Monday, February 23, 2015

One Glamorous Night - The Oscars

I love the Red Carpet more than I love the actual ceremony these days. Maybe it's because I never go to the movies anymore. Maybe it's because I live vicariously on this one star studded night. Or maybe it's because the gowns worn by this elite few are the most gorgeous things I will ever see through my television screen or in print in next month's fashion mag recaps. Now, there are some ridiculously ugly dresses, did you see that black dress covered in balls that poor woman wore during her acceptance speech? Dear lord. She couldn't find anything better? But for the most part, Tinseltown always comes through! Here are some of my Red Carpet favorites from last night!

I will have to say that I hated most of the hairstyles from last night. How many actress are currently sporting the lob (long bob)? Almost all of them! It seemed most everyone opted to showcase their lob by wearing their hair down. Come on ladies! This is the Oscars. Let's see some updo's a la Julie Roberts in 2000. I nice low pony would be better than the stringy hair that hung in their faces all night. And could Jennifer Lopez wow us all by wearing long sleeves and a high neck to one of these awards? I am so tired of seeing her plunging neckline and heaving breasts during every Red Carpet. We get it. You have a rockin' bod and round boobs. Enough already! At least she had a nice updo. 

What were your thoughts about the fashion last night? Which were favorites? I have to say that my favorite look of the night goes to Julianne Moore. That custom Chanel was perfection! And that little golden man totally compliment her look, no? Til next season....

Photos courtesy of Eonline.

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Kimberly said...

My favorites were Anna Kendrick, Rosamund Pike, and Laura Dern. I thought everyone did a great job with their dresses, but yes, the hairstyles needed work. I'm sure the rain didn't help. As a curly-haired girl I know what a difficulty that can be. But overall I think an updo can fix just about any weather disaster. Loved loved loved Anna Kendrick's hair, dress color, and design.