Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Orange Crush

Dress: Old Navy, Belt: Anthropologie;
Jacket: Vintage via my mom;
Shoes: Target; All Jewelry: Silpada

What does one wear when the temp is supposed to hit 106 before the heat index? A very long, cotton dress that's roomy and airy! So if the temps are supposed to be so hot, why am I wearing a denim jacket? Because it's freezing in the office and I wanted to show you how to add layers without always reaching for a sweater! I love this little denim jacket, which used to be my moms. I've worn it here and here. Plus, I wasn't sure how well received the neckline would be sans jacket.

I love this dress for all the reasons listed above! I'm really into the maxi dress, if you haven't noticed by my first two posts this week! They hide flaws, they're super roomy which is perfect for hot days like the ones we're experiencing and I personally think they never go out of style.

I kept my accessories light as well. Again, with the weather being so warm, who wants to be bogged down with heavy jewelry. I love the thin layers of the necklaces and the thin stacked bangles. Plus, I love how they are different shapes and textures. Just another way to mix up your pieces! And, it just helps keep the over all look simple.  

Gladiators are still going strong and have for several summers now. I don't wear flats often, but when I do, my feet thank me! At the same time, these are so flat that they don't offer much support. Definitely not a shoe you would wear when taking long walks, especially around the mall or plaza! However, they do help keep the dress casual. Not sure I would want to dress this up! I have enough "dressy" pieces in my closet to being with.

If you are here in Overland Park, stay indoors and drink plenty of water! It's going to be a hot one! I don't plan to leave the building until quittin' time! Too bad it will be too hot to sit on a patio and have a cold beverage! This little number would be perfect for such an outing! Maybe toward the end of summer! I smell a transition creation for this dress. I love a challenge!

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erin.marie said...

Cute Maxi!