Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet 16

T-neck: Ann Taylor Loft; Tank: Target; Skirt: A Pea in a Pod; Tights: Motherhood; Booties: BCBGirls; Necklace: Made by me

This skirt has been a god send! I love that it was on sale, but even if it hadn’t been, I would have purchased it anyway. This is the fourth wearing, and because I’ve worn it multiple times, I wanted to try and mix it up a little. The color combination is the same as look number three, however, I changed out the t-neck and boots and removed the jacket. (Seen here, here and here)

I had to substitute the cream t-neck again this week, challenge t-neck will be in my hands later this week, and for some reason it didn’t feel as snug as it did when I wore this sweater a couple of weekends ago. (Seen here) Anyway, I definitely needed the tank for length, but I like the hint chocolate that blends right into the skirt. I keep changing up my shoes, trying to find ones that fit, and at first I wasn’t sure of the brown booty. You can’t see it very well in the photo above, but there is a small ruffle around the ankle. I thought it might be too much but I actually like it.

We took a pic of the side view this morning and I’m 34 weeks this week. We only have six more weeks to go! I can’t wait to see where this belly will go from here and the little gem we’ve created! In our opinion, it will be a beaut! 

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