Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black and White and Silver

Dress: Ann Taylor; Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom;
All Jewelry: Silpada

Again with the heat! Tomorrow is supposed to be even worse so I haven't a clue what I will wear! What I love about this dress is that it would look adorable with a pair of flip flops, my Fedora and shades! A perfect outfit for walking around the Plaza on the weekends, grabbing pizza with friends on a Saturday night or sitting on a patio drinking beer! All of the above sound amazing right now!

You could add color to this look but why? I love that it's all black and white with silver accessories. Even my shoes have silver studs! I thought about layering up the necklaces again this morning but thought I should give that look a rest. The long link necklace is perfectly insync with the minimaliness of the dress. Silpada decided to retire this thin bangle so I bought two more before they were gone! I could buy two more and have a set of five. How fabulous would that look? If not, I will borrow my mom's. She won't mind, right? 

At first I thought you hadn't seen these shoes and then I recalled the Celebrity Look from last summer. I love these shoes and will probably never part with them. They are just a perfect black shoe. I could say that I don't need another black shoe in my closet but the other 15 pair might get jealous. Instead, I will simply say that they are a great go-to for dresses, skirts, pants and jeans! And, because they are peep toe, I couldn't possibly wear them in the winter! I feel better now and justified with the others in my closet!

I'm not terribly fond of this photo. I was trying to capture the asymetrical cut of the hem. The sides are actually longer than the front and back. You really can't see it, but I thought I would post anyway. What I can talk about in this photo is the use/wearing of SPANX. Ladies, if you haven't invested in a pair, this is yet another undergarment you MUST have in your unmentionables drawer! How else would you explain the flat stomach almost four months after having a baby? It isn't genetics, dieting or working out! It's SPANX!

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Tricia said...

You look AMAZING! I hope I get my pre-baby body back as quickly as you did (Spanx or not). :)