Thursday, November 7, 2013

Living in the Moment - California Style

We are back from the big trip and I think everyone had a great time. I know I did! It was a birthday and trip that I will never forget. We ate, drank, walked, gabbed, sat in traffic, explored and shopped! It was awesome. I didn't take a single outfit pic. Instead, I just lived in the moment of the trip. Here are some photos from the trip that give you a peek into how I wore what I packed!
It was so hot on Friday which was perfect for our trip to Disney! Not one of us wore what we planned for the day! We started out with a sweater or sweatshirt, and by the time we entered the park, those tops were all a thing of the past! We even put McKinley in shorts! I instantly put the hair up in a pony and threw on a hat! Actually, everyone wore a hat and it was a good thing! This just happens to be my go to look. See it here, here and here!
We had a gorgeous day for our trip to the San Diego Zoo! It was a day that was literally meant for layers! The day went from warm to chilly all day long! This whole look was definitely a good choice!
For the birthday dinner, I wore my new leather dress that I got as an early birthday gift! During our trip to Rodeo Drive, imagine this jacket with leather shorts and my Rebecca Minkoff booties! It was a day of leather (real and faux) and my Chanel inspired Ann Taylor jacket! And the shoes...I love them! (Also, how darling is my mom???)
I was expecting a cool day by the ocean when we hit the Santa Monica Pier, but it was actually a fairly warm day! We played in their old time arcade, walked up and down the pier, ate lunch and played in the ocean! It was perfect! And, I have to say, I love the beach with all of my heart and soul! The salty ocean smell and the sounds of the waves crashing have to be some of my favorites things! Oh how I wish we lived closer! 

Sadly, this was our last day and we were off to the airport shortly after this photo was taken. I am in LOVE with these new pants from J.Crew. The fit is amazing and I'm pretty sure I will live in them for the remainder of fall and winter!

I am so happy with everything I took. I can't believe the amazing weather we had! It was truly a picture perfect birthday and trip with family and friends. One I will NEVER forget! 

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