Monday, January 24, 2011

Top Five Trends to Watch in 2011

According to fashion guru Carson Kressley, there are five trends to watch for in 2011. Some of them I agree with and others…let’s just say we agree to disagree.

Wide Pants:

I can totally get on board with this trend. I love the look of wide pants on everyone! They not only lengthen but slim the leg and take on a kind of masculine feel. Paired with blouses or tanks, you can make this 30s staple modern. If you decide to pursue this trend, think Katherine Hepburn. They can also go the route of the 70s, another era I love to rock. To keep them modern, stay away from prints and polyester that will make them too costumey. I found a pair at Talbots that are perfect! I love the drapiness of the fabric and the color selection. They’re a great price as well. 

I also found a pair of wide leg jeans at Ann Taylor Loft that I’ve added to my wish list. I blogged about them in my Post Baby Longing post. I hope to get in them soon!

Bright Touches:

I challenged myself back in early January to get out of my wardrobe rut and start adding different pieces to my daily wardrobe. One of those items was bright tops. In looking at the trends for spring, coral and orange are big. Not only will it add color to your wardrobe, but they’re coming in the form of fun designs and color blocking. I immediately thought of my orange sheath dress I purchased a couple of seasons ago from Ann Taylor. Spanx and a good diet should help me get in that dress by June! In the mean time, I will rummage through my closets and dresser drawers for colorful tops and cardigans to play up pants and jeans. I’m ready for the transition.


I’m not a big floral person so I wasn’t really a fan of this trend. I’ve looked back over old photos on Facebook, I’ve noticed a couple of cute floral tops I wore last summer. Actually, they’ve been in my wardrobe for a couple of seasons now and I’m drawn to one over the other. The one I seem to wear the most is from Forever 21 and it’s more watercolor in design than true floral. It’s light and airy in fabric and now I can’t wait to pull it out again this year. 

I also saw an adorable floral dress from Express in February’s addition of Lucky. I love the colors, the ruffles and the feminine cut. Just hope it’s not as short as it looks in the photo.


Spring is calling for beige and buff, two colors I love. They are a perfect blank canvas for those bright touches I talked about earlier and so much brighter than that black canvas we often use. I need to start using these neutrals come spring. I often become lazy and rely heavily on black. Sounds like I can’t use that excuse much longer. I’ve always been a huge fan of neutral shoes. As I’ve stated several times, they make anyone’s legs look longer and complement most any wardrobe. They blend in, allowing the clothes to make a statement. (Seen here)

Leather and Lace:

Who immediately thought of Stevie Nicks? I have the 45 LP that I purchased at a flea market as a child. Anyway, I don’t think that’s what Carson meant. I own tons of little leather jackets but not one piece of lace. What comes to mind for spring is my beige leather Susan Bristol jacket and my blush pink jacket from Ann Taylor Loft. Both look great with jeans and pants, but I need to start working them in with dresses and skirts. It also appears that I need to add some lace to my wardrobe. I find lace hard. Sometimes I feel like it can take on a lingerie feel when you really want it to be a work appropriate. Something to play around with in the coming months.

Do any of these items exist in your wardrobe today? If not, will you add any of them? And if you do, which ones? I’m looking forward to digging around in my wardrobe contents and putting things together this spring! Hopefully, I won’t need to make too many trend investments! 

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