Thursday, June 30, 2016

"You're a Shining Star, No Matter Who You Are..."

It has been exactly one month since I last blogged and it's a little bittersweet. This will be my last post with Style My Way and what better way to go out than with a Tulip Twist! When Robin asked me if I would like to participate, I jumped at the chance. I wasn't really sure how I would conclude my blog and this seems fitting. A little star tank to symbolize my rising star with a new adventure.

So why am I no longer going to blog? Well, that's not really the case. I'm just closing Style My Way as a chapter in my life. I'm no longer this girl. A fashion blogger. A personal style blogger. A stylin' girl. I'm a mama who doesn't really dress up anymore, who rarely wears make-up (or showers), and I haven't been inspired or excited to blog about anything fashion related, as you can see from my very visible absence from the blog. When you are no longer inspired to share things, it's really no longer a fit. And that's where I am with Style My Way.

 This tank, however! Let's talk about a perfect fit. I'm obsessed with it and can't wait to style it all summer long. It's perfect for days at the zoo and farmstead. Over a swimsuit with cut-off shorts. And it would be cute on a date night with the hubs. I will always be a girl who loves clothes and will continue to preach that leggings aren't pants and that you don't have to wear gym clothes to feel comfortable! This tank is a prime example! This is what I wore to McKinley's first swimming lesson this week. At 10:00 in the morning. See, you can be stylish when just sitting at a picnic table!


This is the silliest picture ever, but it makes me so happy. It's truly who I am. Over-joyed to be living the life I am, to be doing what I love, and to be starting a new adventure!!


So what's this new adventure? Well, I'm still a Stylist with Stella & Dot and loving it! It's truly what I needed in my life to feel like I have a career that allows me to live the life I want to live. However, I need something else. I still need a creative outlet in my life. A place where I can share my style, my life, and my inspiration. And that is with a new blog! I am a mama. I'm a mama with style. A mama celebrating moments with my family. A mama who loves to have a "mama drink" from time to time. A mama who keeps her five year old busy with activities around the city. A mama who likes to craft and show you what I'm making. I'm simply a mama and I am ready to blog about it! And it's coming your way soon!

In the meantime, thank you for the years of support you've given me. Whether it was my personal style, rants about what I think is fashionable, my DIY projects that sometimes worked, and simply allowing me to share what I love. It's been a fun six years!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My DIY - The Silver Glitter Oxfords

Do you remember these? I started talking about them back in early May, or possibly even April, and I did work on them. And once completed, it never stopped raining. I was never going to attempt wearing them in rain, considering the paint peeled, in sunshine, when just walking around. 


So I had the idea to glitter them in hopes of being able to wear them after three years of having them hide under the bed. And I followed the format I used when creating the glitter tennis shoes from Honestly...WTF. 

Here's What You'll Need:
Old Oxfords, A bowl for mixing, Mod Podge for Fabric, Coarse Glitter, Sponge Brushes, Blue Tape

I started by prepping the shoes. I removed the tassels from the oxfords. (And note the coffee mug. If you're doing this in the morning, you might need to add coffee to your "What You Need" list.)

Then I started taping off the areas of the shoes that I didn't want covered in glitter. You don't have to use blue tape. It's just what I had on hand.

Then it was time to start mixing. I started with the glue and added a couple of spoon fulls. Then I added the glitter. I mixed until all the glitter was combined and then assessed the amount. I added more glitter then mixed again until I got the consistency I wanted. Since I knew I wanted to really coat the shoes in glitter, I added way more glitter than glue.

From there, I started applying the glue concoction to both shoes. I let that dry completely and applied another. I applied another two coats after that, equaling four coats total.  I probably could have gotten away with three, but I added one more for good measure. (Note: It looks like a lot of glue right now and very little glitter. I promise, once the glue starts drying, all you can see is the glitter.)

And here they are!! The completed Oxfords! Obviously, I removed all the blue tape and added the tassels back on. I just figured I didn't really need to photograph those steps. That would be like watching these shoes dry....

I adore how they turned out! And the glitter/glue held up! I wore these all day yesterday and I even grocery shopped in them. You know that's a lot of walking around! I can't wait to get a full on outfit pic with them! 

What do you think? Would you make silver glitter oxfords? Let alone wear them? They just make a look pop! And, you definitely shine while wearing them!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Blue Skies and Blue Hues

Top: LC Lauren Conrad; Jeans: Zara (similar); Flats: DV for Target; Hat: Target;
Tote/Jewels/Shades: Stella & Dot

On Saturday, the three of us headed out to Worlds of Fun for a fun afternoon under a cloudless sky. It was the first time it hasn't rained here in over a week, however it's rained pretty much all month, and we wanted to take advantage of a beautiful afternoon. We rode all the same rides, but McKinley decided to have a brave streak this weekend, and rode some additional rides he's been leery of in the past. We were so proud of him for conquering his fears! And, he tried new foods as well. It was weekend of firsts!

And speaking of firsts, I am testing out all my new tops while we're at it! This is another Mother's Day shopping spree purchase from my mom and I love it. It's super comfortable, really pretty and feminine, and perfect for warm afternoons. I love it against the extremely distressed jeans and statement pieces. And the Voyager tote has come in so handy with trips to the amusement park and zoo this past week. Room and chic! You all need one! (And it's reversible!)


How was your weekend? I'm excited for a short week this week. McKinley's last day of Pre-K is Wednesday and it's a little bitter sweet. I'm not quite ready for our last summer before Kindergarten, but I've got some things up my sleeve to try and make it special and memorable. And speaking of memorable, it's Memorial Day weekend! Any big plans?

