Thursday, October 24, 2013

California Packing

We leave a week from today for our big LA trip for my 40th birthday and I am stressing over what to pack! Yes, it's warmer there than here, but the temp changes from warm to cool as soon as the sun rises and sets. This leaves me in total contemplation on what exactly I will need on a daily basis. I'm told lots of light layers, but how many is too many and how few is too few? I've researched last seasons looks from some of the California bloggers I follow. I've reached out to them via Twitter for advice. And, my mom has been asking her friend Joan on her thoughts as well. Layers, it seems, is the underlining theme.
I've continued my search by looking at some of the fashionable ladies of Hollywood to see what they are wearing around town. Again, layers are key. Let's take a peek at the looks from the always stylish Jessic Alba! Check out the key pieces in each look. Sweater, boyfriend jeans, leather jacket, scarf and "comfort" shoes. All of these items I have in my closet. And, what I love most, is that she's not afraid to repeat. That's a key essential to any suitcase. Repeatable pieces worn throughout the trip!

Then I looked at Reece Witherspoon, another reliable fashionista from the Coast. What I love about Reece is that she's stylish in the preppiest of ways. Not a stuffy preppy. Just a darling prep with luxe finishes!

I personally love this look!

Another regal LA Lady is Gwen Stefani, however her looks are entirely too cool for me to ever achieve. But, I was able to find two looks that are similar to something I could pull off. And, I'm thinking I need a polka dot sweater....

 So here's what I'm thinking I need to pack: boyfriend jeans (which I have plenty of), scarves, blazers, sweaters and flats. Again, all things I currently have in my closet, but now I'm going to be tasked with how to style them without looking like a tourist! Photos of outfits to come...

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