Monday, August 22, 2011

Skirting the Issue

Skirt: Boutique in Southern CA; Scarf: Ann Taylor;
 Necklaces: Silpada; Shoes: Tori Burch

Friday night my husband and I loaded up McKinley and headed out for dinner at Old Chicago. I worked from home that morning and took the afternoon off to keep McKinley which was so much fun. He's such a blast to hang with! Anyway, I didn't really get dressed until Joel got home and really didn't know what to wear. I just didn't feel like throwing on the same ol' boyfriend jeans I've been sporting for weeks now and I'm feeling so self-conscious about the way my clothes fit. I just feel very limited these days.

I decided to actually wear the skirt I blogged about last year. (Seen here and I'm wondering if I still have those shoes!) I thought it was a great idea when I styled it but then never had the nerve to actually wear it in public. I got over that pretty fast this weekend. And, I'm pretty sure I can style this for fall. Ideas to come...

I tried several belt options and I settled on a black studded thin one. I started playing around with scarves to add a little color and texture to the "dress" when I decided to remove the belt and try a scarf belt instead. At first I tried knotting it and letting the fringe hang long. Didn't like that. So I tried wrapping it twice and twisting the ends along the scarf. The end result is a small knot with a tiny amount of fringe for texture. (Sorry the photos blurry but I wanted you to get the gist.) The scarf itself is white with silver metallic running through it.

I joined the Old Chicago World Beer tour years ago and I am currently on my fifth tour. I'm working toward my tenth in which I get my very own Stein that is kept at the restaurant with my name on it! Anyway, you have to drink 110 beers in order to complete the tour. There isn't a time limit on completion. And, during your first tour, there are milestones along the way in which you receive prizes. For those of us on our multiple tour, you get a cash prize when you hit half way and a final prize at 110. Last tour I got a grill set. Not sure what I get when I complete five.

Through out the year there are mini tours in which you get a specialized t-shirt upon completion. This mini tour was their summer can tour and I fell short of completing with three beers to go. I took a couple of pics of the cans because I liked their designs. The first one, the Halcyon Wheat was horrible. I'm not a big fan of the unfiltered wheat but I loved the cute can design! The second I actually enjoyed. Liked the can design as well, and if you look closely, there are little bees flying around the keg. And, the beer is just like it says, smooth and creamy.

Okay, back to your originally scheduled fashion blog...

What do you think of the nail polish? It's the new Chanel Peridot that's all over the fashion magazines these days. At first I was a little unsure, but I was wearing a white flip flop so the color was really bold against the stark white. As I've worn darker soled shoes, I like the hue that the polish takes on with each shoe. I love these thongs. The black and silver snake skin-esque leather is a nice neutral. 

Would you wear a skirt as a dress? Would you have guessed this dress was actually a skirt? Is there an item hanging in your closet that you could wear as something it was intended for and rock it? Not sure I'm rocking it, but I am comfortable and thinking of other ways to style it!

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