Thursday, June 30, 2016

"You're a Shining Star, No Matter Who You Are..."

It has been exactly one month since I last blogged and it's a little bittersweet. This will be my last post with Style My Way and what better way to go out than with a Tulip Twist! When Robin asked me if I would like to participate, I jumped at the chance. I wasn't really sure how I would conclude my blog and this seems fitting. A little star tank to symbolize my rising star with a new adventure.

So why am I no longer going to blog? Well, that's not really the case. I'm just closing Style My Way as a chapter in my life. I'm no longer this girl. A fashion blogger. A personal style blogger. A stylin' girl. I'm a mama who doesn't really dress up anymore, who rarely wears make-up (or showers), and I haven't been inspired or excited to blog about anything fashion related, as you can see from my very visible absence from the blog. When you are no longer inspired to share things, it's really no longer a fit. And that's where I am with Style My Way.

 This tank, however! Let's talk about a perfect fit. I'm obsessed with it and can't wait to style it all summer long. It's perfect for days at the zoo and farmstead. Over a swimsuit with cut-off shorts. And it would be cute on a date night with the hubs. I will always be a girl who loves clothes and will continue to preach that leggings aren't pants and that you don't have to wear gym clothes to feel comfortable! This tank is a prime example! This is what I wore to McKinley's first swimming lesson this week. At 10:00 in the morning. See, you can be stylish when just sitting at a picnic table!


This is the silliest picture ever, but it makes me so happy. It's truly who I am. Over-joyed to be living the life I am, to be doing what I love, and to be starting a new adventure!!


So what's this new adventure? Well, I'm still a Stylist with Stella & Dot and loving it! It's truly what I needed in my life to feel like I have a career that allows me to live the life I want to live. However, I need something else. I still need a creative outlet in my life. A place where I can share my style, my life, and my inspiration. And that is with a new blog! I am a mama. I'm a mama with style. A mama celebrating moments with my family. A mama who loves to have a "mama drink" from time to time. A mama who keeps her five year old busy with activities around the city. A mama who likes to craft and show you what I'm making. I'm simply a mama and I am ready to blog about it! And it's coming your way soon!

In the meantime, thank you for the years of support you've given me. Whether it was my personal style, rants about what I think is fashionable, my DIY projects that sometimes worked, and simply allowing me to share what I love. It's been a fun six years!


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