Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working from Home/Coffee Date

Sweater: A Pea in a Pod; Jeans: Joe’s Jeans; Shoes: Nine West American Vintage Collection via DSW

I am working from home today, but that didn’t stop me from getting up and starting my day in style. And, it didn’t hurt that I needed to be ready so my hubby could take my daily pic before heading off to work himself. After work I am meeting a girlfriend for some decaf to catch up and I’m so looking forward to it! Girlfriend meet ups are the best!

As for the ensemble today, I didn’t realize that I had this little sweater on my list or I would have worn it before now! I made a cheat sheet of outfits to assist me along the way and this was on the list for yesterday. It would have been helpful several outfits ago, but now that I know it’s part of the rotation, I will be working it! Anyway, I’m super comfy for my day at home, but ready for my evening out. 

Check out my new shoes. This pregnant gal was not ready for third trimester shoe issues! I’m all about heels. I wear them all day, every day. With that being said, a couple of weekends ago I did some shoe shopping to try and find a pair that would get me through to the end. They also had to be a shoe I would wear after the pregnancy and longer. I really like these and after DSW coupons and a gift card, I paid $5! Not too shabby, huh?

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