Friday, September 9, 2011

Dot Dot Dot

Jacket: Banana Republic; Dress: Anthropologie; Shoes: Nine West
Belt: Anthropologie; CZ Necklace: Ann Taylor;
M Pendant: Lord & Taylor; Ring: JewelMint

I have been waiting for the perfect "fall" day to wear this dress and yesterday was it! Purchased on a whim, I have to say it was a great decision! So many ways to style this dress and I can't wait to get started! This was my first look. I hadn't planned to wear the leather jacket, but when I left the house it was in the 50s; too chilly for short sleeves in my opinion. It may not be a black leather jacket, but I think it toughens up the look.

Same goes for the Gladiator sandals. Had I gone with pumps and no jacket, this would have been a more delicate look. That doesn't mean I won't go girly at some point though. I also plan to wear my over-the-knee Seychelle boots, but the tights color might be an issue. What color to wear? I also think my cognac tall boots will look great as well. So many options...


This is the Midas ring from JewelMint and I love all the colors throughout. Perfect for just about everything and the brushed gold is so on trend. If you aren't a member of JewelMint, check it out here.

I felt like such a model yesterday! There was a light breeze when this photo was taken and I loved how my hair looked like I had a wind machine on me! Next up, the cover of Lucky Magazine! Only in my dreams...

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