Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Shot

Last night was seriously a scene right out of a movie or sitcom! You can't write this stuff! Okay, maybe you can since it was straight out of a movie or sitcom. Anyway, McKinley was taking his mid evening bottle and had finished about two ounces. Because we are overly cautious new parents, we generally try to burb him after every two or three ounces. Upon completion of his burp, Joel tried to give the bottle back, but McKinley wasn't having it. He just pushed it around with his tongue, a sheer indicator that he done. Seriously kid, its been over four hours and usually you are ravinous! I suggested to Joel that maybe he needed a diaper change to calm him down and then we could try again. Get out your popcorn because this is where the movie starts.

It is now around 7:00 and that is generally pj time. So, up the stairs we all went. Joel was in charge of the diaper change while I searched for pajama's that actually fit. Everything was going smoothly until we smelled something a little funky coming from the little guys bottom. No wonder he wasn't interested in eating, he was trying to poop! So, Joel removed the soiled diaper only to find that McKinley wasn't finished. No problem, just wipe up what's there and hold up the feet. What took place next was priceless!

As I was digging through the pajama drawer, I hear an airy toot coming from the behind of McKinley and the next thing I hear is "Is there poop on my ear?" That's right people, McKinley pushed so hard with the toot that poop literally shot out and a TINY particle wound up on Joel's ear! Not only was it on his ear, it was on the bedroom door and all over the wall! Not huge shards of poop, just tiny little spots! EVERYWHERE! I can't tell you how many times we pulled out wet wipes to wipe down more places on the wall and door. McKinley has a powerful push!

As this was all taking place, I recalled an episode of Sex and the City where Miranda wiped Brady's poop across her forehead and a scene out of Life As We Know It where Kathereine Heighl's character also had poop on her face. Again, you can't write this stuff in real life! Joel and I laughed about for the next hour or so. I'm pretty sure I laughed longer. Joel on the other hand took a shower almost immediately! As for McKinley, well he finished his bottle and then took another one two hours laters! He was a hungry man after that enormous load he dropped. As for the new pj's, look how adorable he was last night!! That's one happy camper!

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