Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Evening Attire

Regarding the attire for the evening shows at KCFW, I asked some of the fellow bloggers what they were wearing, and I was told that most would dress pretty formally. I instantly panicked! I hadn't planned to get super dressy for the event. I had planned to go a little more edgy. A little more risky. I immediately put on the brakes. 

I called my mom on the way home and uttered the standard phrase "I have nothing to wear!" My mom rebutted with, "I'm pretty sure you have a black dress of some sort you could throw on." And the answer was, I did have a black dress. A black dress I was planning on wearing, but now it just wouldn't do. She suggested this jumpsuit, but I thought about the dress I wore to Drink Pink last year. I tried it on, and to my surprise, it fit better than it did in July. However, the more I thought it,  the more the jumpsuit just seemed appropriate. More me.

I kept the styling pretty simple. A few pieces of bling here and there, shoes that were an almost match, and a dark wine lip. I added a little more drama to my eyes, something I rarely do, and I raced out the door!


I'm so glad I went with my mom's suggestion, and my gut, because it was the perfect mix of dressy and formal! Plus I received numerous compliments and what girl doesn't love those! I would say that my final night of fashion week was a total stylish success.

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