Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ULTA Grand Opening - Aspen Square

Before last night, I had never stepped foot inside an ULTA. After last night, I will forever be an ULTA fan! I attended the Grand Opening of their ULTA store in Aspen Square off of 135th and roughly Metcalf. It was amazing! This store was enormous! Clean, white, bright, and stocked to the brim with over 20,000 products! Their product lines range from drugstore beauty brands to high-end cosmetics, fragrances, haircare, hair tools and accessories, nail everything, dermatology, and a salon! Seriously, check out this new store stat!

I was invited to the event, along with several other local bloggers, to cover the event for my blog. It was a festive atmosphere of friends chatting, playing, testing, and purchasing new products and old favorites. I learned so much while I was there! They offer a brow bar, and for last night, a complimentary Braid Bar. Several vendor representatives were there chatting about their products, and I took full advantage! A NY based makeup artist from Tarte taught me the fine art of applying a cat-eye, which looked amazing, so I purchased the eyeliner and fancy angled brush that came with it. I'm really excited to give it a whirl soon. (If it turns out okay, I may try a tutorial.)

I took a turn at the Braid Bar and came away with a fun up-do. If only I had somewhere to go after the event! With amazing hair and awesome eyes, I felt like it was a look wasted on Sheriff Callie from Disney and my son and husband who could care less! But, those at the event seemed to love it so that's all the matters! And, I found the mirrored aviators I've been searching for for months! Not sure I'm cool enough to pull them off, but the other bloggers seemed to think I could!

With all that being said, here are the photos I took of the event! So much to share!

I love benefit cosmetics! I've been a fan for years. Their shadows and blushes are all so pretty and neutral. And, I love that they are using a Barbie theme!

 The next mascara on my list of must-trys is this one. It's supposed to give you the illusion of false lashes, but the tag line reads...."They're real, honest!" Clever!

I am a big fan of their "that gal" face primer. If I'm really dolling up for the day, I use this to give my face a little more brightness and it really helps keep your makeup in place. I definitely want to try the dr. feelgood balm. This would replace those blotting clothes that I always buy, stash in my bag, and never use. And it smells so good!

I tested this product on my hand. The Big Easy is a makeup that goes on like liquid and dries to a powder! Genius! You can now replace that powder with one simple product. (I for one never use powder. I hate that cakey feel it can give you or the tightness it can leave your skin.) This was light to the touch and disappeared within seconds. 

  Yummy treats and drinks were being passed around throughout the evening. Don't these look divine?


The Braid Bar was packed! And rightfully so. One adorable look after the next was being created and showcased around the store. This is Sarah Scoop from Sarah Scoop! We met via Twitter, but officially met face to face last night! How cute is this look?

My girl Jennifer even made it to the event! Okay, she didn't, but she's here in spirit. She is the spokesperson for this line of haircare called Living proof and we were given a sample in our swag bag from KCFW. If it gives me anything close to these Jen locks, I will be hooked!

Essie heaven right here!

Tools of the trade!

This is where the NY based makeup artist worked her magic. Here's hoping I can replicate!

My turn at the Braid Bar!

Finally it was time to check out. And if you missed anything along the way, well here's your change to grab it and go!


Oh, here are those mirrored aviators I was telling you about earlier. Whether or not I'm cool enough to pull them off, I purchased them anyway!

I had a blast at the ULTA event! Thank you so much ULTA and KC Magazine for including us!! I will definitely be back and often!

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