein which didn’t need the added brooch on the hip, Michelle William’s white Chanel Haute Couture and Penelope Cruz red L’Wren Scott.

Then there was the gown that had both. Nicole Kidman in a white Dior Haute Couture. Where do I start? The neckline needed to come up a few inches. She appeared as though she was bound in the dress and there was a little spillage from side angles. Then there’s the crisscross of material that started at the hips (again an area that we all try to minimalize) and was full of sequined details that ran most of the length of the gown. And those red shoes? So not needed! The dress had enough going on that a nude, strappy heel would have complimented the look better. The only thing good about this outfit was the arm candy she sported in husband Keith Urban.

Others I just didn’t like. Mila Kunis’ violet Elie Saab appeared as if it had pasties sticking out of the neckline. I didn’t like the lace cutouts along the sides of the gown or the solid piece of fabric that ran down the center. She has been a best dressed of mine at all the awards shows so far, but this was such a disappointment. All I can say is that her hair was nice and I liked her minimal jewelry selection. Natalie Portman has been the belle of the ball this season, as far as awards go, but her pregnancy style has been questionable. The plum Rodarte gown was simple, a much needed change with the overtly detailed gowns mentioned above. However, I didn’t like how high the skirt was hemmed in the front exposing her ankles and shoes. The color was a nice compliment to her skin tone and the neckline had just enough sparkle, but her hair and those earrings! Both were just so off with the overall design of the gown.

As for the gowns I did like, there were really only three. Fourteen year old Hailee Steinfeld was stunning in her blush, custom designed Marchesa. This was so age appropriate, as well as red carpet worthy, and I think she was the darling of the red carpet. Mandy Moore shined in a nude, shimmery Monique Lhuillier. I loved the sheer neckline, the spattering of crystals throughout the bodice and the nude tulle that finished out the skirt. This was the way to do embellishments. And can I just say that when I grow up, I want to be as elegant as Helen Mirren. Her putty colored Vivienne Westwood gown was lovely. The neckline was gorgeous, I loved the fitted waist, and though she doesn’t need them, I loved that she wore a 3/4 length sleeve. Simply exquisite!

This Oscar season brought nothing but disappointment and I’m not even willing to put a name on best and worst dressed. The gowns were what they were and I can only hope for a better season next year. I can’t wait to hear what Joan Rivers has to say tonight on Fashion Polie!

I Quit

Sweater: A Pea in a Pod; T-Shirt: Target; Jeans: Liz Lange Maternity; Shoes: Coach via Macy’s; Necklace: A gift from my husband via the Plaza Art Fair

That’s right folks. With only ten outfits to go in the challenge, I officially hang up my hat! This is look number 20 and I so didn’t go out with a bang. To be honest, I was so bored with the challenge only because I needed more color in my challenge pieces and just more items to chose from. If there is another 30 for 30 challenge in my future, I might embrace it, but I may just let it go. I love my clothes and I hate having to pick only 30 items from my wardrobe to wear. Plus, once I get my post baby body back, I’m going to want to play around with all the new and existing things hanging in my closet.

With yesterday being Sunday, that’s usually my most casual day of the week. Our day consisted of errands, a sweet baby visit and an Oscar party with friends. Since I love the red carpet coverage most, I donned this pseudo red sweater in homage to the day. The necklace was a gift from my husband, and though it normally stands for my first name, I decided that yesterday it stood for Academy Awards. All in all, I liked the casualness of the outfit. I wasn’t nearly as casual as my Motherhood jumpsuit and Aseics gym shoes. I was comfortable the entire day, which was most important, and I feel good about how I’m leaving the challenge.

As for today’s outfit, pictures to come later! I’m so excited!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rows of Roses

T-Neck: J.Crew; Tank: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Joe’s Jeans: Boots: J.Crew; Scarf: Gift via Talbot’s; Earrings: Made by Me 

Last night we celebrated a good friend’s birthday, with the entire gang in tow, and had a wonderful time being out and about. We were a little early to the event so we hit the new Banana Republic store on the Country Club Plaza and I was in heaven. If you live in the metro, and haven’t checked it out, do! I loved how each section of the store, for both men and women, were divided into themes and the space was enormous. So much room to shop without other shoppers running into you. Upon arrival, you were given a small envelope of savings and each one was a winner! I received 30% off and put that discount to good use! I will post my purchases later.

