Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Morning Chatter - Age is Just a Number

Last week I attended Chicago the Musical with my girlfriends and had such a great afternoon! It was so nice to be among adults, having a glass of wine, catching up, and taking in some culture. It truly was so needed! The gals that went with me are my theater family. The people I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with for over ten years. Women who are talented, passionate, and understand the thrill of performing. I haven't done a show, with them or otherwise, in almost four years and I'm okay with that. I'm busy being a mother. I'm raising a baby boy in hopes of having a mannerly young man in several years. A young man that may not want me around, and I might seek the stage again, but for now I love playing the roll of Mama.

I fear the thought of heading back to theater in my late 40s or early 50s because there isn't much for older women in leading roles. There's Daisy in Driving Miss Daisy. The mother in Night Mother. The mother in Barefoot in the Park. But I don't do straight plays. I'm a musical theater girl who likes to hoof it on stage. A dancer by trade, who loves to dance as much as she loves to breath, but may not have the goods at 40 let alone 50. I can't stand by that statement after seeing Chicago last weekend.

I walked away obsessed with the woman who played Roxie Hart, Bianca Marroquin. At 40, she had the ease of a young woman in her 20s. The way she moved was so lithe. She was sensual without being slutty. She danced without any effort. So comfortable in her own skin. She melted into the floor and I melted with her. And though I'm not aware of her actual dance training, I would only assume she has an extensive ballet background. Her lines were exquisite. A frame that can only come from years of ballet training. Something that a classically trained ballerina notices. She was incredible. 

She was also quite the performer. She pulled back when needed, but went for it when expected. She  brought a great humor to the character and a tenderness at the same time. Can you tell I loved her? And it got me to thinking. I'm mean, I've had this thought forever, but it really hit home this past weekend. Why is it that society, Hollywood, and even blogging, sets glass ceilings on age? Why is that those entities believe that after a certain age we've dried up? That we're talentless and have nothing left to give. Well let me tell you, we have plenty to give after 30! Hell, even after 40 and more!

American Idol cuts off the age of entry at 28. Really? Twenty-eight? Because we couldn't possibly have any talent at 29! In my personal opinion, I didn't peak until after I turned 30 and I think I'm still growing. I'm in no way saying that I think I'm extremely talented. That's not it at all. But I became so much more comfortable on stage the older I got. And, I got better roles as a result. I mean look at Bianca. She's playing a sexy, sultry lead character at 40! And could continue to do so in another five years! She's actually inspired me to up the game and get this "old girl's" body back in shape. There's an old dancers body in there somewhere. I just need to find it! But I digress. Why can't men and women over 28 audition? Afraid they might blow the youngsters out of the water? That the American public wouldn't vote for them, or listen to them on the radio, or buy tickets to see them in concert? Because they're over 28? Why can't someone's career begin at 30 or later? I didn't realize there was a cutoff age for your dreams to become reality!

We can argue that men aren't generally judged for getting older. (I'm not a feminist so I won't delve deeper.) Some do become more distinguished with age. But there are some women who just grow more beautiful with age. They grow into their own bodies, become more comfortable in their own skin. Why are we not looking at them to model this season trends? Why aren't we putting them on the cover of more fashion magazines? I'm thinking specifically of Helen Mirren, have you seen her on the red carpet? What about Diane Keaton? Sure she's incredibly quirky, but her menswear style is unbeatable. And have you seen her killer body? I also love Meryl Streep. She's not much of a dresser, and I would kill to style her for the next red carpet, but she's stunning. I would love to see them embraced by the public for the amazing, talented, beautiful women they are! And for the fact that they are all over 50!

I wrestle with this issue all the time. It's probably part of my own insecurities and I blame it on society and Hollywood. That I'm not living out my dreams because I'm too chicken shit to do so so late in my life. (Chicken shit always makes me think of the movie Cousins. There's this great line where the dad says "You've got only one life to live. You can either make it chickenshit or chicken salad." So true!) But either way, we should embrace maturity. Like they say, age is just a number. I don't feel 41. I don't feel like I'm getting older, when obviously I am, because I'm comfortable with parts of myself. I love that I look better now than I did in my 20s. I've never considered myself pretty, but I do feel that I've grown into myself over the years, and I look better than I did. Wrinkles, laugh lines, and concealed dark circles included. I dress better than I did in my 20s because I'm not trying to impress anybody. I'm dressing for me. And like Bianca, if I ever take the stage again, I would like to think I would have the ease, confidence, and maturity to embrace my older self and go for it when expected!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Beauty - Birchbox

