Friday, September 6, 2013

What to Wear....

.....on ones 40th birthday when they will be out of town celebrating in LA with family and friends? And when I say they, I mean me! That's right folks, I will be 40 in a little under two months and I'm internally freaking out! I keep trying to focus on the good. Like, I'm turning 40. I made it to 40. I will try to look fabulous at 40. And that I have an amazing trip planned with my mom, Joel, McKinley and my aunt! We are going to LA, staying with our fabulous friend Joan and her husband Willy, and living up the weekend with so many things planned. But, the biggest plan of all is the big day!
My birthday happens to fall on a Sunday so I thought we could spend the late morning/early afternoon on Rodeo Drive, drinking mimosas and window shopping with the upper crust! I will wear something super chic for the day, but I've been thinking about what to wear that evening. We will be heading out for a special birthday dinner and I want to look amazing. I know it sounds incredibly superficial, but I want to look my best for a number that seems really big, and sometimes, a little old.
Here are a couple of things I've been muling around in my head and thought I would put them on paper. Things could change drastically before then, or they could stay exactly they way they are. Either way, here's to turning to 40....
I wore this Zara dress for our Drink Pink cocktail party and I honestly can't put it away until next season. A goodie like this needs to be out on the town!
Remember this skirt from ASOS? I was going to wear it for New Year's Eve last year but I just couldn't bring myself to do it! I thought people would stare and judge and I hate it when I think that people are doing that. Self-esteem issues anyone? So why not wear it in a town where nobody knows you, fashion has no bounds, and it's a very special occasion?

The things I need for this piece are the right top (I had issues with the one I had pictured in my head), the right pieces of jewelry and THE right shoe! So many things to scout out before Oct 31st (that's when we leave)!

Then there is this delicately beaded top from Anthropologie! I love that it can be worn several different ways, but I'm thinking for that night I would wear it like this. A little lace bra and the right skirt would look stunning, no? Do you go conservative with the skirt? Going short could cause it to look trashy. Finding the right balance is what it's all about. And again, the right shoe! 
So let's focus on this right shoe. You know who I feel about shoes. I love them. I adore them. They can be works of art. Look at Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Brian Atwood for example. Their shoes are amazing. Amazingly expensive, but amazing none the less. And because turning 40 is supposed to be amazing, I need an amazing shoe! I've had my eye on this Valentino studded pump for a year now but I will NEVER be able to afford them. However, when looking for said shoe, I found this red Valentino pump that I happen to have in my closet. I need to start wearing these guys a lot more!! Like maybe on my 40th birthday....

I'm loving the choices so far, but haven't made a firm decision. And, there may be something incredible out there and I just haven't seen it yet. Do any of the three speak to you? Weigh in on the options and let me know what you would wear. And what do you think of the shoes? Amaz-balls, right?
Happy Friday! XOXO

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