Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Beauty - No Dry Time Nails

I love to do my nails. I love getting manicures and I really enjoy doing them myself as well. I've loved experimenting with nail art, but it hasn't been too extensive in design. But the thing about doing your nails is that you have to wait for them to dry. And I mean wait. Like a couple of hours and who has time for that?!? If and when I actually do my nails, I paint them at night after everyone has gone to bed. I'll paint them, work on the blog, watch a little TV, and then I'm off to bed. Usually by then they're dry. 

Then there was the invention of the gel polish. I love getting a gel manicure! It lasts for about two weeks, is instantly dry, and you can be as rough as you need to be without a worry of chipping the polish. The down side to the gel mani is that you have to go back into the salon to get it removed. Sure, you can do it at home, but the process is long and it really dries out your cuticles. And, if you're like me, you usually just peel it off which is horrible for your actual nail bed. Oh, and you have to pay roughly $25 a visit for application. Mani's aren't cheap!

The best solution of all was the creation of the nail polish strips! They are an absolute dream come true! I've been using them for a couple of years and I've tried most the brands on the market. I love Sally Hansen's Nail Effects. They are really easy to apply, come in various colors and nail art creations, and the obvious no dry time is the ultimate reason to love! The little box comes with everything you need. The nail strips, cuticle pusher, and instructions for application. I love an all-in-one beauty buy! The Maybelline nail strips work pretty much the same way, however you file off the excess instead of peel like the Sally Hansen version. It doesn't come with anything but the strips and instructions.

Then Jamberry entered my life. Jamberry are Nail Wraps that are made of high-quality vinyl. They are long lasting and they are applied with heat and pressure--no chemicals, no odors, no smudging, no dry-time! The wraps can last one to two weeks on fingers, and up to six weeks on toes! They are latex-free, cruelty-free (never tested on animals) non-toxic, and gentle on your nails! For anyone who is leery of harsh chemicals around children, this is the product of you.

I started using Jamberry after my aunt held a Facebook party about a month ago. I love the catalog of nail wraps, which is quite impressive! And the online parties are so much fun. There are daily games, prizes to win, and a huge door prize at the end of the party which my mom won during Mandy's party! The application is a little more difficult than the previously mentioned products, but there are tons of YouTube instructional videos to assist you. Because they are heat activated, you need a hair dryer, but Jamberry does offer a cute little heater for purchase. You also need a cuticle pusher, manicure scissors to cut off the excess, and a nail file to file off the ends. I haven't quite gotten the knack of applying them, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I still highly recommend them because they do live up to their guaranteed longevity. Honestly, this is the way to go in the world of manicures.

Have you tried any of these nail wraps/strip products? If so, which ones? Any not listed? Tell us about them. Which is your absolute favorite? 

Happy Friday, Beauties!


Katie said...

I got sidetracked on my computer and your great post reminded me what I was going to go do... paint my nails! I'll have to try out those strips, they come in great patterns. Have you ever tried the at home gel polish? Interested in purchasing that!

Style My Way said...

Katie, I haven't tried the gel at home, but I just saw the ad for the Sally Hansen version that doesn't need the drier. I think I need to give it a test drive!!

Mirabili Vestium said...

Never tried gel.. I love doing my nails but I'm afraid I'd do an awful job:) I'll just wait a few hours..

Style My Way said...

Mirabili, you should totally try a gel mani! Love them!!