Have you heard of Birchbox? No? Well allow me to introduce you. Birchbox was founded by Katia and Hayley who "had wildly different approaches to beauty. Hayley was a self-proclaimed novice, while Katia was a connoisseur. But they agreed on one thing: Shopping for products was frustrating, inefficient, and confusing. How were customers supposed to navigate the vast range of options? And in the growing online market, how could they try products without buying them all (and going bankrupt in the process)?"

Katia and Hayley wanted a way for customers to try, learn about, and purchase beauty products online. "They combined monthly deliveries of personalized samples with original editorial and an exciting ecommerce shop. It was easy, efficient, and fun—a monthly delivery of surprise and delight." They shipped for their first Birchbox in September of 2010 and their first Birchbox Man in April 2012. 

So, how do you receive your first Birchbox? Sign up! Head over to their site, complete a Beauty profile to help them learn more about who you are and what you are looking for, and they will ship you a box of five samples based on your profile. Once you receive the box, head back to the their site to learn more about the products you received. All of this for only $10 a month! And, if there is something that you absolutely love, and must add to your daily beauty routine, you can purchase full size versions directly from the Birchbox Shop! 

The brands available is an extensive list, one I'm not even going to try and recite. However, I can tell you that some of my favs are listed: Benefit, Deborah Lippmann, L'Occitane, Philosophy, and so many more! Head here to see more.

Here are a couple of examples of a box you could receive!

I can't wait to get started! I love to test and learn about new products and I think this is the best way to do it! Thinking of signing up? If so, let's chat!!

Happy Friday, Beauties!

Top Photo Courtesy of Refinery29.
Bottom Photo Courtesy of Ideal Magazine.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Girl's Day

Coat: Julie's Boutique (similar); T-Neck: French Connection (similar): 
Skirt: J.Crew (gift/similar); Shoes: J.Crew (gift/fun option); Fishnets: Simply Vera Wang
Belt: Ann Taylor (similar); Necklaces: J.Crew (similar)/Talbots; Bracelet: J.Crew
Ring: Etiquette Boutique (similar); Clutch: Banana Republic

Last weekend was a much needed and overdue girl's day out! We attended the matinee of Chicago and had a little cocktail in the lobby before the show. It was so nice to be among friends and getting a little culture! Oh, and to get dressed up! I loved that part!! I loved all of it!

The temps on Saturday were in the mid 50s, and I hated putting on a coat, but in the shade it was a little cool. I'm always one to freeze inside the theater and Saturday proved nothing new. So glad I took it! Because this January has been incredibly mild, I have definitely felt the pull for spring. So, I put my best shoes forward and went for full on floral and pink! Or salmon. You say tomato....and no, I wouldn't call this color tomato.

The Coat: Before and After
I dug way back in the archives for this one! I was five months pregnant!

Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods or are you still holding onto the dark colors of winter? I'm loving this surge of color!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Backpacks - Something I Need

I am a mom who is out of the diaper bag phase, but I'm mom who is still in need of a larger bag. When we head out on our adventures (the zoo, aquarium, or local children's farm), I need something that is handsfree, large enough to carry snacks, cars, coloring books/crayons, and a little cooler when needed. I love my Coach cognac backpack, my high school backpack I might add, but I desperately need a black one. I use my cross-body bag a lot, but the weight isn't evenly distributed, so I feel like I'm leaning to the left most of the time. A backpack is something I true need of these days!

I've been on the hunt recently and I've narrowed my choices down to five. The standout to me is the gray Rebecca Minkoff! I love how neutral it is. Definitely a bag that would go with everything in my closet. Check them all out below!


What kind of bag do you use when out and about? 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Complete Coverage

Sweater: Piperlime (similar); Button Down: J.Crew Factory; Leggings: Target;
Boots: Sole Society (similar); Handbag: Steve Madden (similar); Necklace: Ann Taylor (similar);
Bracelets: David Yurman/Gorjana/Gift; Nail Color: Essie Haute in the Heat

We have been so lucky this past week with amazing January temperatures! I have been in heaven, but kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. But for now, I'm relishing in the fact that I don't need a coat! Remember how I said I would try pairing this fabulous sweater with leggings, and wear it out of the house if the length had enough coverage? Well, I got super lucky!! 