For the dinner, I wanted to be comfortable but a little dressy since dinner was for a special friend. I knew I needed to stay within the 30 for 30 challenge and literally planned outfits in my head all day. Since I finally got my cream, cashmere t-neck back from the cleaners, I knew I wanted to wear it. I’ve actually missed this piece! From there, this outfit was born. The shoes were the hard part. Since I wasn’t going do that much walking and standing, I knew I could brave heels for the evening, but which ones? I reached for a pair of oldy but goodies and was happy with the entire look.

What do you think of my darling rose scarf? This was a Christmas gift from my aunt and grandmother and I’ve been wanting to wear it but wasn’t sure how or with what? The blush of the scarf looked great with the cream backdrop but I’m pretty sure black would make it pop. I may have to give this a whirl for work. Check back to see when and how I wear it next.

This is me with a little over five weeks to go. I want to give a shout out to my girlfriend Christina and her husband Brian who recently added a beautiful baby girl to their family! As I sent them texts and Facebook congratulations, I suddenly realized how real this giving birth thing is! Though I’m more excited than I can convey about meeting little Baby K, I am so nervous!!!! In the meantime, I will continue to dress my bump and will take side shots for weekly updates until the baby arrives.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Color block

I adore this outfit! It looks warm and cozy and comfy. I love simple, basic clothes. And the boots are AWESOME!

Color Blocking Friday

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft Maternity; Striped T-Neck: Target; T-Shirt: Target; Jeans: A Pea in a Pod; Boots: Hunter Boots via Nordstrom; Earrings: Silpada; Cape (seen below) Ann Taylor

I’m still looking for inspiration and this creation isn’t all that inspiring! If anything, it’s pretty monotone. However, I was excited to pull on my Hunter boots this morning! For me, the snow came out of the blue, but I was ready with footwear. Snow is so pretty the morning after. If only it would stay that way.

Color blocking is big for spring so I decided to incorporate it in small doses today. I would say that 90% of my wardrobe, pre and post pregnancy, is black and I find that I generally pair it with white. BORING! So, I really added some oomph to my outfit by adding gray and black stripes! I am living on the edge!!! In case you were wondering, my color block would be black, gray and white. I even went so far as to add gray socks that peak out over the boots ever so slightly. 

I am sporting a cape instead of a winter coat because I really can’t zip or button my coats anymore. I like the look and fit of the cape and believe me, its really warm. This could be my coat for the remainder of my pregnancy. Personally, I’m hoping for some warmer weather and no more need for a coat! 

Just a couple of things I would like to personally point out. I loved my makeup so much on Wednesday that I have repeated the look for the past two days. Instead of going heavy on color, I’ve been using the brow highlighter from a Clinique palette. I like the silvery hue mixed with black liner and mascara. Simple but still makes my eyes pop. Also, what is it about my hair on day two? I love that the curl isn’t so tight and honestly, day three is even better. I wish I could find a product that allowed day one curls to look like day two. I could always use my defuser, but let’s be honest, I don’t have that much time to devote to my hair. Until then, I will keep testing the curling product market. Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sparkling Personality

Sweater: A Pea in a Pod; T-Shirt: Target; Jeans: Gap Maternity; Fishnets: Target; Flats: Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom; Scarf: Ann Taylor

I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about the scarf I added to today’s outfit. We woke up to rain that turned to sleet that turned to snow that turned back to sleet so this girl decided jeans were in order. I really wanted to wear my new Hunter rain boots, but I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and didn’t need the added weight on the already increasing number on the scale! As it turns out, I didn’t gain much of anything since last visit! Way to go me!

I had thought of retiring these maternity jeans, only because they have a half panel and it literally sits below my stomach and can cut me off at times. I decided to suck it up and just wear them, but instead of cutting me off, I’m finding they are sliding off my rear! This definitely might be their last wearing till after the baby! The sweater is definitely getting a work out! I don’t love the little tie at the waist, but it does add a little detail. Speaking of detail, check out the little sequins in this scarf. That’s where this outfit get it’s sparkling personality! 

