Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Beauty - Clinique Cleansing Brush

It was a happy Valentine's Day earlier in the month when I received my own Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush! My mom gave me this amazing gift and I've fallen victim to its awesomeness! If you haven't jumped on the cleansing brush bandwagon, now is the time to do it!

I started using the brush immediately, I'm on week two or so, and I've seen such a difference. And I feel a difference too. I told my mom after the first use that I honestly felt like my skin was already soft. I told her thought I was crazy for thinking that after one use, but she confirmed I wasn't. She has been using hers since January and she felt the same result. The Cleansing Brush is a dermatologist-developed sonic brush that offers deep yet gentle cleansing for skin. In one cleaning, it sloughs off all the dead skin. And the two bristle types target cleansing in hard-to-reach, contoured areas of the face where dirt hides, as well as an angled tip that purifies pores and thoroughly cleanses your T-zone.

The brush is waterproof so it's great for the shower! You simply apply either the liquid face soap or the foaming sonic facial soap, in a small amount, and let the bristles do all the work! The bristles are not rough on the skin, but you do need to follow the recommendation first time use. 

After that, you follow up with the 3-Step program designed for you. 

I can say that I've had a few breakouts but nothing horrible. They were in my T-Zone so clearly the brush is working! I'm not kidding when I say to take the plunge, make the splurge, and get yourself a cleansing brush! You won't regret it. Your skin will thank you. And, it will be the best investment you make this calendar year!! 

Happy Friday, Beauties!

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