Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Investment Piece

Jacket: Susan Bristol via Millsap’s; T-neck: Ralph Lauren; Skirt: A Pea in a Pod; Tights: Motherhood; Boots: Nine West; Necklaces: Silpada

I knew when I purchased this skirt that I would get a lot of wear out of it, but I had no idea how much! This has to be the third time in less than a month that I’ve worn it! (Seen here and here) With all the colors running through it, how can you not find multiple things to pair it with. I love how the chocolate and beige turned out. I had something completely different planned for the top, but then I found a huge hole at the neck and didn’t have time to repair. So, I turned to a more fitted t-neck and knew I needed to pair it with a jacket. I originally planned to wear denim, but one was too cropped and the other too baggy. This leather one was just right. Actually, I’ve had this leather jacket for at least 10 years. Definitely a closet staple!! It helped brighten up the look where denim might have kept it heavy. I also tried pairing it with my ankle booties but they just weren’t the right look. Tall boots it was! 

I need to get out of house and start taking more photos outdoors, but the weather just isn’t cooperating! Instead, I captured this last minute shot of my favorite camel coat and new hat! I love hats and with snow blowing around this morning, it was a perfect excuse to wear it. 

Coat: Banana Republic; Hat: Gift via L.L.Bean

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