The gray flats are an original from the 30 for 30 challenge list and I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve actually worn them. I added fishnet stockings since it was in the upper 30s but not really sure how much coverage they provide. I just can’t seem to sport bare feet and legs in the winter! With the weather being so gross, we decided to head back home after the doctor visit and I immediately changed into something a little more comfortable. Look for this ensemble in the future! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working from Home/Coffee Date

Sweater: A Pea in a Pod; Jeans: Joe’s Jeans; Shoes: Nine West American Vintage Collection via DSW

I am working from home today, but that didn’t stop me from getting up and starting my day in style. And, it didn’t hurt that I needed to be ready so my hubby could take my daily pic before heading off to work himself. After work I am meeting a girlfriend for some decaf to catch up and I’m so looking forward to it! Girlfriend meet ups are the best!

As for the ensemble today, I didn’t realize that I had this little sweater on my list or I would have worn it before now! I made a cheat sheet of outfits to assist me along the way and this was on the list for yesterday. It would have been helpful several outfits ago, but now that I know it’s part of the rotation, I will be working it! Anyway, I’m super comfy for my day at home, but ready for my evening out. 

Check out my new shoes. This pregnant gal was not ready for third trimester shoe issues! I’m all about heels. I wear them all day, every day. With that being said, a couple of weekends ago I did some shoe shopping to try and find a pair that would get me through to the end. They also had to be a shoe I would wear after the pregnancy and longer. I really like these and after DSW coupons and a gift card, I paid $5! Not too shabby, huh?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet 16

T-neck: Ann Taylor Loft; Tank: Target; Skirt: A Pea in a Pod; Tights: Motherhood; Booties: BCBGirls; Necklace: Made by me

This skirt has been a god send! I love that it was on sale, but even if it hadn’t been, I would have purchased it anyway. This is the fourth wearing, and because I’ve worn it multiple times, I wanted to try and mix it up a little. The color combination is the same as look number three, however, I changed out the t-neck and boots and removed the jacket. (Seen here, here and here)

I had to substitute the cream t-neck again this week, challenge t-neck will be in my hands later this week, and for some reason it didn’t feel as snug as it did when I wore this sweater a couple of weekends ago. (Seen here) Anyway, I definitely needed the tank for length, but I like the hint chocolate that blends right into the skirt. I keep changing up my shoes, trying to find ones that fit, and at first I wasn’t sure of the brown booty. You can’t see it very well in the photo above, but there is a small ruffle around the ankle. I thought it might be too much but I actually like it.

We took a pic of the side view this morning and I’m 34 weeks this week. We only have six more weeks to go! I can’t wait to see where this belly will go from here and the little gem we’ve created! In our opinion, it will be a beaut! 

Monday, February 21, 2011


Sweater: BCBG MaxAzaria; Tank: Target; Pants: Liz Lange Maternity via Target; Farylrobin via Habitat Shoe Boutique; Necklace: Ann Taylor

I’m back on the challenge wagon after taking the weekend off! Saturday we cleaned in prep for dinner with friends and Sunday was literally the laziest day in history! I did wear pieces from the challenge, however, I didn’t shower or wear makeup so no photos we captured! 

Today I am officially half way through the challenge and pretty sure I won’t make it to thirty. I am so bored with my clothing choices and running out of options that actually fit! I’ll continue to plug away, but don’t expect too much! Today’s ensemble includes my comfy BCBG sweater with dolman sleeves. I love this sweater because of its light weight feel and comfort level. This could easily transition into spring as well. I originally paired this look with black booties but decided I needed a little more color. These platforms are a great compliment to the sweater and helps break up the black on black look. Plus, the platform makes them more wearable than a heel. Also seen here.

What do you think of my amazing tassel necklace? My mom purchased this for me a couple of weeks ago and I love how hefty the whole thing is. The large chain, the oversized tassel and thin strands of chain mixed with CZ’s gives it a modernized 70s feel. I’m really looking forward to incorporating into my spring wardrobe with all the neutral colors they are featuring. 

In the March addition of Lucky Magazine, a chunk of their accessories report revolved around top-handled satchels. I decided to make a switch this morning and will sport my Badgley Mischka bag for a while. I love the smooth leather and chunky, brass hardware. Feminine but tough, which is something I’ve enjoyed in some my recent looks.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Casual Friday with New Shoes!

