Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BOHO...My Way

Dress: Forever XXI; Jacket: My Mom's circa 1970s;
 Shoes: Seychelles via Habitat Shoe Boutique; Necklace: Banana Republic;
Bracelets: Jessica Simpson; Ring: Hope, Faith, Miracles

This is that time of year where I become so uninspired when getting dressed in the morning. Fall transitional clothing is in stores, my fall fashion magazines are rolling in daily and I immediately start longing for sweaters, boots and layers. But, it's only the middle of August and entirely too hot to actually wear any of the items listed above. So, I try to find ways to trick myself into thinking I'm making that transition. This dress is a perfect example.

The colors are muted, not bright like you think of for summer, and paired with a cropped denim jacket I've added that layered look. The other great thing about the dress is that it's strapless so when you leave the office you're dressed for the heat. It's very Bohemian which is so trendy right now. A long dress, muted gold jewels, loose hair and you've got Boho down. At least that's Boho my way.

Do you find this time of year to be challenging or are you still embracing the heat and colors of summer? We are about two weeks away from Labor Day and you know what that means? No more white past September 5th. I know that the fashion guru's say you can wear white all year round, but this Southern gal will never wear white after Labor Day. I probably shouldn't say never. I do think you can wear a white blazer past Labor Day, but never white pants!!! I just wasn't raised that way.

Now, there is that all important winter white, but that will be discussed come fall!

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