Monday, January 10, 2011

Wintery Day Part Two

Blazer: Gift; Blouse: Nordstrom; Pants: JCPenney; Fishnets: Hue via Macy’s; Shoes: Moshino Cheap and Chic 

Today was a snow day around the metro. You know those days. Schools are closed, traffic is a nightmare and you still have to get dressed for work! I was super lucky that my hubby was willing to take me to work and because of that, I didn’t have to sport snow boots for the walk in from the parking lot. This was the challenge to work in sleeveless tops under blazers and I think I was able to achieve that look. The mix of orange, gold, olive and deep purple make this colorful top perfect for the chocolate velvet blazer. The brown pants work, but I do wish I had a pair of camel pants instead. I think the camel would help break up the darkness of the ensemble. The shoes help in that area. The mix of dark and light help tie in the colors of the top as do the neutral fishnets. I’ve been wrapped in warmth all day!


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