Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Road Again

That's right! The Krasnow clan is hitting the road again only this time we are taking a 15 hour car ride to Virginia! What's in Virginia you ask? My family, that's who! We are loading up McKinley and dragging his little coffee bean butt to visit all his kinfolk! Now, the age old question for me is, what am I going to pack?

McKinley is taken care of. We're packing ALL of clothes and then some! You have to be prepared for him to either pee on it or spit up on it and you can't wash clothes in a hotel bathroom sink! He will be adorable now matter what. As for me, it's hard work keeping up this fashion thing and it's even harder when you're 15 hours away from you closet! I've been told I need to scale back on exactly how much I pack because we don't have the room. What is a girl to do? We're leaving on Thursday and won't be back until the following Friday! That's eight days without my closet!!! With that being said, I think I know what I might bring along.

We'll be in the car for the first and last two days of the trip. I don't have to be that stylish in the car, right? Wrong! On the first Friday of our trip, we will be hitting Virginia just as all the other relatives are getting in so I have to look cute for them! I plan to wear my boyfriend jeans in the car both days (actually all four with wearing them on the trip back) because I freeze in the air conditioned car! Saturday is game day with the family. We are all meeting at my great aunts house with rousing games of "Corn Hole", badminton and croquet to follow. A BBQ is planned for that evening so nothing to dressy is on the agenda. All I really need is something that moves because I'm competitive when it comes to Game Day!

Sunday is my mom's family reunion. Technically speaking it's my family too, but let's be honest. Aside from my parents, my grandmother, my two aunts, two uncles and two cousins I won't know anyone else! I'm just there to show off the real reason for attending, McKinley! However, since it is a family reunion, I'll dress a little nicer. I have two summer dresses planned for the occasion. The one I don't wear one on Sunday will be the one I wear on Monday when my grandmother (my dad's mom) comes to visit. I'm packing a third dress in case we "go visitin'" others as well. With this being our old stomping grounds, there are lots of people to catch up with and hopefully, they all come to us for a change!

Here is my guideline so far:

Thursday (7/14):
Boyfriend Jeans
White Tank
Black Cardigan
Black Tory Burch flip flops

Friday (7/15)
Boyfriend Jeans
Anthropologie Criss-Cross Top
Seychelle Bronze Sandals

Saturday (7/16)
Chambray Romper
Navy Tank
Red Tory Burch Sandals
Denim Shorts
Cousin Reunion T-Shirt (My dad made everyone a t-shirt for Saturday)
Converse tennis shoes

Sunday (7/17)
Pink/Gray/Black Print Sundress
Black Tory Burch flip flops
Nautical Print Red/White/Navy Dress
Red Tory Burch sandals

Monday (7/18)
Either of the dresses not worn on Sunday
Orange/White Striped Cotton Sundress
Seychelles Bronze Sandals

For Tuesday and Wednesday, it all depends on if we are still in town or on the road. Either way, it's boyfriend jeans and casual tops from here on out! This is literally how I pack for every trip. I know the tentative itinerary, write out a list of all the outfits I want to take, how to style them and I even go so far as to add the exact pieces of jewelry I will wear. It may sound ridiculous, but I don't forget things that I want to take, I generally don't over pack and I don't get to said destination and not have everything I need. Is that OCD?

Do you make a list of things you pack? Do you go into such detail as above to ensure you take the things you know you'll want/need? I hope it's not just me! Here's hoping I'm taking all the right things! Photos to come of our trip. Documentation is key!


Anna Starke said...

Oh how awesome! We went to Yellowstone when Zoey was 4 months old. Total of 13 hours in the car. This is the perfect time to travel with McKinley! However I definitely did not follow the need for style on our trip :)The bison didn't mind LOL

Tina Morrison said...

I love how you planned for your trip! We leave for New Mexico on Friday and I am going to do the same thing. Thanks for the idea!