Coat: Ann Taylor Loft; T-neck: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Joe’s Jeans; Shoes: Rachel Comey via Habitat Shoe Boutique; Necklace: Silpada; Sunglasses: Tom Ford 

Yesterday was a work from home day so no photos were taken. No one really needed to see me in my cotton track pants and Royals Home Opener t-shirt which aren’t part of the 30 for 30 challenge anyway! Today’s outfit isn’t very exciting either, but it’s comfy and light weight with the warm shift in temps here in the Midwest. Most of my chosen items for the challenge are wool, since I anticipated cooler temps during the month of February, so I went with a basic black t-neck and jazzed it up with a big silver necklace. Next week the temps are back to their cruel, or shall I say cool, selves so layers will be in order!  

Remember those amazing Rachel Comey shoes I raved about last month? Well, here they are! Again, since it was a little warmer today, I braved them without socks or tights and can’t wait to see how they will look with skirts and dresses come spring and summer. I might even attempt them with skinny jeans. I just didn’t have time to experiment this morning. I simply adore them! Added bonus, they are unbelievably comfortable! 


On a side note, with it being Friday, and feeling like I needed to add a little POW to my somewhat boring look, I decided to apply my new Wonder Woman eyeshadow I purchased from MAC last week. They’re newest collection, Wonder Woman, is available now and you should really check it out. There are three different eyeshadow quads, several different lipsticks and matching glosses, fun colored mascaras, new blush colors, amazing eye pigments and fun fake lashes! I adore MAC products and their inventive collections. The packaging is even better! The only thing missing from my overall look are those awesome gold cuffs. I should have rethought the outfit!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You look adorable and glad to see your ankles aren’t swollen!

Foggy Day and Gray Leopard

Dress: Forever 21 Maternity; Tank: Target; Tights: Target: Booties: Me Too via DSW; Necklaces: Adina Reyter via Style and Grace boutique; Top Bangle: Silpada; Bottom Bangle: Millsap’s

Can you see me? I’m the one in the gray sweater dress and leopard print tights. When it was time to take my photo, my husband asked indoors or out. I chose out because you had to see this fog that rolled in overnight. We’ve either moved to Forks, WA or England. If it’s Forks, where’s my Edward?

This little gem of a dress came from Forever 21’s maternity site. It’s roomy, super comfy and I think I might wear it everyday! Okay, that’s not really going to work, but was a good thought. It’s cut a little low so I added a tank for coverage. Knowing that, I have plenty of other options that will compliment the dress and help carry it through the challenge. Plus, I’m trying to follow in the footsteps of some of my fellow bloggers and breaking out of my tights mold which is generally black and brown. So, I purchased the leopard print, along with purple and teal, to assist me. I thought purple might be fun with the dress and those could come out at a later date. 

I played up the silver jewels today by adding two circle necklaces and a couple of chunky bangles that I wore a couple of weeks ago. Seen here. I really liked the mix of textures and widths and decided to wear them again today. Also, notice yet another shoe substitution. I’m pretty sure this will happen on a daily basis. Yesterday’s shoes, all though trendy, left my feet and ankles so swollen that I could hardly walk to the car. I won’t be wearing those again for awhile. C’est la vie, right?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kate Spade Sample Sale

Today is a gray day, and my outfit and mood was going along with the forecast, until I was notified about the Kate Spade Sample Sale on Facebook! My mood then took a huge turn for the better, especially when I found this darling Be Dazzled Josie Dress. It is so demure, feminine and has a slight throw back to the 50s feel. I’m picturing my cream patent Jimmy Choo’s that I got for Christmas and possibly pearls. Is that too cliche? 

be dazzled josie dress

Bezeled Jewel Bib

Cashmere T-neck: Gift via Land’s End; Tank: Banana Republic; Pants: Gap Maternity; Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Macy’s; Necklace: Banana Republic

This outfit was not at all what I had planned to wear today. I got 90% of the original outfit on and immediately pulled it off! The sweater was too bulky for the skirt and the tights were the wrong shade of cream. However, I left the skirt and cream tights on, added the black cashmere t-neck and tried a pair of black booties, but again it was all wrong. So, I went with the t-neck, added a tank for length, and pulled out gray trousers. Knowing that I can’t wear heels, but have pants that were purchased for them, I added a kitten heel which is a current trend making its way into spring. Those are yet another shoe substitution.

The bib necklace was a last minute addition. I was going to wear my crystal broach necklace but then ran across the gray faceted bib. I’ve only worn it once, I’m a little intimidated by how to wear it, but I like how it added something to the sweater. Because the necklace is such a large piece, I didn’t add any additional accessories except for my make-shift wedding band and watch.