Happy Monday, Fashionista's!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Working Saturday

Jacket: H&M (fun option); T-Neck: Ann Taylor; Jeans: Loft; Booties: Rebecca Minkoff (similar);
Shades/Jewelry: Stella & Dot 

Last Saturday I had a trunk show for one of the sweetest people! I met her after she won a silent auction item donated by me; a catered trunk show complete with champagne, cupcakes, and jewels! All she had to do was invite 20 of her friends. We had it out on the porch of a local boutique in Olathe, and even though we froze, we had a great time! I love working Saturday's when it's with fun people!

Because it was on the chilly side, I went for a heavy jacket that was still on the summer vibe. I adore this H&M jacket, and it turns out, is the BEST trunk show piece to wear! It matches all of the colors for our summer line, setting each piece off with an extra pop! (Side note: these two pieces are perfection with the jacket!! 1/2 )

 The Jacket: Before and After


So I've worn this jacket exactly three times, and every time I do, I seem to wear it with jeans. It's such an easy piece. However, I think over a little black dress would be so cool. Or maybe over a black jumpsuit for chilly evenings. I need to definitely get dressed up and take this jacket out for spin! 

I hope you guys have a fantastic Friday. For the first time all spring, we don't have a thing planned. Sleeping in won't be on the agenda, but taking it easy definitely is!

Happy Friday, Fashionista's!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Wants: Gingham, Stripes, and Seersucker

Summer is hopefully around the corner! I'm dreaming of sunny skies and the ability to wear sleeveless, dresses, skirts, and cute shorts. And, while dreaming of these things, I'm doing a little online browsing for super cute items for summer. I've found them too. They come in gingham, stripes, and seersucker which scream summer, in my opinion! And they're so preppy. I always think "summer at the club" when looking at these fabrics and I wouldn't mind sitting at the club, sipping fruity drinks, and not caring about a thing in the world.

In my search, I found dresses, darling over-sized pants, and the cutest shoes! I'm obsessed with the Dr. Scholl's for J.Crew sandals, but nothing beats those amazing gingham block heels! I can see them with everything in my closet! The other thing I'm loving is the exaggerated bow on the shoulder of the striped top and the over-sized gingham of the skirt. Darling!! I honestly love everything in this collage!


Truth be told, I already own the Tommy Hilfiger seersucker pink dress. Isn't it the cutest? But, I simply adore all of these. And check out J.Crew for the blue striped top and pants together. So chic yet effortlessly breezy. A must-have for the office or date night!

I am in a shopping mood, but I've been good and only shopping out of my closet! However, I may have to spring for one of these pieces as an add on. Since they're all classic fabrics, I know I can make them work with any existing piece I already for summer!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Heart Navy and Yellow

Sweater: Target (similar); Top: LC Lauren Conrad; Jeans: Loft (simiar); Booties: Vince Camuto;
Shades/Jewelry/Handbag: Stella and Dot

A new top makes a girl feel special, right? Well this one is super cute! My sweet mom bought me some cute tops from the LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohl's for Mother's Day and I can't wait to wear them all. This little navy one, covered in white hearts, felt totally appropriate for the afternoon ahead. 

Last Friday we took McKinley to get tap shoes and technique shoes for his Kindergarten Combo dance class he's taking this summer. I love that he's taking a dance class for the summer. It may not turn into anything more, but it makes my heart full that he's at least interested for now. (We also have t-ball on Saturday's and swimming lessons for two weeks in June/July.) And when your hearts full, you wear them on your shirt, right?

I started out with just the top, but it needed a little something. I decided to add a little sweater and the pop of yellow was perfect. I love pairing navy and yellow together. A sweet color combo. Distressed jeans, my favorite booties, and white aviators completed the look.

The Sweater: Before and After


I love that every time we take blog pics, he wants to be in some. I know this won't last much longer, so I'm taking full advantage! Isn't he the sweetest? Again, heart full!


It doesn't seem to want to stop raining around here and I seem to not want to do anything. This dreary weather has me all kinds of unmotivated and I am not loving that! Here's to a rain free rest of the week and some activities around the corner. I need to get out of my weather funk!

Happy Tuesday all!

Friday, May 13, 2016

An Oldie....

Top: Anthropologie (super cute option); Jeans: Loft; Heels: Kate Spade;
 Shades/All Jewelry: Stella & Dot 

Earlier in the week I had the privilege of going to the theater with my mom and McKinley. We took him to see the Life and Times of the Three Little Pigs at Theater for Young America, our second time attending the theater. After the show, which was a little scary at times, he announced at lunch that maybe he could be an actor and we could come see him perform. I LOVE IT!!  

After the show we went to lunch at Harvey's in Union Station and spent the rest of the afternoon at my parents. It was nice to get a little dressed up in the afternoon and wear heels! I feel so much more womanly when I can wear heels. I wear flats strictly for my times with McKinley, but heels are just more me! And I decided on a top that's an oldie but goodie. Those little birds are just the sweetest things and this top will never grow old.

The Top: Before and After



 It's Friday and we have a huge weekend ahead! I have a trunk show Saturday afternoon and my mom and I are headed to see Carrie Underwood on Sunday! I love a girly weekend. What do you all have planned? And speaking of planned, I've got to start planning my fashionable weekend!

Have a fabulous Friday, Fashionista's!