Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shopbop: Hostess Gifts

I have several parties coming up this weekend and I'm trying to think outside the box in terms of of hostess gifts. I always seem to give the same thing, a bottle of wine or a plate of baked goodies like cookies or bread. This year I'm thinking of going down a more chic route and I'm loving these little nuggets I recently found! There's something for the fashionista, the wine lover, the neat freak, the foodie, coffee expert, and the baker. And each one is as sophisticated at the next! See my favs below!

What's on your list for the host or hostess in your life?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dancin' in my Seat

Top: Joie (similar); Tank: Loft ($10); Pants: J.Crew (gift/similar); Heels: Sole Society (c/o/similar)
Clutch: Ann Taylor (similar); Bracelets: J.Crew/Banana Republic; Lip Color: MAC Ruby Woo

Saturday afternoon my hubby and I attended Motown the Musical and had a blast! The music, and performances, were incredible! They just don't make music like they used to! I don't know how anyone was able to sit still in their seat. I was constantly tapping my foot, rocking my shoulders, or nodding my head to the beat. If I could have, I would have been on my feet getting my groove on!

This is not the look I had planned. I was all dressed, only to find moth holes in my favorite cashmere dress! Thank god I discovered them before I left the house. I scoured my closet, looking for the next best thing, when I stumbled on these pants. I love these pants! And side note, they fit 10 times better than they did last year. Love that even more! I decided to glam them up with black lace and delicate heels. I went with bracelets versus necklaces to keep it simple. A touch of red lips and we were out the door!

 The Pants: Before and After

Hope you're having a fashionable week!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Holidays at Crown Center

Sweater: Anthropologie (old/fun option); T-Neck: Loft (similar); Jeans: Loft
Boots: Sole Society (c/o/similar); Handbag: MbyMJ (gift/similar); Shades: Loft
Every year we have a tradition of heading down to Crown Center for a day of fun. We take McKinley to lunch at Fritz's, his favorite place to dine, and then head across the street to play on all the over-sized wooden toys. The first year we went, he was only eight months old, so it was a pretty quick trip. At a year and a half, he was barely walking, but we had a blast. Last year he didn't really know what to do first. He was a little overwhelmed and seemed more enamored by the fountains than the toys. This year, he was crazy! He literally ran from one piece to the next. I loved watching him playing, using his imagination for each toy, and asking us to join him on this journey. It was a great day!

It didn't end there. We walked over to Union Station to check out the train displays. I've never seen anything like it. I was like a kid! If it wasn't McKinley telling us to look at something, I was telling him to look! And, to top it all off, he got to ride in a train around the darling Christmas display in the main hall. This was the best day and I can't wait for next year! 

Even the weather was amazing! It was a gorgeous mid 50s day with sun. I knew we were going to be outside for most of the day and I didn't want to have to wear or carry a coat. And, I wanted to look a little festive for the occasion. I reached for my favorite sweater, skinny jeans, and boots. The perfect combo for a day of play. What I didn't anticipate was all the walking! My dogs were tired!

This sweater is an oldie but goody. I've had it for years and can't seem to part with it. And, I received tons of compliments on it so I can't even begin to think of tossing it now! It really is the best sweater for this time of year! 

What are some of your holiday traditions? And, how do you try to look festive without going over the top? I can't wait for you to share!

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Shopbop: Party Pieces

I've got party on the brain! Whether it's a holiday party that's on the horizon, or New Year's Eve, I'm so into styling party looks right now! Earlier in the week I showed you my party shoe picks. Today I'm bringing you my Party Pieces picks! Instead of going the party dress route, I decided to go with separates, bottoms really, that I feel will make a great impact on the party circuit! However, I did have to pick my signature jumpsuit fav! I mean, what party look isn't complete without a jumpsuit, right? But as much as I love it, I have to say that the metallic wide leg pants are everything! Paired with a sleek, black t-neck and the chunkiest statement necklace I can find, I would wear them in an instant. But the striped skirt.... It's the one piece I dream of adding to my wardrobe!


What piece is your favorite? I could find a reason, place, and/or event to wear each piece! They are truly timeless, classic separates. And even better, they would all go with the shoes I picked! Gotta love when it all comes together!

Happy Friday, Fashionistas!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Girl's Night

 Jacket: H&M (similar); Tank: Target; Shorts: Zara (similar); Tights: We Love Colors;
Booties: Marc Fisher (c/o/similar); Necklaces: Ann Taylor/Tori Spelling (similar);
Belt: ASOS; Shades: MbyMJ; Lip Color: Chanel (c/o People Style Watch)

Monday night was our annual Holiday Girl's Night Out! For the past three years, my girlfriends and I go out to dinner to just simply hang out before the holidays take over and we don't see each other until after the first of the new year. We gabbed over pasta and wine and it was delightful!

Prior to the night out, I spent the day playing excavators with my son inside and out in the sandbox. For a winter afternoon, it was just warm enough to play outside for about 45 minutes. Prior to this getup, I was in boyfriend jeans and a fisherman's sweater. What a difference faux leather shorts make, huh?

