Thursday, July 7, 2011

White Hot!

Please don't think I am referring to myself as hot! I'm merely using a phrase as the title to this post. However, I must admit how happy I am with this look. I originally had a dress planned in my head, but when I woke up to thunderstorms that option flew out the window. White tuxedo jackets are a huge trend right now so I had to follow suit. Plus, I just like the look. It's another piece that's a great investment for your closet because you can pair it so many things. Cute over a dress, fun with jeans and a tank, or had I bought the matching pants, it would have made for an awesome summer suit. I think I need to check and see if they still have them in my size!

For today's look I wasn't quite sure in what direction I wanted to take the jacket. I dug through my tank drawer and found this tiered item. I like the sheer neckline and how it's frayed along the hem line. Just a little characther to an item that would otherwise be a plain black tank. I decided to pair that with my black cropped trousers so that the jacket was the real focal point of the outfit. Rolling the sleeves was just another element in making the look a little more casual. 

I had originally thought to pair my rockeresque chain necklace but saw the broach necklace first. Good thing too because I really like how the crystals and pearls blend with the white jacket and black top.  It enhances the neckline. You might recall the first time I wore the broach necklace. It was to a baby shower earlier this spring. Below gives you an idea of how different these two pieces could make this outfit look.

The shoes are new, from early spring that is, and I haven't been able to wear them until now. Why do you ask? Well, they were purchased when I was nine months pregnant and I haven't had a real need since to sport t-strap stilettos! I do now! What's even better about these shoes is that they maybe cost $5! They were on sale for $59.90 and my mom had a $60 reward card. With tax it may have actually been less than $5! Now that's a deal!!

Is a white tuxedo jacket something you would add to your wardrobe? Additionally, would you sport a white suit in the summer? 


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