Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Simple Black and White

Top: Boutique in NY; Jeans: Ann Taylor; Flip Flops: Tory Burch; Sunnies: MARC by Marc Jacobs
Sorry for the absense over the last couple of days! We had our big Drink Pink event on Monday and I was home sick yesterday! Still sick today but wanted to get this post up!
I love a classic black and white look. I threw this on over the weekend and felt chic even though it was super casual. White jeans are a great investment piece. The blank canvas allows for multiple looks and can truly be worn dressy or casz. The top is an oldie but goodie! Purchased on a trip to New York in 2008, it's still on trend today!

The Top: Before and After


Friday, July 26, 2013

Sweet Stripes

Dress: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Kate Spade; Sunnies: Prada; Bracelet: J.Crew (gift)
Oh my! This dress is simply amazing. Why, because it's simple yet so chic. I love the soft color of the stripes. They remind me of sherbert! And even though it's a halter, I wore it to work and never felt underdressed. (I did take a small sweater to combat the office air conditioning!)
Styling Tip: This is a great investment piece! It will take you from day to night, can be worn to weddings or showers and from brunch to date night! A timeless dress!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Bold Floral

Dress: Milly via Gilt; Shoes: Stuart Weitzman; Jacket: Levi's; Belt: J.Crew Factory;
Necklace: Ann Taylor; Sunnie: Prada; Lip Color: MAC It Girl
The day I wore this dress, I got free coffee! That's right. The guy behind the counter told me it was a "looking pretty discount"! I felt pretty all day! See, it "pays" to try a little!
I love this dress but felt like it might be challenging to style from the last time I wore it, seen here. Turns out, it was easier than I thought! I changed out the shoes, put on a statement necklace, added a slim belt in a complimentary color and my denim jacket for the cool office temp. I love it! And, a fuschia lip ties it all together!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Love of Shoes

I love shoes! I always have! I can't pin point that exact time in my life where I began the love affair, but I can recall countless pairs that have donned my feet over the years! There were the endless supply of Sam & Libby flats in the 90s. The sweet ballet flat with their oversized bow. I had them in every color!
Back in my day, flats were everything. No one wore heels. You had the flat above, the Eastland oxford where you wore your laces in a specific knot, flat, ankle boots that laced up and Keds, which I also had in every color!
My junior year in college I started working in retail. I started at The Limited and moved on to a small boutique in Jefferson City, MO. Millsap's, especially the owner Phyllis, introduced me to fashion and that's where my obsession truly began. I remember that Phyllis had a limited amount of shoes that she carried, but the ones she did were high end. Cole Hann was the first expensive shoe I ever owned. They were a chocolate brown, suede oxford with tassels. I wore them with everything! After college I continued to work in retail, moving to Kansas City to work for Harold's, a clothing company that designed their own line of apparel and shoes. Not many heels were manufactured. And, if there were heels, it was the standard 90s block heel. Great for standing on your feet all day as it helped keep the weight distributed equally. I remember a black, high shine heel I wore almost daily.
I broke out of retail in 1999 and I've never really looked back. Once in corporate America, I noticed that my style really took on a whole new look. I started wearing what I wanted, not what was mandated by the dress code of the store I was working for. I continued to wear the spill over shoes from Harold's, but I did start adding kitten heels and some with about a two inch heel. It wasn't until I started getting a subscription to Instyle Magazine and watching Red Carpet exclusives on E Television that I branched into full blown heels!
Today, I own quite a collection of shoes. They run the gamut of low end to high end and I really don't discriminate on designers or price. If the shoe fits, right? I do try to add a new designer to my collection, when I can afford it. You see, in my opinion, shoes are a work of art or can be. The printed fabrics, the leather details that are twisted into floral arrangements or the red sole bottoms of a Christian Louboutin. These all make for an amazing accent to any look or closet. Think about it. Cinderella had her glass slipper and Dorothy had her ruby, red slippers.
Below are a few of my pieces of art.

