Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spot Me

Top: Elizabeth & James (different color);Tank : Banana Republic;
Jeans: Loft; Shoes: Pour la Victoire (different color);
 Bangles/Earrings: Silpada; Ring: Banana Republic;

Last Friday was casual Friday, but I just wasn't in the mood for tradition denim. And, it is so hot that the thought of wearing jeans just makes me sweat! However, these spotted jeans just didn't seem to say the same thing as regular denim. Odd, I know! And, this airy top was perfect combating the heat! 


How I've worn these jeans before:

What is your go to look when its too hot to think about getting dressed?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Drink Pink

Today is our Drink Pink for the Cure breast cancer luncheon and I am so excited to get this day started! This our fourth annual luncheon and it is set to be one of our largest yet! We are a seven committee member group that started an annual breast cancer awareness luncheon and hope to have our 510C3 paper work completed this time next year to be a full fledged non-profit organization!! To date, our small committee has raised over $27,000! How amazing is that?!

In honor of our sweet luncheon, I wear something pink every year, however I never get a photo of said look! You can see photos from previous years our website. Just click on 2012 luncheon and photos are available from there. Anyway, I'm hoping today is different because I am so excited about my outfit!! Fingers crossed that I can get one in and that I haven't had too many signature cocktails before hand. Did I mention we serve a signature champagne cocktail? So yummy! 

I am not what you would call a "pink girl". I stick to black, gray, red and occasion pops of color. This season has been a true transformation for me as I tend to wear black most often. As I've thought about my lack of pink, I decided to take a look back over my pink 2012 season.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Black & Blue - Styled My Way

Earlier this week I blogged about my new found love for black and blue. Again, I've always loved the colors separately, just not worn together. My first black/blue colorblock purchase was made years ago at Nordstrom. I got a Diane von Furstenburg dress on super sale but it took me forever to actually wear it! 

The first time, well actually, the only time I've worn the dress was to a wedding a couple of years ago. The dress is perfect for the office, dressier occasions like a wedding and interviews. Who doesn't love a multifunctional piece in their wardrobe! I know I do and will have to make sure I pull this from the depths of my closet for later this summer. There is a very similar style at Ann Taylor that would fit all the same categories listed above. You can find it here

Continue reading to see other ways I've paired this color combo!  

What I love about the black/blue combo is that it doesn't have to stop at navy. Aqua and royal blue are great accent colors against black.

One dress styled two different ways with black:

One of my new favorite color combos!

Add a cropped black blazer to a fun top to make casual Friday's a little more dressy!

   How do you pair black and blue? Is it one of your favorite colorblocks or one you steer clear of completely?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mint Julep

Dress: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (gift);
Bracelet: Ann Taylor; Earrings: Hope, Faith, Miracles

This is what happens when you pair a beautiful sheath with fabulous shoes! You get a look that can go in so many different directions. Sure, I wore this to work, but this would be perfect for a wedding or special dinner out with your special someone.And again, its all about the details. I love the tiny ruffle at the shoulder and the scalloped edge of the shoe. And speaking of details, check out the amazing the heel! Just another reason why Manolo Blahnik is a shoe genius!

Sorry for the indoor shots. When it is 107 at 5:00 pm, there is no where to take a photo but from the comfort of my living room. Hopefully later in the summer this dress will get the light it deserves.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Early Birthday!

Top: Ann Taylor; Pants: J.Crew; Cuff: Ann Taylor (gift);
Shoes: Burberry Prorsum via Net-A-Porter; 
Watch: Emporio Armani (gift)

 I purchased this top a couple of weeks ago at Ann Taylor's summer sale and forgot all about it. I found it this weekend while straightening up. It was still in the bag wrapped in tissue paper! It was like my birthday only four months early. Who doesn't love that!

What I love about this top is the contrast piping in faux leather. You can't really see it in the photos, but I feel like it adds a bit of luxe to such a simple top. And the little zipper is so cute! You know me! I'm a sucker for details. And the leather cuff with large gold lock really pulls it all together. Simple yet such a statement!

How I've worn these pants before:


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Black & Blue - Ann Taylor's Way

I for one was never a fan of the black and blue combo! I don't really know why I was against it. I love blue and I love black. I just never loved them together. That opinion has quickly changed over the past year or so and I'm loving that Ann Taylor is all about the black and blue combo for later summer!

