Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tinseltown, Here I Come!

Do any of you watch award season religiously? Or should I ask, does anyone watch the Red Carpet coverage religiously? This girls does and has for years! I will never forget the year I discovered the Red Carpet on E! and their post award show coverage. I was glued to my TV for hours! And I've been a faithful viewer ever since. And I must admit, now a days, I almost prefer the Red Carpet to the actual show.

With the arrival of Fashion Police in 2010, the Red Carpet coverage changed forever. Yes, we still have our four hour coverage prior to the show, but Fashion Police truly put designers and celebrities in the spotlight. It's comical, or at least intended to be, but also incredibly informative when shedding light on designs, designers, runway and couture pieces, and proper fittings on said dresses. I've learned so about fashion houses all while being thoroughly entertained!

After the death of Joan Rivers, I thought I wouldn't tune in again. And when they announced that George Kotsiopoulos wouldn't return, I was even more sure I wouldn't tune in. I adore him! But, like any good fashionista, I watched and was delightfully surprised at how I liked the new format. And I even liked the new hosts. (I was a little leery of Kathy Griffin, but she's charming! And such a fashion plate! She's bringing it every week.)

Then there was "the comment" made this past week by Giuliana Rancic and all fashion hell broke loose! Now, I will be the first to say, that I wasn't all that offended. If anything, they seemed to just skip right over it and move on to the next celeb. And, if we're being honest about the whole thing, Joan Rivers said far worse things and no one said a word! Not on Twitter, on Instagram, or on their personal sites. But for some odd reason, this one was blown out of the water! And now Kelly Osbourne has quit the show. Unsure at this time is why. The obligitory "pursuing other opportunities" is being given by the network. Is it truly because she was offended by the comment made about her friend Zendaya? I have a hard time believing it since she's also friends with Miley Cyrus and they've made horrible comments about her over the years. But, be that as it may, she has indeed quit.

And with that news, it leaves a chair open. A chair that has yet to be filled. A chair that needs a warm body. I think they should take a VERY long shot and hire someone with fresh eyes. Someone who isn't a celeb. Someone who isn't friends with a celeb. Someone like me! A girl that's knowledgeable about celebrity gossip, past fashion hits and misses, fashion designers, cuts of fabric, fabric choices, and the arts as well. Why not take a chance on an unknown? How are people supposed to get their big break if you don't give them that chance? It doesn't even have to be a full-time gig. What about a one night on air challenge? I can totally do it! I am up for it! Incredibly prepared! Have you seen my Red Carpet blog posts? I'm usually right on the money with their choices!

So I ask each of you reading this to help me with my cause. If you're on Twitter, tweet to all involved. E! Fashion Police, Giuliana Ranice, Brad Goreski, Melissa Rivers, and E! themselves. I'm quick witted (at times), can rock a cocktail dress or party look, could totally style myself, could find a last minute makeup artist in LA (I'm looking at you Matthew Allen), and I even have a place to stay (my sweet "Aunt" Joanie would put me up). They wouldn't be out any expenses! I too know people! So come on Fashion Police. I'm waiting for your call!

Something like this would be an absolute dream come true! How amazing would it actually be? If I were to allow myself time to think about it, and I know something like this would NEVER happen, but it would be incredible. A moment in my life I would never forget. An opportunity of a lifetime. A Lifetime movie could be made about it. I can see it now. Andrea Krasnow plays herself in this sweet movie about a woman on an incredible journey to pursue a life long goal. Tune in next Friday night for this epic event. See what can happen when you let your mind wander? 

But in all honesty, I think we should at least try! So again, take to social media in all its glory and let's see what we can do! And, I promise to remember who I am and not make any rude, crude, or discriminating remarks. I would simply call em like I see em and enjoy my one moment in the spotlight. Let's go!!! Tinseltown, here I come!

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