Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Red Carpet - Major Bummer

The Oscars is my much anticipated red carpet event of the year and last night I was ready to be wowed. Well, I have to say that I was completely under whelmed. Actually, I have been all awards season long. It was Oscar night! What happened ladies? Did your stylists take vacations? Were they mentally burned out? Did they see nothing on the runways that they found suitable for awards season? There has to be a really good excuse for the lack luster gowns!

First and foremost, I didn’t understand the gowns that had bows, tulle, rosettes and bustles along the bum line. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the area that most women try to minimalize? Why in the world would you add all that detail and enhance said area? Examples are Anne Hathaway’s red Valentino carpet gown, Halle Berry’s nude Marchesa, Jennifer Hudson’s tangerine Versace and Sandra Bullocks’ red Valentino. Most of the bodices were sleek and fitted to perfection. As for the skirts, I wanted to rip off half of the details.

Could the embellishments have been any bigger? I felt like details such as sequins, jewels and beading were so over the top that it weighed down the gowns and the women wearing them. And, due to the placement, a lot of the ladies had no idea how to stand or where to place their hands. Examples are Cate Blanchett’s violet Givenchy Haute Couture, Amy Adam’s purple L’Wren Scott which did not need that necklace, Gwyneth Paltrow’s silver Calvin Klein which didn’t need the added brooch on the hip, Michelle William’s white Chanel Haute Couture and Penelope Cruz red L’Wren Scott.

Then there was the gown that had both. Nicole Kidman in a white Dior Haute Couture. Where do I start? The neckline needed to come up a few inches. She appeared as though she was bound in the dress and there was a little spillage from side angles. Then there’s the crisscross of material that started at the hips (again an area that we all try to minimalize) and was full of sequined details that ran most of the length of the gown. And those red shoes? So not needed! The dress had enough going on that a nude, strappy heel would have complimented the look better. The only thing good about this outfit was the arm candy she sported in husband Keith Urban.

Others I just didn’t like. Mila Kunis’ violet Elie Saab appeared as if it had pasties sticking out of the neckline. I didn’t like the lace cutouts along the sides of the gown or the solid piece of fabric that ran down the center. She has been a best dressed of mine at all the awards shows so far, but this was such a disappointment. All I can say is that her hair was nice and I liked her minimal jewelry selection. Natalie Portman has been the belle of the ball this season, as far as awards go, but her pregnancy style has been questionable. The plum Rodarte gown was simple, a much needed change with the overtly detailed gowns mentioned above. However, I didn’t like how high the skirt was hemmed in the front exposing her ankles and shoes. The color was a nice compliment to her skin tone and the neckline had just enough sparkle, but her hair and those earrings! Both were just so off with the overall design of the gown.

As for the gowns I did like, there were really only three. Fourteen year old Hailee Steinfeld was stunning in her blush, custom designed Marchesa. This was so age appropriate, as well as red carpet worthy, and I think she was the darling of the red carpet. Mandy Moore shined in a nude, shimmery Monique Lhuillier. I loved the sheer neckline, the spattering of crystals throughout the bodice and the nude tulle that finished out the skirt. This was the way to do embellishments. And can I just say that when I grow up, I want to be as elegant as Helen Mirren. Her putty colored Vivienne Westwood gown was lovely. The neckline was gorgeous, I loved the fitted waist, and though she doesn’t need them, I loved that she wore a 3/4 length sleeve. Simply exquisite!

This Oscar season brought nothing but disappointment and I’m not even willing to put a name on best and worst dressed. The gowns were what they were and I can only hope for a better season next year. I can’t wait to hear what Joan Rivers has to say tonight on Fashion Polie!

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