Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making a Comeback

As I'm thinking ahead to fall, and how to make that transition with my wardrobe, I pulled some of my favorite summer pieces that I blogged about this summer. Here's what I'm thinking:

This top will look great with cropped pants and jeans, as seen below, and paired under cardigans and chunky sweaters. This would also be a nice casual piece under a suit to help dress it down.

Tights and tall boots will amp up this olive green dress. I have the perfect pair coming for my b-day. I might even try layering a t-neck under the dress. Could look cute...

I know, I know this is white, but I did say that I thought I would keep this jacket around for fall. It's the white pants that I won't be sporting! This jacket would be great with dark jeans and over-the-knee boots. A cashmere t-neck and a statement necklace would do the trick as well. 

 Lace is huge for fall and I have already started playing around with ideas on how to transition the skirt. Also, this denim top is a great layering piece. Perfect under sweaters and jackets. Just bought a long sleeved version as well! 

This isn't exactly white-white. This is more of a creamy white but I'm thinking that white blazer might look great layered over the dress. Makes it a different type of suiting option. Not sure how I feel about it with tights but it might work

Again, I know this dress has white, but I did say I would make some exceptions. WHITE PANTS ARE STILL A NO-NO! Same applies to all white dress and yes I know Rachel Zoe wore one on Regis & Kelly yesterday! We differ there! Anyway, this dress would be great with a sweater to make it appear as separates and extend the life of the dress. 

A no brainer with tights and tall boots. A little jacket or cardigan layered. DONE!

I mentioned in this post how I would like to style these pants, but I also have several other ideas. These pants are going to get a work out!

Maxi dresses and skirts are huge right now and this one fits the bill. So many options so little time to wear it! 

Last but not least, the awesome one shoulder dress that one reader asked me how to style for fall. My answer was, a black motorcycle jacket with booties and/or tights and tall boots.  

Have you taken the time to look through your wardrobe and select your go-to pieces for early transition? Get moving. Fall has begun!!

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