Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Age - New Accessories

As of last night, I am now an iPhone carrying member! My sweet hubby purchased an iPhone 5 and I am in love. And not just with my husband! I love this new phone. I am not a techy person, but I love new gadgets. And, what I love more than anything is an excuse to shop! So, because I now own an iPhone, I can finally shop for a case!
I've envied the darling phone cases for years. I carried an HTC Evo previously and there were never carrying cases for that phone. Or ones that were readily available. Or ones that were cute. And there are so many cute versions to choose from for the iPhone that I'm not sure I can purchase just one! Here are a few of my favorites, but I warn you, it changes all the time!
Kate Spade provides some of the cutest and kitschist cases I've seen! I honestly can't decide which one(s) to get! I love stripes and these two are as simple and classic as they come. I am loving the glitter on the right!
 I love NY, so anything with a reminder of this fabulous city, is at the top of my list! (Side note, I also love this scarf!)

Chevron stripes are a new favorite and I love the eyes! Seriously, which one do I get?

Nordstrom carries an array of phone cases, and some of them are simply adorable! Animal prints, as in actual animals on clothing, is a huge trend! I love the fox, but the owl is so sweet!

Again, just another reminder of my favorite city!

This one from Petunia is so simple yet so chic!
Honestly, I'm not sure I can decide! Which one(s) do you favor? Are a simplistic gal or one that loves a zany print? Let me know your thoughts!
Hope you're having a fabulous day!

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