Monday, February 14, 2011

As Seen in People Style Watch

That’s right, I have yet another recently purchased item seen within the pages of one of my favorite fashion mags! I saw these adorable booties from Ann Taylor Loft weeks ago, while internet shopping for spring clothing, and I’ve been checking back almost daily to see if they were available. Turns out, I was able to order them from an Ann Taylor Loft store in Chicago. I got them last week and the issue is that I probably can’t wear them until after the baby is born. Not because of height but due to swollen feet. I will, however, give them a whirl just to see! 

I couldn’t find a pic of just the shoes, but look at all the ways you can wear them! I’ve added several styles from the Ann Taylor Loft website. I am so excited!!

Drapey Modal Skirt
3/4 Sleeve Utility Shirtdress

And I just happen to have an adorable khaki shirt dress!

Desert Varnish  Modern Trousers

And these just happen to be the jeans I want!

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