Monday, September 26, 2011

The Plaza Art Fair

   80th Annual Plaza Art Fair
Photo taken in 1932 
1932 Plaza Art Fair

Yesterday we attended the Plaza Art Fair, a yearly exhibit of art, pottery, jewelry and other media from around the country. This is such a great weekend for Kansas City. It is the "it" thing to do that weekend as people from all over the metro convene on the Plaza for great art, as well as, to sample great food and drinks by local Plaza restaurants. Live bands play from several stages throughout the Plaza and the people watching is amazing! So, what does one wear to this lively event...

Jacket: Banana Republic; Top: Ann Taylor Loft; Jeans: Target
Shoes: Born; Necklace Banana Republic; Earrings: ??;
Ring: Street Vendor in NY; Shades: Prada

It was a cool morning with bright sunshine. In the actual sun, I could remove my jacket and bask in the early fall warmth. But once we moved into the shade, I need my jacket again. There is a lot of walking and it always amazes me when I see women in high heels, tall boots or in anything that doesn't resemble "sensible walking shoes". Now, that doesn't mean you have to wear your sneakers to the event. I tried to wear something that looked cute without looking athletic.

This military jacket has been an amazing investment. Seen here and here. That and the statement necklace. (Funny how I seem to wear them together, but haven't since my pregnancy.) One of the jewelry artisans was so intrigued by the necklace, and I think a little underwhelmed, when I told her it came from Banana Republic. I will be interested to see if she makes something similar to it and showcases it next year. I did buy a piece from her. Her name is Lisa Williams and here is her website. Great pieces that are very affordable. I will debut mine later this week. 

If you live in the Kansas City area, and you've never experienced the art fair, you really should go. Friday night is the liveliest night of the event. If you are up for a party, that's the night for you. I love going on Sunday afternoons, especially when the day is as gorgeous as yesterday was. You owe yourself a visit.

Plaza Art Photo courtesy of The Country Club Plaza.

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