Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday Wants - A Kelly Moore Bag

When I received my camera from my parents a couple of Christmas' ago, I was elated! I had wanted a professional camera for sometime, but it wasn't something I was going to purchase for myself. That was just too pricey for a simple want, not need. And it came with a standard camera bag that was perfect for my Nikon and an extra lens. It ran it's course for a couple of years. Then I took it to my sons swimming lesson, and before I knew it, he threw up all over it! I haven't carried a camera bag since.

When I take it my camera out for blog pics, photos that friends are taking, I usually just throw it in the handbag I'm carrying and head out the door. If we're traveling, I place it neatly in a carry-on bag and hope all is well when we arrive. Not the best way to treat it, huh? I know I need a bag, but I don't really want a canvas bag that looks like a simple camera bag. That's just not my style. So now I'm on the hunt for the perfect bag and I think I've found them in Kelly Moore! 

What I love about the Kelly Moore bags is that they are more than just a camera bag. They are replacement for a handbag and allows you to carry everything you can possibly imagine. It even has a compartment for a laptop. The perfect travel bag in my opinion. Just check out my top picks!

Aren't they awesome? And again, I love that they look like a cute handbag, but really they are holding all your travel essentials and then some! 

My personal favorite is "A Beautiful Mess". A great tote that also makes a cross-body bag for when you need your hands free. They also come in various colors, but I always seem to gravitate toward black. It goes with everything and hides scratches and smudges. 

Are you in the market for a new camera bag? If so, what do you think of the Kelly Moore Collection? Which one is your favorite?

P.S. The Pioneer Woman was just talking about the "Libby" bag on her blog and was giving two away! It's her favorite camera bag, but she too loves it for all it's roomy compartments! Great minds....

Monday, October 5, 2015

Comedy Night

 Leather Jacket: MICHAEL by Michael Kors (similar); Lace Top: Joie (similar here); Tank: Target;
Heels: Marc Fisher (c/o - similar); Handbag: Gucci (vintage gift/cute option); 
Necklaces: J.Crew (cute option)/Tori Spelling (similar); Lip Color: MAC Dark Side

The hubby and I had yet another date night over the weekend. We've had more nights out in the past couple of weeks than we've had in about two years. And I'm loving it! He took me to see Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy and I laughed so hard I cried off all my eye makeup and left with sore abs! They were hilarious! Prior to that, we had dinner at Flying Saucer. It was our first time there and we will definitely go back. I loved the fact that they had over 200 craft beers on hand. Since I'm a beer girl, this is definitely my kind of place! 

I originally tried pairing the lace top with this fur jacket, but it just didn't read the way I had it in my head. So, I opted for the classic moto jacket. Honestly, you can never go wrong with your moto jacket girls! It's the perfect piece. Flared jeans, peep-toe booties, and layers of jewels completed the look!


The Jacket: Before and After


Oh, and my vintage Gucci handbag made its first appearance since roughly 1990. This little bag was perfect for the evenings essentials. And I later discovered it made an awesome cross-body bag.  

 Leather Jacket: MICHAEL by Michael Kors (similar); Lace Top: Joie (similar here); Tank: Target;
Heels: Marc Fisher (c/o - similar); Handbag: Gucci (vintage gift/cute option); 
Necklaces: J.Crew (cute option)/Tori Spelling (similar); Lip Color: MAC Dark Side
I'm not sure why, but I always turn to black for an evening out. Black is definitely my signature color, and really, a color that goes with anything. And, it makes a statement without trying to hard. 

What is your go-to date night or evening out look? Let's discuss!

Hope you've kicked off the week in style, Fashionista's!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spring to Fall

Denim Dress: JCPenney (great option); Belt: Ann Taylor (fun option); Heels: Coclico (staple pair); 
Shades: Target; Rings: Gorjana (similar); Necklaces: The Zoe Report/Stella & Dot; 
Bracelets: Kate Spade/Tulip Boutique; Nail Color OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

I love a piece that can be worn season after season. This denim dress was something I wore in late spring for a day out with McKinley and if it ain't broke.... I wore this dress yesterday for another day out with McKinley and I love that I can take it from spring to fall! Yesterday we went to story time at the library, had lunch with Meme, and then I ventured out to the grocery store while he opted to stay at Meme's and play. I would have chosen that as well! But, having a dress like this to get me through a busy day, just enhanced it's closet power!

I had a hard time styling the shoes. I literally tried on every "fall" pair I could think of that weren't four to five inch heels. I love the booties with dresses/skirt trend, but it cut off the length of my leg, and it left my legs looking stubby. Not a good thing! I'm not ready for tall boots, it just feels too early, but it turned chilly this afternoon, so maybe I should have worn them. In the end, a low neutral heel was the way to go.

Styling Tip: Be mindful of trends. Again, I love the bootie trend that's currently taking place, but be careful of length. A bootie that comes over the ankle, but a skirt that comes to the knee, you run the risk of cutting off half the leg. Don't do it! A tall boot with the same length skirt, that's okay. Just play with proportions and make sure you're showing off those gams!!

 The Dress: Before and After


One more thing, when looking at pieces that you want to take you from season to season, invest in key pieces like a denim dress. What I love about this one is the length, the versatile sleeves that can be rolled up for a 3/4 look or rolled down for a full sleeve. This will be great paired with a chunky sweater and tights. There are so many ways to style it which makes it a wardrobe staple!