Styling Tip: If you are styling leggings, please try to adhere to these rules. Does it over the bum? Check! Does it cover the hips? Check! Coverage of the front region of the body? Check! If all said areas are covered, then proceed out of the house!

The Sweater: Before and After

I have to say, I'm living in these leggings this season! They are incredibly comfortable, have a chicness to them with the faux leather side panel, and are warm when it's been brutally cold! Run out a get a pair or shop the link above! They are still available at Target. 

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Family, Sushine, and a Blanket....Scarf

Sweater: MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar/under $20); T-Neck: J.Crew (similar); 
Jeans: LOFT (similar); Booties: Farylrobin; Scarf: DIY (fabric Joann's); 
Shades: MbyMJ; Earrings: ?; Ring: Gift

On a chilly weekend afternoon a couple of weeks ago, the family was actually able to go outside for longer than five seconds! It was amazing! I was able to sit and soak up the sun, my son and husband played in the sandbox, and we had a our first picnic in ages. Glorious! 

But because it was still chilly, I needed to warm myself in a blanket.....a blanket scarf that is! Remember that post where I showed you how to make your own and then said I would reveal how I styled it? Well, I styled it three days in a row, wearing the same outfit back to back, and NEVER got a pic! So, what did I do? Make two more scarves and styled one of the three. It was the perfect accessory to the look and the only blanket I needed for the day.  

I love this photo, because as you will see below, it prompted a little someone to join me in our backyard shoot!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are kicking off the week in style!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Morning Chatter - Movies

Good Morning!! If you're just tuning in, you are reading the first installment of a weekly post about whatever is going on around me. Yes, I have a weekly blog that contains daily outfit looks, beauty posts, wishlists, and trend alerts. But, I'm not just about those things. I'm a mom, a wife, a dabbler in the home decor arena, a DIY enthusiast, an Etsy shop owner, baker, want to be cook, movie lover (although I never get to watch them), beer lover, wine drinker, and watcher of FRIENDS on Nick @ Night! And with this weekly post, I just want to talk. Talk about everything. Talk about nothing. Talk about my family. Talk about my friends, but not in a bad way. Talk about how many chocolate chip cookies I've eaten this week and wishing I hadn't made them! What you want find here is a discussion around religion, politics, or worldly events. I'm not knowledgeable enough to talk about them and who really wants to read about them outside of all the news. Not this girl!

So for this week, I thought I would talk about movies. With the SAG Awards taking place this weekend, it's only appropriate. I've only seen one nominated movie, Into the Woods, so I can't talk about those actual movies. I thought I would focus on the ones I have loved over the years. Happy and sad. Romantic and comedic. Movies that got me through rough patches, made me laugh when I wanted to cry, and helped me cry when I needed a good one. That's what I love about movies. They're like a good friend. They can get you through the good and the bad.

I was watching Peggy Sue Got Married the other night. I'm not sure how that wasn't ever nominated for an award. It was awesome! One of my favorites, although until earlier in the week, I had forgotten all about it. But that Nicolas Cage and Kathleen Turner, what a match! I remember watching that movie as a young teen and wondered what it would be like to be a teenager in the 50s. You got to wear awesome clothes (the hoop skirts were the best), listen to some great music, and have amazing basement parties complete with a boyfriend who was the lead singer of a boy band. I remember thinking how cool it would be to one of the couples in the movie and wondered if they liked kissing each other, had to follow the script and kiss only when it said, or if they were truly allowed to act like boyfriend/girlfriend and kiss when they wanted. When you're a young teen, I guess you think about kissing...a lot! God help me with this in years to come! 