And let's talk about this jacket for a minute. I picked this up at H&M for $10 on clearance! That's right, $10! Yet another point to my whole "you can afford to shop" post. It's a great fuzzy fleece piece that is warm and comforting. Just what a girl needs when in the warmth of girlfriends!

The Shorts: Before and After

 What are the pieces you're wearing this holiday season? Apparently, I'm very into black and leather (real or faux). Let's see what else I style up for all the other festivities we have planned! And to see if I can break out of my black phase!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

One Look - Where to Wear

Jacket: Nordstrom (similar); Dress: Nordstrom (similar); Shoes: T-Neck: Ann Taylor;
 Manolo Blahnik (gift/similar); Tights: We Love Colors;  Necklaces: 
Loft (similar under $20!)/BaubleBar (similar under $20); Bracelet: J.Crew (gift/similar under $20)

Last Saturday was a busy day around town. First, we hit my dad's photography show downtown, which was in a really cool space, followed by lunch downstairs from the show. If you haven't been to Antone's Taproom, get there soon. Great food and a really cool atmosphere!  Second, we attended our first holiday party of the season. I was planning on changing into my second look of the night, but my hubs convinced me that this was definitely a party worthy look. Gotta love a look that literally goes from day to night!

Another great thing about this look is that it's great for work. You can take it straight to happy hour. It would also be perfect for a work holiday party. It's not terribly fancy, but it has a sophistication with being all black. Simply switch out your over-sized work handbag for a little clutch and you're good to go.

What do you think of the new 'do? I love it! I was in such a bad hair place before my last cut. But now, I am over the moon! It's shorter, yes, but it's also a lot darker. Makes me feel mysterious! 

The Dress: Before and After

 I am in love with this faux fur jacket! I love how it amps up denim seen here but compliments leather as well! The perfect piece! Since I'm so obsessed with faux fur these days, have I convinced you to make a purchase? If so, what are you looking to buy? Or better yet, have you asked Santa for it? Let's discuss!

Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Holidays - The Good Stuff

I love this time of year. As I've told my husband in the past, I have a feeling of peace. That even though there's that hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays, there's a sense of joy and calm around me. And I want to spread that peace and joy with others. I mean, isn't that what this whole season is all about in the first place?

I love to give gifts. And I love watching people open the gift they've received! I truly try to think about the perfect gift(s) for my friends and family. Over the past year or so I've really enjoyed giving homemade gifts. There's something so personal about making something with your hands and heart and then passing it on to your loved ones. My favorite gift I've given was homemade apple butter and bread. I was able to spend time in the kitchen with my mom, which I love doing, and everyone who received the goodie basket seemed to be in heaven. Knowing they appreciated such a sweet gift made my heart sing!

Not only do I love giving to the people in my life, I try to make an effort to give to those in need. Any time I see an Angel Tree, I can't help but take one or more angels from the tree. We have so much that I feel it's important to give to those less fortunate. And this year, I'm trying to emphasis this to my three year old son. Together, we took two new toys to a Toys for Totes bin, and I had my son place each toy in the box. I explained to him that there are other little boys and girls that may not have something under their tree this year, and we needed to make sure we could make that happen. I loved watching him give that little gift.

 But even with all that happiness, peace, and joy, sometimes the holidays can be a stressful. One of the things I try to do to alleviate that stress is shop all year. I know that may sound crazy, but why do we feel we have to shop all during the month of December in order to give someone the perfect gift? If I'm out and about and see something I know my husband would love, I get it. If there's that darling pair of earrings I think my girlfriend will wear, I'm at the checkout with that pair in hand. Spreading out my purchases over twelve months really helps my wallet! And, even though I lost my job in April, I'm not feeling that tug on my purse strings because I've had a few things checked off my list for months now. Something to consider come January! 

And speaking of savings during the holiday, hop on over to for some amazing gift giving ideas! I especially love the beauty stocking stuffer ideas! My mom always fills my stocking with some of the cutest beauty needs. For the nail art enthusiast, check out the featured Essie mani set! I love the little The Body Shop gift cubes and tubes! Normally $10, they are offering two for $15! They would be a perfect gift to yourself for saving all that money! They are darling! Headed off to a holiday party and in need of a hostess gift? Check out the Bath and Body Works hand soaps! The packaging is so cute and the price is right at $6.50! And while you're there, enter the "The Good Stuff Holiday Sweepstakes 2014"! It runs from 12/8 to 12/25. They'll be picking three separate winners to win a $100 Amazon gift card, and one winner of a grand prize of a $500 Amazon gift card! And who couldn't use a little extra of the good stuff during the holidays?!? 

Now that I've checked off all the items on my gift giving list, the only thing left to do is wrap! Anyone interested in a wrapping party? No? I guess I'm on my own for that one! 

Let me know what items you might be snagging off the gift giving list! So many ideas that you're bound to find everything you need. Who doesn't love one stop shopping!

This is sponsored post, but all thoughts expressed are my own!