I can’t believe I’m only on day 12 of 30! To be honest, I am running out of steam. I sure hope I can hang in there for the full 30 days. What if I just went through the month of February? We’ll see if I can keep up the stamina to create something new everyday.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Sweater: A Pea in a Pod; Tank: Target: Jeans: Joe’s Jeans; Shoes: Miz Mooz via Nordstrom; Scarf: Harold’s; Necklace: Gift from my husband

Today was Valentine’s Day and I was determined to fit something red into my very gray and black maternity wardrobe. I decided to wear jeans because I wasn’t sure that black pants would match the sweater and was iffy on red shoes with gray pants. Also, the accessories I wanted to add needed a sweater with an exposed neck, so I knew my cashmere t-neck was out!

With all that being said, I added red accents that I think worked with the over all look. The scarf is very reminicent of my retail days when working at Harold’s. When scarves were big in the late 90s, we didn’t wear them long and drapped like today. Instead, we tied them around the neck. This was one of two ways to wear your scarf, which also looks a lot like a flight attendant! The second accent was my fun red shoes. I realize again their a cheat, however, they fit my feet so I’m going with them. I got them last summer and love the color. Not sure I loved the opaque tights, but I wasn’t about to go without, even if the temps were a little warmer than normal.

As Seen in People Style Watch

That’s right, I have yet another recently purchased item seen within the pages of one of my favorite fashion mags! I saw these adorable booties from Ann Taylor Loft weeks ago, while internet shopping for spring clothing, and I’ve been checking back almost daily to see if they were available. Turns out, I was able to order them from an Ann Taylor Loft store in Chicago. I got them last week and the issue is that I probably can’t wear them until after the baby is born. Not because of height but due to swollen feet. I will, however, give them a whirl just to see! 

I couldn’t find a pic of just the shoes, but look at all the ways you can wear them! I’ve added several styles from the Ann Taylor Loft website. I am so excited!!

Drapey Modal Skirt
3/4 Sleeve Utility Shirtdress

And I just happen to have an adorable khaki shirt dress!

Desert Varnish  Modern Trousers

And these just happen to be the jeans I want!

Minor Substitution

Cream T-neck: Ann Taylor Loft; Tank: Target: Jeans: A Pea in a Pod; Boots: Enzo Angiolini; Necklace: Ann Taylor

Saturday was gorgeous! With temps in the single digits for what seemed like weeks, we reveled in the fact that the sun was shining and temps soared in the upper 30s. We spent the entire day running around town and the evening at the movies.

I had to make a substitution with my 30 for 30 picks but it’s still in the family of what I had on the list. My original pick, a cream cashmere t-neck, was in the dry cleaning pile and will be available this week. In the meantime, I chose this thinner cream option and longed for the cashmere one all day. I felt like this one was too tight and entirely too revealing of the baby bulge, something I’m trying to not put on display. Moving on. I really wanted to wear brown shoes, and this amazing tassel necklace my mom purchased for me, but my feet wouldn’t fit in any of them. I had a tiny breakdown, quickly pulled myself together and tugged on the black boots instead. I loved that by mid day I no longer needed my coat!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Girl with a Pearl Necklace

Sweater: A Pea in the Pod; Tank: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Joe’s Jeans; Boots: Franco Sarto; Necklace: Target; Earrings: Made by Me

Happy Friday! I’m super happy today because I am taking the afternoon off and spending the day with mom. We’re lunching at the Nordstrom Cafe, strolling their shoe department, checking out the MAC counter and their new Wonder Woman line of cosmetics and then shopping for my Valentine! Later this evening we’re having dinner with a friend at Blanc Burger and I can taste those truffle fries as I type this!

Now that you know all about my social activities for the day, I will get to the goods. I needed comfy shoes for the miles, okay hours, we will spend walking and these oldie but goodie boots are perfect. The faux wrap sweater was up next in the rotation but what to pair underneath? Originally, I was thinking of my gray tank with matching sequins but decided to go for classic black and white. Plus, I had this great pearl and onyx bead statement necklace that I haven’t worn in ages. I’m happy with the look and it should be comfy for the active day I have planned.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge - Slight Modification

Well, I’ve hit that point in my pregnancy where I have to give up my high heels and certain over the knee boots. My husband generally has to help me remove the tall boots that don’t have zippers and last night was nothing new. However, this time he could barely get my left boot off. Seriously, the bed was literally moving across the floor with every tug of the boot. Finally, he got the boot off and said, “I know you are trying to stay fashionable, but you are going to have to give up on some of these boots.” I hate to admit he was right!