There are the classic 80s movies that I literally rented over and over again. Remember when you could go into a video store, rent a movie, and then take it home to watch. Remember the cute little slogan "Be kind, please rewind." Such simpler times. But I digress. I'm pretty sure that I rented, and re-rented, Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink every weekend. Or if not every weekend, I alternated every other weekend. To date Jake Ryan or Blane ("That's a major appliance, not a name.") was a dream. St. Elmo's Fire, still a classic, was a little too old for me so I didn't watch it as often. And The Breakfast Club didn't really come into my life until much later in my teens. Still could relate, but not a frequent renter. All of those movies have quotes that are still relevant today, even their issues, and I love that my husband and I can banter back and forth with all the same favs. I just hope I can share them with my son when the time is right. "What's a happening hot stuff?" Classic!

Then there are those B rated movies where famous actresses claim they wish they had never appeared. Okay, that just burns me up, because don't we all need to start somewhere? And without those B rated movies, they wouldn't be where you are today, right? Take Sarah Jessica Parker for instance. She says she wishes she had never starred in Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Really?!? I loved that movie and wanted to be her or Janey. Who didn't want to be her? She got to dance, dance with that really hot guy, and win a spot on Dance TV. I remember dancing in my room and pretending I was her. The only thing I couldn't do was the gymnastics. Then there's Picture Perfect with my gal Jennifer Aniston. Another actress who states she wishes she had never made this type of movie. Okay, again, what's not to love about that movie? It got me through my single phase. I seriously watched it nightly. Or weekly at least. A girl in her late 20s, I'm guessing, just trying to make it in the world. Dresses a little quirky, told she's not serious enough, finds love in the most unusually of circumstances, loses said love, then wins him back. All things I was so hoping would happen to me during that stage of my life. True story, I was watching the movie one afternoon, making my bed (something I never do), and getting ready to head off to work (I worked retail), and my phone rang. It was a boy. A boy asking me on a date, not my husband, and I couldn't believe my luck. It has to be the movie, right? Seriously, this movie was my single girls therapy.

Then there are those movies that helped get me through the rough times. Okay, not really rough, but those days where I needed a good cry. I always look to Bridges of Madison of County. When she has her hand on the car doorknob, and he's staring at her in the rain, I always yell at the screen "Open the door. Open the door." No, I'm not one to promote adultery, but she loved Robert. And her own family never really loved her. Why shouldn't she go! I will always yell at the screen! Then there's Titanic. True story. The first time I ever saw the movie, I bawled. Seriously bawled. The second time I saw it, yes I saw it more than one time in the theater, I cried so hard that a man came over after the movie to make sure I was okay. I didn't realize I had cried so hard and apparently I had the shoulder shudder. You know the move. You cry so hard that your body shakes? Well, that's what happened to me and apparently it was enough to cause a stranger to be concerned. I cry every time I watch it. I never fails. I also cry (happy and sad tears) when watching Somewhere in Time, The Thorn Birds (made for TV but still a movie), Say Anything, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sweet Home Alabama, A Walk on the Moon, and Sleepless in Seattle

And lastly, there is the category of movies that just make me feel good. The movies that make me belly laugh, remember a different time in my life, or simply play in the background while I clean or cook. Clueless is hands down my go-to movie when I need something silly. A movie that I adore and can watch over and over again. Dirty Dancing because I just feel the need to do the merengue. When I need that laugh that comes from my toes, I turn to O Brother, Where Art Thou. Not everyone's cup of tea, but a movie we can't get enough of! Hilarious! "Oh George, not the live stock."

Okay, so there's on last category that my life would not be complete without and that's the romantic comedy. The movies are as follows: Down to You, A Lot Like Love, The Proposal, Never Been Kissed, Serendipity, Fever Pitch, The Twilight Saga, and Pretty Woman. Those really only scratch the surface, but you get my drift. Romance, romance, romance!! 

So that's it. My nod to all the movies that have shaped me, provided therapy, carried me through thick and thin, or simply made me happy. They aren't all award worthy movies and they don't have to be. They are all awarded "Andrea's Seal of Approval" and will continue to feed my soul. Now I just can't decide which one to pop into my DVD player. 

In the words of Daddy Warbucks, "Let's all go to the movies."

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Beauty - Moisturizing Oils

I've been reading a lot about body, facial, and hair oils, but I've been a little leery to try them. With facial oils, my skin is oily already, so I feared the facial oil would only make it worse. Body oil of my youth was simply Baby Oil and you talk about oily! You couldn't put on anything after using it because you were like an oil slick. And hair oils, well I could only imagine the grease pit my hair would be.

