Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bezeled Jewel Bib

Cashmere T-neck: Gift via Land’s End; Tank: Banana Republic; Pants: Gap Maternity; Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Macy’s; Necklace: Banana Republic

This outfit was not at all what I had planned to wear today. I got 90% of the original outfit on and immediately pulled it off! The sweater was too bulky for the skirt and the tights were the wrong shade of cream. However, I left the skirt and cream tights on, added the black cashmere t-neck and tried a pair of black booties, but again it was all wrong. So, I went with the t-neck, added a tank for length, and pulled out gray trousers. Knowing that I can’t wear heels, but have pants that were purchased for them, I added a kitten heel which is a current trend making its way into spring. Those are yet another shoe substitution.

The bib necklace was a last minute addition. I was going to wear my crystal broach necklace but then ran across the gray faceted bib. I’ve only worn it once, I’m a little intimidated by how to wear it, but I like how it added something to the sweater. Because the necklace is such a large piece, I didn’t add any additional accessories except for my make-shift wedding band and watch.

I can’t believe I’m only on day 12 of 30! To be honest, I am running out of steam. I sure hope I can hang in there for the full 30 days. What if I just went through the month of February? We’ll see if I can keep up the stamina to create something new everyday.

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