Thursday, January 20, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge

I signed up for the 30 for 30 challenge, sponsored by Kendi Everyday, which runs the month of February and I’ve been working feverishly on my list of 30 items to wear. I figure, since I’m challenged in the clothing department as is, why not challenge myself with the limited maternity clothes I have and add accessories that I often forget to use. So far, I have 20 some items chosen and now I’m up to shoes. My categories include pants, sweaters, tops, skirts and dresses. Camisoles/tanks, scarves, outwear and jewelry count as accessories not part of the 30 chosen items. You can only wear the 30 items you picked so it helps you remix and become creative. 

I’ve mentioned the challenge on my Facebook page but not on my blog. As Kendi says, this challenge teaches you how to shop out of your closet, something I preach all the time. My question to you is, if you were to chose only 30 items, which category would you heavily fill in? I have included all the pants/jeans I have and I’m heavy on sweaters and tops. Since this includes weekends, I can’t add sweats because I won’t wear those for work/daily outfits. I sure hope I’m adding the right items. I might even start creating outfits to ensure I have the right items on the list? Does this sound like a challenge you might participate in or something you feel might be too challenging?

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