All of those fears were put to rest when I stepped foot in Sephora. I spoke to Tessa and she put me on the right path around oils. It turns out, I didn't need to worry about applying a facial oil because you can actually fight oil with oil! If your skin is thirsty, it will just absorb all that liquid you put in it. If it's lacking it, it will just try to produce it. Tessa talked to me about six different lines of moisturizing oils and I tested two on my hands. The first, Caudalie, left my hand feeling overly greasy. It eventually soaked in, but I felt like my fingers were oily for a while. The second was Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil Light and I loved it! It immediately soaked into my skin, my fingers felt normal afterward, and I wasn't afraid that I would be shiny upon use. 

I am extremely interested in purchasing L'Occitane Almond Smoothing Oil. According to Tessa, it's a great alternative to shaving creams. It doesn't leave you with razor burn and gives your skin the nourishment it needs. Sign me up! She also said that she uses the fresh facial oil, but it's truly intended for those with drier skin. Definitely something for me to stay away from! The NUDE line is organic and perfect for those who need a gluten free product. And lastly the Jurlique. This is great for those who are looking for something in the anti-aging department. Yes, I'm looking for that, but I feel like my actual moisturizers are currently doing the trick.


I walked away with the Josie Maran argan oil. It was perfect for what I'm looking for and my mom has already tried it! Tessa said that in addition to being a facial oil, she uses it on the ends of her hair to help dry split ends, her cuticles which is where my mom used it, and on curling iron burns. She even used it on a recent jellyfish sting! It's truly a multi-functional healing oil! 

I used it last night on my face and I couldn't get over how smooth it felt hours later. Tessa suggested that I use it at night for now just to see how it makes my skin feel. She said to place two small drops in my hand, rub my hands together, and then press onto my skin, not rub. That's exactly what I did. And, she said to use it before I applied my moisturizers for the day. I even used it on my cuticles before bed. And, because I'm using such a small amount, this little bottle will last me forever!

The next thing I'm going to try is the L'Occitane Almond Smoothing Oil. I will definitely let you know my thoughts on the product! After all my research, which one are you thinking of trying? Can't wait to hear!!

Happy Friday Beauties!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spring Trend Alert - Culottes

Who is excited to add a pair of culottes to their wardrobe for spring? This girl! The Zoe Report talked about it in December, People Stylewatch reported on it in their February issue, and Style My Way is telling you all about it today! I love the flared leg, the menswear inspired cut, and the fact that they come in so many different styles. Pleated, cuffed, flat front, side zipped, and elastic waist. They're made of wool, cotton, denim, silk, and lace. And I've found four pair that I would wear in a heart beat! 

Cropped sweaters, fitted tees, printed button downs, and little blazers are all pieces I would pair with these cool pants. As for shoes, I'm pretty sure I would wear heels with each and everyone one, but I could be persuaded to wear an oxford for a little throwback look. 

What do you think of the newest trend? Having flashbacks or a sudden interest to hit the checkout button? I can't wait to hear your response!

Happy Trends Thursday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January Tres Chic - A New Addition

Hey hey!! It's January, a Wednesday, and Tres Chic day! With a new year comes resolutions and goals, and by now they're either still going strong or have been put to bed. I don't typically make resolutions, I'm one to put them to bed, but this year is a little different. I posted a couple of weeks ago that my mom got me a Fitbit for Christmas and I'm not using it to lose weight. I'm using it to get moving! 

This is also the time of year where I find I get a little lazy. It's cold, you can't really get out and walk/run, and I don't like going to the gym because of the new year resolutioners taking up the treadmills. But with my cool gadget, I'm on the go! And because I'm on the go, I needed an awesome motivator to keep me going. What is that you ask? A great new pair of sneakers! I wanted something that didn't totally look like a sneaker, but instead had a little pazazz! And talk about pazazz! Nothing like a raspberry tennie to get you up and moving!

And I've teamed up with my fellow Tres Chic girls to give you a little more inspiration in the kicks department. Check out all the looks, links, and deets below!

I am in love with Caitlin's high tops!! A little old school and totally chic! 

