Thursday, August 5, 2010

Now and Later

It wasn’t until working in retail that I heard the phrase Transition Wardrobe. It’s that time of year when you transition your wardrobe from spring to summer or fall to winter. You know, the time of year where it’s so hot in October that you can’t fathom wearing wool? Finding that balance of wearing fall clothing, while trying to stay cool, can be hard and I have put together three looks that I think encompass a smooth transition from summer to fall all while maintaining a trendy vibe.

Right now, military style jackets are totally in and I was so happy to stumble on one, with nice lines and at a great price, during a Banana Republic sale. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, my boyfriend jeans are the go to jean for me right now. The comfort is reason enough. On a recent trip to Crown Center, I paired my boyfriend jeans with a cute, airy top, and the other love of mine right now, my woven oxfords. As the temperature starts to change, I will reach for that military jacket. Tied around the waist for day makes it easy access for chilly nights. Also, change out your shoes. Instead of the woven oxford, I went for the full leather oxford. Perfect for jeans and slacks.

Again, those boyfriend jeans will continue their appearance throughout the fall! I got a cute little top from a darling boutique called Frankly Basic. I love how soft the cotton is and how light weight it will be for those late September days. Paired with my chocolate brown wedges, this top still feels summery while the autumnal colors transition nicely. For later in October, I will pair the whole look with a light weight, cotton cardigan in burnt orange. I love this little sweater especially, the flimsy pockets. The thin belt, with tiny silver studs scattered through out, helps maintain the bulk and add just enough definition to my waist. I kept the wedges to carry out that summer feel, but plan to also pair this entire look with skinny jeans and tall brown boots.

The last look is an adorable dress that I also found at Frankly Basic. I love the gray background and the colorful birds scattered through out. The deep v-neck of the dress is way too low for me, or anyone really, so I paired it with a cream cami. I also love the ruffle neckline. So feminine! For summer, I paired the dress with a cute pair of Seychelles sandals in a very neutral color. This time, a much thicker belt was added to help with the bulk and create that much desired waist line. I added the military jacket to show, not only its versatility, but that little dresses like this can be paired with boxier styled jackets. What I wasn’t expecting is how cute this whole ensemble would be when paired with the cowboy bootie. I just read through my July Lucky issue and thought, I don’t have anything in my closet that I could pair this look with, and look what happened! I added my mom’s vintage Levi denim jacket circa 1970 and the dress was transformed. I honestly can’t wait to wear this!

I know it seems early to start thinking about your fall wardrobe, but major retailers are currently carrying transition pieces while marking summer items to ridiculously low prices. Start investing in those fall pieces now, instead of buying up summer. Trends change and you don’t want to have a 2011 summer wardrobe that’s out of date! Start pairing your current summer items with those fun fall trends and let me know you come up with! 

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