Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hair Care Secret

I am all about sharing beauty secrets and this one is a beaut! No pun intended! After reading a segment on hot rollers in November’s issue of InStyle, I was inspired to pull mine out of the depths of my linen closet. Most of the time those segments lean towards those with long, flowing locks unlike my shoulder length, layered, naturally curly mess. With that being said, I was attending a holiday party and I intended to make it work!

After washing my hair, I applied a straightening product to help reduce frizz while air drying. I wanted to avoid my hair dryer as long as possible since the heat output infuses more frizz than air. Once my hair was about 90% dry, I ran the dryer over it to take out the remaining moisture. From there, I started applying the hot rollers. I sectioned off my hair, starting from the bottom up, and rolled at horizontal levels. I only used the large and medium size rollers for extra body. Also, I wound about two inch sections around each roller. After the rollers were cool, I removed from where I started, finger combed the curls and tossed my hair around to get rid of that “just rolled” look. They were a little tight for the party but relaxed by the end of the night. 

I know you’re saying, so what’s the big deal you hot rolled your hair! The big deal is that my hair has lasted for FOUR days! That’s right, four days! I woke up late yesterday morning and just knew that a shampoo was a must. Boy was I wrong! All I needed was a little dry shampoo and I was good to go. That’s the big beauty secret, ladies, dry shampoo! It’s amazing! It takes the oil out of your hair allowing you to go that extra day without shampooing. I’ve been using it for a little over a year and I swear by it. 

If you don’t believe that yesterday was day four of hot rolled hair, check out the posts below. Please note that I never brushed my hair during any of the process. I just ran my fingers through my hair. Nothing more. Also, I did not post anything from Sunday as that was casual day! No shower was taken, no make up applied. No need to be photographed. No one wants to see that!

Holiday Look #1 -Casual Wrapped in Warmth Snug as a Bug Office Party Take One

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