Thursday, September 22, 2011

MNG by MANGO - Styled My Way

Dress: MNG by MANGO; Tights: We Love Colors;
Shoes: Moschino Cheap and Chic; Belt: Anthropolgie;
Necklace: Banana Republic; Ring: NY Street Vendor

Back in March I blogged about JCPenney and their affordable lines of clothing brought to you by higher end designers. MNG by MANGO is one of those affordable lines. This was actually featured as an early spring dress, but I think the colors lend themselves to fall. And, let's be honest, I couldn't get my leg in this dress before now! That's mostly the reason why I'm styling it for fall!

The tobacco color is one of my favorites for fall and I like the use of a navy stripe versus black. The dress came with a self-belt, a super long thin tie, so I swapped it out. I was completely unsure of shoes. I tried on tall cognac boots but they were the wrong shade. Then I saw these two tone heels hanging in the closet. The patent portion of the heel is just about the same color as the dress and I like that the dark brown goes with the belt. Not too match-matchy.

What I Wore and Kendi Everyday turned me onto these tights. These bloggers breath life to their winter wardrobe just by adding colorful tights. I'm trying to learn from their example. This particular brand is called We Love Colors and do they! It is the widest variety of tights I've ever seen. They have every color imaginable and different grades of opaque. The ones I'm wearing are their simply put...solid colored tights which are 100% opaque navy. I know, I know. Of all the colors to choose from I chose navy. I'm easing into this colorful look. I love the feel and will be ordering more!

These photos are a little dark, taken fairly early this morning, but I like them. Kind of an old, grainy negative feel. A little antiqued and perfect for the color of the dress. It was totally planned that way! 

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