Friday, October 11, 2013

Dream to Reality - Chanel Jacket

I will probably never own a piece of Chanel anything other than my signature Chanel #5 scent! Oh wait, I own several eyeshadow quads, nail polishes and lipsticks. So, I guess I do own some sort of Chanel. But honestly, my heart is set on someday owning the quintessential quilted handbag with chain shoulder strap. Would I love for it to be new? Yes, but beggers can't be choosers. A nice vintage bag would be nice as well! HA!

 However, I would love to own a piece of clothing as well. My friend Kay has a gorgeous orange blazer that she got on eBay and I am so jealous! It fits her like a glove and is timeless! And a blazer is a true work-horse garment in any womans closet. I love this black and white Chanel blazer that Rachel Zoe is wearing! It's so chic. I love that she has paired it with a simple black top and jeans. Again, timeless!
When I saw this piece from Ann Taylor, I immediately thought Chanel! It is so similar in design! And I love that it's a sweater jacket! Even better! Coming in it at $129.00, this is a classic piece that won't break the bank and will be worn for years with everything from jeans to over dresses to paired with skirts as featured here! Totally worth the investment, especially if I can't have the real thing!

Happy Friday All! XOXO

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