Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Suits Me

Suit: Ann Taylor; Top: Nordstrom; Shoes: Banana Republic

This morning the temps were in the low 70s and only hitting the low 80s overall so I rejoiced by wearing my summer white suit. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I wore the tuxedo jacket (seen here) and lamented about not purchasing the pants to have a full suit? Well, I went back for the pants only to find them on sale and 40% off. I got a pair of $98 pants for $48! It pays to not purchase a full suit all at once.

The top I paired was once considered a "going out only" top and I'm really not sure why. Is it because it's sleeveless? I wear sleeveless all the time to work. Is it because of the draping neckline? I've worn other tops with lower drapes than this. Is it because it has that great built in necklace? I wear a necklace almost every day. So, I am no longer designating this for nighttime outings. Welcome to daylight my fun little top!

My husband asked me if this was my Saturday Night Fever look and I guess it could be if I was John Travolta and had a hairy chest! I could take this into an awesome "Saturday night on the town" look by adding a darling black sequin top that I tried on last night. It made for the most chic reversed tuxedo look and I'm now searching for an event, or just a dinner out, to wear said creation! Here's hoping!

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