Hope your Wednesday is stylin!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My DIY - The Vintage Hand

Years ago I was a young entrepreneur who had her own jewelry business. I designed, made, and sold my own pieces. I rented booth space for two years at the annual Overland Park Arts and Crafts Fair, I sent out monthly newsletters to my customers, held home parties, and consigned pieces with two boutiques. After several years of sporadic sales, and becoming a repair shop for pieces that weren't mine, I decided to close shop. I loved it and wanted to to become so much more, but in reality, I just didn't have the man power (or funds) to grow it.

My booth decor was very vintage inspired. I hung pieces from antique jewelry boxes, wrought iron stands, and this vintage ceramic hand. It was one of my favorites and my rings looked darling dangling from the funky piece. It's actually one of the only pieces I kept. I've tried incorporating into my bedroom several times, but the white and pink dots just simply clashed. Then I got the brilliant idea to paint it gold! Where this idea was five years ago is beyond me!

So ran to Michael's and picked up a couple of tiny cans of gold spray paint and got to work. 

At first I was worried about the polka dots. They're raised so I thought I might take sandpaper and try to sand them down. But then I feared I would completely ruin the piece. So I painted right over them. The result, cute! I don't mind the dots and they aren't nearly as distracting as I thought they would be. I love it! It took two coats and a thorough exam to make sure all the white had been covered. In between the fingers was where I found most of my missed areas.

I love how it looks with all my other pieces on my dresser. It really does compliment the rest of the decor. And I love how it showcases some of my favorite rings!


I love that paint is such a simple way to turn nothing into something! A piece I almost parted with, because I couldn't make it work in it's original state, gets a little face lift while adding a sophistication to my dresser. 

Are there pieces in your home that you've looked at time and time again and thought it needed a little upgrade? Share with us what it was and how you made it new again. I love breathing new life into tired things. 

And I promise, we're still working on the chair. It's slow going when you only get a day here or three hours there. I hope to have it completed by the end of the year. As for the bar? I have a few finishing touches to add and will be sharing it with you all soon!

Monday, September 28, 2015

That One Other Time...

 Vest: Zara; Tank: Loft; Jeans: 7 For All Mankind; Sandals: Rachel Comey;
Bracelets: My Own Mix; Shades: Target; Necklaces: The Zoe Report/Stella & Dot

I purchased this vest back in the spring and haven't worn it. Wait, I take that back. I wore it with those awful white Gap jeans I purchased for $10. It poured down rain, my pants got dirty from leaning up against the car to get McKinley in and out, and I was miserable for the rest of the day. Then summer came and I just didn't get a chance to style it.

I love it paired with flares. I was leery at first. I was afraid the bulk of the jean would be overwhelming with the vest. Turns out, it elongates instead. Happy girl when I can appear taller and a little thinner! 


 I definitely think this vest will pair well with dresses. I just have to find the right style. Could be kind of cool with a maxi. Thankful for fall and the ability to layer! 

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Start the new week of flare!

Happy Monday, Fashionistas!

Friday, September 25, 2015

It's All About Change

 Top: LC Lauren Conrad; Tank: Loft; Jeans: Loft (similar); Heels: Rachel Comey; 
Handbag: Kooba; All Jewelry Silpada

With fall comes change and I decided to make a change with the old do! I blogged a couple of weeks ago regarding shaking things up in the hair department, and when I walked into my stylists room yesterday, she was ready!! I was so excited that we were both on the same page! She is amazing! Thanks for the new me, Lisa!! 

This sweet LC Lauren Conrad top is so romantic! I love an edgy look, but I do love to play around with feminine pieces from time to time. I'm looking forward to taking this darling top in a dark direction! Post closet clean out, I'm having so much for with my wardrobe. I think a lot of it has to do with the change in the weather and I'm okay with that. Change is good! It keeps you motivated, and in this case, challenged. 


Top: LC Lauren Conrad; Tank: Loft; Jeans: Loft (similar); Heels: Rachel Comey;  
Handbag: Kooba; All Jewelry Silpada

With the change of the season, is there anything that you are motivated to change? If so, share it with us! I love hearing everyone's stories!

Happy Friday, Fashionista's! Make it a great one!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Wants - Gray Over-the-Knee Boots

Ever since I saw Rachel Zoe in the look below, I haven't been able to stop thinking about over-the-knee (OTK) boots. And we're not talking just any OTK boot. We're talking about thigh high and I am obsessed! I've been searching for about a year for the perfect pair, but nothing has caught my eye....until now! 

I've found the six perfect pairs of gray OTK boots that I think would work to pull off this look. I realize her's are more on the taupe side, but I'm thinking gray will go with more of the pieces in my closet. I'm hoping my look comes close. I mean, who can really emulate Rachel Zoe? No one! We've all tried but there's just no second best! 
So here is the look I adore!

And here are my picks!

Aren't they all simply amazing? I love them! I'm especially partial to pair number one from Steve Madden. I love the length and the cool tie in the back. So chic and a little on the tough side, no? Obsessed!
What do you think of my inspirational look from Rachel? A great transition look and could be worn for both fall and spring. This look is the epitome of why I think of her as my style guru. She's flawless!
What do you think of the boots? A style you would consider? Let me know your favs!