 Lucca bike jacket similar here and here, Old Navy tee (old) similar here and here
Old Navy black jeansJ.Crew Nike high topsNickel and Suede scarfHouse of Harlow earrings 
Ralph sunnies, and David Yurman ring 

And here is our new addition! Let's welcome Jana of Jana Style Blog to our Tres Chic family! I met Jana a little over a year ago at a Rebecca Minkoff event at Hall's and we literally had started following each other on Twitter that afternoon! Been friends ever since! I love how Jana has kept the gray theme throughout the look, totally inspired by her gray Converse, and the coat is fab!!
  Black and White Cardi {Bogatte} Tee-Shirt {VS Pink} Dark Wash Denim {Vanity} Blue Handbag {c/o Audacious Boutique} Gray Converse {DSW similar} Necklace {gift} Sunglasses {Urban Outfitters}

I'm living in my Adidas tennie's! They are comfy, chic, and colorful which keeps me stylish while casual! I'm a happy girl!

 Vest: Land's End; Sweater: Magaschoni (similar); T-Shirt: Boden (various colors);  
Jeans: Banana Republic (similar); Scarf: Gift; Sneakers: Adidas via DSW; Shades: MbyMJ 

I am so excited about a new year for the Tres Chic girls! Tons of trends on the horizon, style challenges to tackle, and as always, we're looking for suggestions from you! Let us know what questions you have or styles you are interested in seeing. We are up for anything!

Stay chic!  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Metallic Gold

Sweater: MICHAEL Michael Kors (similar); Shorts: Zara (similar);
 Booties: Rebecca Minkoff (similar); Tights: Target; Handbag: Balenciag (similar); Belt: Ann Taylor;
 Necklaces: Ann Taylor (similar)/Tori Spelling (similar);
Rings: Gorjana/Tori Spelling (similar); Bracelets: J.Crew Factory/BaubleBar (similar); 
Shades: Tom Ford; Nail Color: Chanel Noir; Lip Color: MAC Dark Side

Last week I attended a Fashion Group International meet up regarding networking and connecting to make your business profitable. I learned some great tips for all facets of business and I can't wait to start applying the practices.

We met at the uber cool Garment District in Power and Light. We sipped champagne, listened to speaker Laurie Morrissey, and chatted with fellow business women about their current endeavors. And because we were going to be among some pretty fashionable ladies, I wanted to step up my game! I knew I wanted to wear the shorts, but the top was tricky. I tried on several different pieces, which were all great, but there was just something about this metallic gold! Gotta love a little shimmer!


The Sweater: Before and After

These tights were a total mistake! I thought I was grabbing my standard opaque pair, but instead I ended up with leopard. Totally worked out in my favor! I love the texture of the tights with the metallic cable sweater.

Black and gold just happen to be one of my favorite pairings. My alma mater colors just happen to be black and gold as well! How cute would this look at a basketball game? Too bad I wasn't this pulled together in college! 

Hope you're having a fashionable week!

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Classic Goes with Everything

Sweater: Piperlime (similar here/here); Jeans: Loft (similar); Shoes: Target;
Scarf: Gift (similar); Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff (black version); 
Necklaces: Stella & Dot/Rocksbox (c/o - fun option);
Bracelets: BaubleBar/J.Crew Factory (similar and under $10); Shades: MbyMJ

I am obsessed with my new sweater!! I purchased this little number a couple of weeks ago during the big Piperlime sale and got it for a steal! I love the abstract fair isle print! Of course it goes well with boyfriend jeans, but I'm also thinking of styling it with my leather mini skirt, worn over a dress for a skirt/sweater look, and possibly with faux leather leggings. (If the coverage isn't right, it won't be worn out of the house.) A classic sweater print goes with just about anything!



When Caitlin and I took these photos (thanks for the pics girl) it was freezing! We literally couldn't feel our fingers and toes after the shoot. But, after a little shoe shopping at DSW, a latte from Starbuck's, and a stroll around Target, we felt like our selves again. That is until we had to walk to our car! It's a good thing I had this sweater!

Happy Monday, Fashionista's!

Love the look? Don't forget you can always shop the links!
Sweater: Piperlime (similar here/here); Jeans: Loft (similar); Shoes: Target;
Scarf: Gift (similar); Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff (black version); 
Necklaces: Stella & Dot/Rocksbox (c/o - fun option);
Bracelets: BaubleBar/J.Crew Factory (similar and under $10); Shades: MbyMJ