Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Something About Lemonade

Sweater: Coach (gift); Tank: Ann Taylor Loft; Pants: J.Crew;
Shoes: Banana Republic; Bracelets/Earrings/Rings: Silpada

You know the saying, "When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade", right? Well, this lemon was too sour. What I'm trying to say is that this outfit, in my opinion, was just all wrong. I love the sweater, I love the pants and I love the shoes just not all together. Actually, these pants aren't the original pant I had picked. They were entirely too long so I need to get them hemmed. (Just one more thing on the "to-do" list!)

Turns out, I'm the only one who didn't like the outfit. My mom gave it a thumbs up when I dropped off McKinley and a couple of co-workers made postive comments as well. I guess I didn't need to be so sour over this look after all.

This sweater has such a wonderful memory. My mom and I took a girls trip to LA a couple of years ago to visit her childhood friend Joan who is also surrogate aunt to me. Their friend Ethel flew in as well and we had such a wonderful time! One day we headed to Rodeo Drive for a lovely afternoon of shopping, eating and site seeing. This sweater was purchased on that particular day. The sales people at Coach loved us and who wouldn't! Four lively women throwing money their way, what's not to love??

(Joan, my mom, me and Ethel)

As for this last photo, I know it's the same pose, but I love that it's a little lopsided. But, that's how I felt yesterday so it's perfect!

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