Sam and Libby photo courtesy of Etsy.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Packing - My Daily Outfit Layout

Earlier in the week I blogged about how I start packing for a trip and today I have for you my daily outfit creations. What I'm also going to show you is how I've doubled up wear with several items. Again, we are planning to take only one suitcase for the three of so space is limited! (This coming from a girl who packed five winter coats for a trip to NY several years ago!)
Take a look at what I've created below.  
This is what I plan to wear on the plane. I need layers in order stay somewhat warm on an airplane. Does anyone else freeze? I've added a blazer and scarf for both texture and necessity! Slip on shoes are a must when going through security but I plan to pack socks so I'm not walking across the disgusting floor in bare feet!
As I mentioned before, Saturday is already planned with our "cousin" t-shirt! I'm not about to reveal the design so you will just have to wait for daily outfit posts post-trip! However, I plan to wear my Loft boyfriend jeans and a surprise shoe!
Sunday is the picnic style family reunion. I picked this darling dress for ease and comfort. However, the forecast is calling for cooler temps so I'm taking along my white blazer that I wore on Friday. (And I've already changed my mind on the styling. Substituting red for neon yellow!) Later in the day will be a little more relaxed. The boyfriend jeans are a repeat from Saturday, as is the blazer from Friday and earlier in the day!
Monday we visit with my dad's side of the family. Depending on the temps, and how I feel, I'll either wear shorts or mint jeans with this fav eyelet top! This shoe is the only one not on repeat and I'm thinking about trading it out.
It's already Tuesday and time to head home. The skinnies and scarf from Friday will be in rotation, along with the silver Tory Burch flats from Sunday. A cute striped sweater is what will keep me warm on the flight home.   

I do have one extra look in mind. My beloved striped tee that can be mixed with either my mint or boyfriends jeans and I'll probably throw in an extra pair of shorts just in case. This optional look will go with any of the shoes already shown.
I feel I've done a pretty good job in keeping my side of the suitcase in check. It's a good mix of layers, textures and comfortable pieces that won't have me longing for my closet. What are your thoughts on my packing strategy? Do they work?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Class Airport Style

In keeping with the theme of travel, and my packing for the trip later this week, I've decided to blog about airport style! It's amazing what you see when arriving at the airport these days. I remember when I was younger, everyone dressed up to fly. It may not have been your Sunday best, but you still dressed up to travel. One summer we flew to visit my aunt and grandmother and I will never forget what I wore. My mom had made me some darling summer dresses in the large Laura Ashley inspired florals. Does anyone out there remember Laura Ashley dresses? I never owned one, they were too expensive, so my mom made them for me.
During this particular summer, I had two floral dresses. One was cream with pale blue flowers and the other was navy with red flowers. They were fitted at the waist with full skirts. Vintage in design but so on trend for the mid 80s. I had also discovered hats that summer and had matching floral bands to interchange with the dresses. They were tied in the bow in the back and hung slightly down the back brim. I was so in love with this look! I felt so grownup even if I was only 12!
Times have changed and so has my style, obviously! Today, I still get dressed up to travel, but I take it to a more comfortable state. I wear jeans versus dresses, but I always ensure there is an element of class. Joel feels the same way. And, I'm going to instill that in McKinley as well. So as I pack for the trip, and plan my travel wear, I thought I would pay homage to some of my favorite celebrity airport styles! These gals looks are first class!!
As you can see I'm a huge fan of the dark pallete when traveling! Skinnies, check! Blazer, check! Scarf, check! Hat, at times. All of these looks are effortless and chic.
  Gwyneth Paltow and Jennifer Lawrence

  Jessica Alba and Kylie Minogue
  Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham

And what blog post wouldn't be complete without my girl Jennifer! As you know, my girl crush on Jennifer Aniston is rather large! Here is a look back on her airport style.

What do you wear when you travel? Are you the pajama wearing girl or the chic frequently flyer? Let's discuss!


First eight photos courtesy of Marie Claire.
First four photos of Jennifer Aniston courtesy of People Style Watch.
Last photo of Jennifer Aniston courtesy of Star Style.