This morning, I pulled out my black suede Chie Mihara heels and could not get my feet in them! I tried several times, wiggling my foot left and right, but no dice. I then tried on the cute Seychelles ankle boots I bought last month and within 15 minutes I couldn’t feel my feet! My left foot had literally gone dumb. I added instead my uber old Franco Sarto booties and succumbed to the lower heel/flats portion of my pregnancy.

With that being said, I am pulling my Jessica Simpson suede boots (sigh), my Steve Madden cognac boots (tear), my black suede Chie Mihara heels (boo) and my Moshino Cheap and Chic two-toned brown heels (hiss). Instead, I will be replacing them with the Franco Sarto black bootie, the Enzo Angolini zipper, flat black boots, the brown Nine West zipper boots and the black, high shine tall boots (brand unknown at this time). Stay tuned regarding the Sam Edelman gray wedge. It could be replaced by the Me Too gray suede bootie. This could be the similar fate of my Ann Taylor Loft peep toe booties in Dove that I just received in the mail Haven’t a clue what could replace them!

Ice Crystals

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft Maternity; Black T-Neck: Ann Taylor: Pants: Liz Lange Maternity; Shoes: Super Old Franco Sarto’s; Necklace: Silpada; Bracelet: Silpada; Sunglasses: Tom Ford

It may have been negative two when I took this outdoor photo, but I was bound and determined to get outside the house for today’s photo. I was FREEZING, hence hands in my pockets. This morning I realized that most everything on my list for the 30x30 challenge is gray or black! I think I started buying maternity clothes to achieve that slimming effect, but it’s not really adding much color to my wardrobe. I really like the addition of this chunky crystal necklace with the darker colors. It may not be actual color but it adds some sparkle. I am also carrying my purple BCBG handbag so at least there’s color there. Seen here and here

My shoes are not on the original list of 30x30 Challenge items. I’m going to have to make some footwear adjustments for the remainder of the challenge. More on that later. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Showing Your Spots

Today we received another couple of inches of snow so you know what that means, right? Yep, jeans! Plus, it is so incredibly cold outside that we still aren’t willing to take outdoor photos so we are back in the living room. I had planned to wear the sweater, tee and scarf with black pants. Instead, I threw on skinny jeans and my congac boots that I now love wearing with black. Thanks again, Jennifer!!!

Look Number Eight:

Sweater: A Pea in a Pod; T-shirt: Target; Jeans: A Pea in a Pod; Boots: Steve Madden via Nordstrom; Scarf: Ann Taylor; Earrings: Ann Taylor

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ten Dollars

Cashmere T-neck: Gift via Land’s End; Tank: Target: Skirt: Forever 21 Maternity; Boots: Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom; Necklace: Silpada; Thick Bangle: Millsaps; Thin Bangle: Silpada

That’s exactly how much my skirt cost and it was worth every penny! I ordered the skirt from Forever 21’s maternity site and so wish I had done so earlier! It is the most comfortable piece I’ve worn to date and I just might live in it come March! I’m even thinking of ways to convert it from maternity to standard post baby. As I pulled it all together this morning, it seemed so different in my mind. As I look at it now, it needs something but I’m not sure what. With the color of the skirt, black is an obvious choice, but I need to try and add some pop of color next time. Trust me, it’s in the loop of pieces for the remainder of the challenge. 

Sorry for the constant indoor photos. It’s too freakin’ cold to be outside!!

New MAC Kissable Lipcolour

I am all about trying new beauty products, especially lip gloss. I recently read about the new MAC Kissable Lipcolour, in one of my many fashion magazines, and I just happened to picked one up over the weekend. The adorable sales gal told me the formula is a mix of their Lipglass and Lipstick so imagine that “the two of them got together and had a baby.” Well, I love both products so I had to give it a try, right? I purchased Flaunting It, pictured at left, and the color is much lighter than in the photo. It’s more of a rose pink. It’s not heavy or sticky and glides on smoothly. I love it so much that I’m going to invest in Scandelicious, pictured at right.

 Kissable Lipcolour     Kissable Lipcolour