As I browsed their new arrivals this weekend, I found entirely too many pieces that I want to add to my closet. That's what I get for not shopping all summer! I now want to turn my focus to that transition period of summer to fall and spend all of my money now! Not a good thing for the wallet, but so good for my closet.

Here is a look at the pieces I must have!

Lace Sheath Dress

Perfect Animal Print Suede Pumps

Striped Topper
Lace Slim Cropped Pant
Leather Runway Crossbody Bag

Later this week I will post how I've paired this awesome color combo in the past.

All photos courtesy of Ann Taylor.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Keeper!

Dress: BCBG via Rue La La; Shoes: Nicole Miller (similar);
Jewels: Silpada; Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I love this dress and I wonder why? Because it kind of reminds me of this dress! Same designer, same cut! That's probably why! I purchased this while pregnant, another one of those purchases, in hopes that it would fit last year. Well it didn't, but it does this year! And, when your husband tells you that he really likes that dress and that he thinks you look pretty, its a keeper! 

Because of the simple black and white, I really wanted to add color. And, the only colorful summer shoes are these sunny yellow pumps. I'm hoping to find a yummy apple green or bright orange. Maybe end of summer sales will produce something amazing!



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keep, Toss or Giveaway?

My friend Tina started a blog, Tina's 100 Day Challenge, and I've been inspired! She is challenging herself to get rid of one item every day for the next 100 days. It might be a set of something but it is still considered one item for that day. As I look around my house, I see plenty that I can get rid of, starting with my bathroom! Now, this is just one cleanup effort of several, but its start!

My nail polish collection was running a muck! I love nail polish, but I needed to get real about the amount of polish I actually needed. See below the clutter that I was facing!

And then there was this drawer!! A drawer that I literally threw anything and everything into that I wasn't sure what to do with.  As you can see, it was just a tad cluttered. So, I pain painstakingly went through each item and made piles; keep, toss or giveaway. Because it's makeup, how could I possibly giveaway you ask? It was stuff I've never used! Lipsticks that were samples from bonus time giveaways that I knew wouldn't work on my skin tone. Lipglosses for the same reasons. And, all of the polish from above that never gets worn, or I had in similar colors, made the giveaway pile as well.


Below is the outcome. I took little baskets that were already under the counter and used them in the above drawer. I've dedicated this drawer to all nail polish and I've tried to organize it by color. Now, I can open my drawer, find the color I want, and apply. No more opening a cabinet door and prowling through endless bottles to find the one I want. I am super happy with the result.

And why stop at the bathroom clutter? I moved on to the jewelry drawer of my dresser. As you can see from the two photos below, I had a mess of jewels that I sort through on a daily basis. I'm often asked, "how do you remember what you have" and from the looks of things below I'm not sure either! I literally opened every black bag to find the piece I was looking for. Super inefficient!  I scoured the organization aisle at Target last weekend to see what I could find. And....

I found these awesome individual compartment dividers! I would have preferred to have them all in black, but I do love how the hot pink adds a little color each time I open the drawer. And now I can see everything I own! And, like in the bathroom, I've made my "giveaway" pile but this time I plan to consign. Why not make a little money off of my bling, right? (Side note: I have now dedicated two small drawers in my dresser to my jewelry. Once a sock drawer that was cleaned out and placed elsewhere, I have doubled my jewelry space.)

Have we inspired you to do the same? If so, let me know how you organized your things for a more functional you! Up next....the dreaded closet organization! I need an entire week to get that completed. I did, however, purchase new hangers. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Casz Date Night

Top: BCBG; Jeans: Loft (similar); Belt: Target (similar);
Shoes: TOMs; Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs;
Necklace: old but a sweet sentiment
 "Be True to Your Dreams"

Friday was a very low key day for me. Hence the boyfriend jeans, slouchy top and TOMs! But, I still wanted to look pulled together so I opted to tuck in the top and add color with my favorite neon, yellow belt! Voila! A date night look that took little effort but didn't thrown together. And, I completed the summer mini tour at Old Chicago. A great night all the way around!